David Bowie / Paris 1976 2nd Night / 2CDR

David Bowie / Paris 1976 2nd Night / 2CDR / Uxbridge
Live at Pavillon de Paris, Porte de Pantin, Paris, France 18th May 1976

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David Bowie was a moment to enter from the Seoul era to the Berlin era. The live album that contains that last show is appearing.
Such a work is contained in “Paris Performance May 18, 1976”. That treasure audience recording. Let’s start with the flow of “ISOLAR 1976 TOUR” as a whole, also called Shin · White · Duke Hou Tour.

“January 23” STATION TO STATION “Release”
· February 2 – March 26: North America (40 shows)
· April 7th – 17th: Europe # 1 (8 shows)
· April 24 – May 18: Europe # 2 (16 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
“September” LOW “production start”

This is the summary of the 1976 tour. This film ‘s Paris show is World Tour Chiaki. It was a concert just before the Berlin era. This work which contained such a show is a superb vintage audience. Three kinds of masters are confirmed in this show, but this work is the best that is among them. It is digitized from LOW Genie Master, and the authority of Bowie research supervising a number of masterpieces in our shop is pushing the drumming with “this!”!
In fact, the sound of this work is really beautiful and fresh. Above all, Bowie’s singing voice that reaches straight through the clear air feeling. The core is clear, the details are brilliant up to one grain of singing rulle …… singing with a rolling tongue, rather than just one word of lyrics. To tell the truth, I also feel a little distance to the ringing of the rhythm corps, but the vocals come out with the guy before. Of course, not only singing voices are passing through, but Tony Kay’s rolling piano, Carlos Aromer & Stacy Haydn’s twin are also firming up the side of the bowie beautifully.
It is a mysterious name recording that I have not known so much, but probably this is due to the recording situation of the tour. To tell the truth, the tour called “name recording” of this tour was mostly “North America” ​​tour, audience recording of Europe tours was devastating. The only thing that was shining was the sound board of the Dutch performance (you can enjoy it at our “ROTTERDAM 1976 (Wardour-186)”). This sound board was so wonderful that the audience did not receive much attention …… The sound of this work is brilliant enough to not be convinced unless you think so. Of course, this work also carries out meticulous mastering under supervisor of the researcher, and it finishes to the highest peak quality only of this work.
It is the end point of the Seoul era that was drawn with such quality right before he entered the Berlin period. The set closely resembles the show after 5 days of “ROTTERDAM 1976”, but it is great that you can listen to “Queen Bitch” that was cut even on that sound board. As a matter of fact, I was playing in Rotterdam, but only this song was not recorded. The figure of famous song which was missing only in that performance can be enjoyed by performance after 5 days. And more than that is a high tension through the show. Balli’s singing is also wonderful, with full of goodness that does not worry about tomorrow only on the last day of the world tour. In this tour, the scatter of “Panic in Detroit” which is a listening place is also crisp, and it will let you hear a big performance of about 14 minutes long.

Finally this bowie moved to Berlin. It was a big turning point in his life. It is a masterpiece of a live album that encounters the bowie in that moment and can feel the singing voice at hand. Not only the European tour, but also one of the best recordings in total in 1976. Please enjoy this opportunity carefully.

そんな本作に収められているのは「1976年5月18日パリ公演」。その秘蔵オーディエンス録音です。まずは、シン・ホワイト・デューク侯ツアーとも呼ばれる“ISOLAR 1976 TOUR”全体の流れから振り返ってみましょう。


これまであまり知られてこなかったのが不思議なほどの名録音なのですが、恐らくこれはツアーの録音事情によるものでしょう。実のところ、このツアーの名録音と呼ばれるものは「北米」ツアーがほとんどで、ヨーロッパ・ツアーのオーディエンス録音は壊滅的でした。その中で唯一、輝いていたのがオランダ公演のサウンドボード(当店の『ROTTERDAM 1976(Wardour-186)』でお楽しみ頂けます)。このサウンドボードがあまりに素晴らしく、オーディエンスにまで注目されてこなかった……そうとでも考えない限り納得がいかないほど、本作のサウンドは見事。もちろん、本作も研究家の監修の下で細心マスタリングを実施しており、本作だけの最高峰クオリティに仕上げております。
そんなクオリティで描かれるのはベルリン時代に足を踏み入れる直前だったソウル時代の終着点。『ROTTERDAM 1976』の5日後となるショウだけにセットは酷似していますが、あのサウンドボードでもカットされていた「Queen Bitch」が聴けるのが大きい。実のところ、ロッテルダム公演でも演奏はされていたのですが、この曲だけは録音されなかった。あの名演で唯一欠けていた名曲の姿が、5日後のパフォーマンスで楽しめるのです。そして、それ以上なのがショウ全体を貫くハイテンション。ワールド・ツアー最終日だけに明日の心配をしない思い切りの良さが全開で、ボウイの歌い上げも素晴らしい。このツアーでは聴きどころとなっている「Panic in Detroit」のスキャットもキレッキレで、約14分にも及ぶ大熱演を聴かせてくれるのです。


Disc 1 (70:11)
1. Station to Station 2. Suffragette City 3. Fame 4. Word on a Wing 5. Stay
6. Waiting for the Man 7. Queen Bitch 8. Life on Mars? 9. Five Years 10. Panic in Detroit
11. Band Introduction 12. Changes

Disc 2 (16:35)
1. TVC 15 2. Diamond Dogs 3. Rebel Rebel

David Bowie: Vocals Carlos Alomar: Rhythm Guitar Dennis Davis: Drums, Percussion
George Muray: Bass Stacey Heydon: Lead Guitar Tony Kaye: Keyboards, Synthesizers

Uxbridge 909

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