David Bowie / Outside Tour Rehearsals / 2CDR

David Bowie / Outside Tour Rehearsals / 2CDR / Project Zip

Translated Text:
Live Rehearsals At Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, UK November 08Th -13Th, 1995. Soundboard


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David Bowie of ’95 “Outside tour” 2 Disc that valuable rehearsal was recorded in high-quality sound board sound source appeared!

This rehearsal was held in November 95 London Elstree Studios album a new song from the “outside” of Scott Walker at the center “Night Flight” and to Ziggy era of cover to have been Jacques Brel “Maidesu the “etc. have also been picked up is a large recommendation live rehearsal that does not miss in Bowie collectors in an interesting place.



01 – Boys keep swinging
02 – Strangers when we meet
03 – I’m Deranged
04 – Breaking glass
05 – We prick you
06 – Night flights
07 – My death
08 – DJ (bowie vocal)
09 – DJ (vocal)

01 – The motel
02 – Look back in anger
03 – Hearts filthy lesson
04 – Scary monsters
05 – The voyeur of utter destruction (as beauty)
06 – I Have not been to oxford Town
07 – Outside
08 – Andy warhole
09 – The man who sold the world

Live Rehearsals At Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, UK November 08th -13th, 1995

Project Zip. PJZ-552A/B

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