David Bowie / Occasional Dreaming / 1CD

David Bowie / Occasional Dreaming / 1CD / Helden
The Unreleased 2nd Album. This Album Was Scheduled To Release November 1968. Deram SML 1027(Stereo): DML 1027(Mono). Digitally Remastered

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A debut album that will be the beginning of David Bowie’s career is released from a record company called Delam. Derem Records is a company that was just established in 1966 because Decca Records is an avant-garde label specialized label, it has disappeared in the early 1980’s. At that time, Deram was just a newly-launched label, and since he was craving for a competent newcomer, he was given a chance to an unnamed newcomer like Bowie. In December 1966 the first single “Rubber Band”, the next April 1967 released the second single “Ruffing Nose”, debut album was announced in June 1967.

Bowie ‘s debut album “DAVID BOWIE LOVE YOU TILL TUESDAY” released in 1967 was a commercially unacceptable result. Although it got a certain evaluation that it was recurred after the bowie became famous later, at the time of the release it did not become a topic at all and the bowie himself never sings live in the latter years and the flow of the recurrence of 1990 Among them, it was not included in the catalog. Bowie himself, maybe there are not many good memories of this album. In addition, the third single “Love is until Tuesday” has been released in July 1967, but until that time as well, it will not be totally talked about until then, and Deram Records will give up on the bowie. In short, because neither the album nor the single was sold, it was judged that this newcomer has no talent.

In the beginning, since Deram is expensive to produce and promote, there should have been an intention to sell Bowie to a certain extent. Actually in November 1968 a second album was also planned. That was the evidence, at the time Deram Records posted a future release schedule in the inner bag of records, in which Bowie’s second album was notified properly by the record number. This work reproduces the phantom second album. The last three songs are original versions, not Bowie. This was inspired by the Bowie when making a second album in Deram and was supposed to contain a Bowie version, but these three songs and two songs “Angel Angel Grubby Face” and “Going Down” A total of five songs are still unpublished and undiscovered.

Second album that became illusion without being released just because the first album and three singles failed commercially. That is the book “OCCASIONAL DREAMING”. Of course, it did not remain in a properly completed form, some songs had only demo sound sources, etc. It was rebuilt in future generations, and I do not think that it was planned to be released as it is, but in any case It will also be felt as an atmosphere of the second album of the illusionary era of the era, which has been released into the collection. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board.


1967年にリリースされたボウイのデビュー・アルバム『DAVID BOWIE LOVE YOU TILL TUESDAY』は商業的に成功とは言い難い結果であった。後にボウイが有名になってから再発されたりと一定の評価を得られているが、リリース当時は全く話題にならず、ボウイ自身が後年ライブで歌うこともなく、1990年の再発の流れの中でもカタログに含まれていなかった。ボウイ自身、あまりこのアルバムに良い想い出がないのかもしれない。さらにサード・シングル「愛は火曜日まで」が1967年7月にリリースされているが、それまで同様に全く話題にならず、デラム・レコードはボウイに見切りをつけてしまう。要するにアルバムもシングルも売れなかったから、この新人には才能がないと判断されたのである。

一応はデラムは経費をかけて制作とプロモーションを行なっているため、ある程度ボウイを売り出そうという意思はあったはずである。実際に1968年11月にはセカンド・アルバムも予定されていた。それが証拠に、当時デラム・レコードはレコードの内袋に今後のリリース予定を掲載していた、その中にボウイのセカンド・アルバムが、 きちんとレコード番号まで振られ告知されている。本作はその幻のセカンドアルバムを再現したものである。なお最後の3曲はボウイではなくオリジナル・バージョンである。これはデラムにおけるセカンド・アルバムを制作する際にボウイにインスピレーションを与え、ボウイ・バージョンが収録される予定であったが、この3曲と「Angel Angel Grubby Face」「Going Down」の2曲、合計5曲はいまだもって未発表であり、未発掘である。

ファースト・アルバムと3枚のシングルが商業的に失敗したため、ついぞリリースされることなく幻となったセカンド・アルバム。それが本作『OCCASIONAL DREAMING』である。もちろん、きちんと完成された形で残ってはおらず、曲によってはデモ音源しかないものもあるなど、後世に再構築されたものであり、このままリリースされる予定だったとは思えないが、いずれにしても、リリースされることなくお蔵入りとなった幻のデラム時代のセカンド・アルバムの雰囲気なりとも感じてもらえることだろう。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。

01. Let Me Sleep Beside You
A ‘test mix’ by Visconti from late 1967 is totally acoustic orchestral and not at all ‘rock’ and a great seductive album opener

02. A Social Kind Of Girl
’68 rewrite of 1967’s Summer Kind Of Girl – Demos exist for both versions

03. The Gospel According To Tony Day Blues
The song was originally registered with this title

04. Life Is A Circus
Performed by DB in his cabaret act and by Feathers in 1968

05. When I’m Five
Written in 1968, performed by DB as late as 1969

06. C’est La Vie
DB Original that he demoed many times – the last demo probably from 1968

07. London Bye Ta Ta
Decca 1968 version

08. Occasional Dreaming
The hand written title on the tape box for ‘An Occasional Dream’ demo

09. In The Heat Of The Morning
Decca 1968 version

10. Lover To The Dawn
Written and performed by DB / Feathers in late 1968

11. Life Is A Circus
Roger Bunn – Life Is A Circus

12. Next
Scott Walker performed by Feathers in 1968

13. Pussy Cat
Jess Conrad – Pussy Cat (Blackwell)

14. Manchester And Liverpool
Pinky And The Fellas – European theatre / Lindsay Kemp type number – English lyrics to ‘Manchester Et Liverpool

Helden. DEN-117

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