David Bowie & Nine Inch Nails / St Louis 1995 Dat Master / 3CDR

David Bowie & Nine Inch Nails / St Louis 1995 Dat Master / 3CDR / Uxbridge
Riverport Ampitheater, Maryland Heights, St. Louis, MO, USA 11th October 1995 SBD

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David Bowie in 1995 who was following NINE INCH NAILS (hereinafter NIN) who was the darling of the new generation industrial rock. The best sound board · album of the coupling · show which took up the topic of those days is appearing.
It is contained in such a work “October 11, 1995 St. Louis performance”. It was a part of “SELF DESTRUCT TOUR” accompanied by “OUTSIDE TOUR” for Bowie and “THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL” for NIN. The tour where the old and new charisma formed tags became a big topic with a strange composition, but not all of the tours were couplings. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from the whole from the tour schedule of the main Bowie side.

● 1995
“September 25” 1.OUTSIDE “release”
· September 14 – October 31: North America # 1 (27 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· November 14 – December 13: UK (16 performances)
● 1996
· January 17 – February 20: Europe # 1 (23 performances)
– Three and a half months later –
· June 4th – 13th: Japan (7 performances)
· June 18 – July 21: European # 2 (20 performances)

This is the whole picture of the “OUTSIDE TOUR” in Bowie. Among them, only “North America # 1” was the coupling. It was also all 26 performances except for the last day. The concert of St. Louis’ performance of this work is the 16th performances of the concert. Moreover, the show was not only Bowie and NIN but also the solo project PRICK of Kevin McMahon who was an old friend of Trent Reznor was opening. This work is a triplet that captured the 3 pairs with the finest sound board.
Of course it is not a single band, even if it says “3 sets CD 3 set”. This is also a point, it is a very complicated show. First of all, let’s organize the composition of this work easily.

A: 1-6 of disk 1: PRICK
B: 7-12 on Disk 1: NINE INCH NAILS
C: Disk 2 1-5: NINE INCH NAILS
D: 6-10 on Disk 2: NIN & Bowie
E: Disk 3: David Bowie

…… and it looks like this. Although PRICK is simple on the undercard, NIN and Bowie are fused shows. The above “B + C” is a solo show of NIN, and a bowie appeared at the end “D” of that. While co-starring, NIN passed away from the stage and changed to Bowie’s stage “E”. Moreover, the co-star part “D” is also simple. It’s five songs per session, but this is also a complicated gradation. Let’s zoom the flow of the “D” part.

· 1st track: Bowie & NIN “Subterraneans (Bowie song)”
· 2nd song: Bowie & NIN “Scary Monsters (Bowie song)”
· 3rd track: Bowie & NIN “Reptile (NIN song)”
· 4th track: Bowie · Band & NIN “Hallo Spaceboy (Bowie song)”
· 5th song: Bowie · band & Lesnar “Hurt (NIN song)”

While playing Bowie’s songs and NIN’s songs alternately, they appeared in order of Bowie → band member. Hallo Spaceboy “with both full members. After that, NIN members are leaving, and finally Lezner leaves. There were a few luxurious coupling tours in the rock world, it was a unique composition that was unparalleled elsewhere.
And, this work that recorded such special show is special up to the sound. It is a sound board sound source which is known as the official class in the past, but this work is the highest peak of it. It is a DAT master recorded directly from the sound board desk, it is the ultimate genie sound of pears. That sound is intense. Part of undercard PRICK and the beginning of NIN “Terrible Lie” are not perfect because of missing recording, but there are no other disadvantageous disadvantages besides that. It is not official like only the direct sound that does not make audience existence feeling, but that’s why the syncrome feeling is strange until it is strange. It sounds like a digital plug sounds directly in the brain and sounds in the brain. This sound also fits into NIN and “OUTSIDE TOUR”.

This week, Bowie’s masterpiece sound board “DUBLIN 1995 (Uxbridge 934)” will be released at the same time, but I’m Deranged, Breaking Glass and Joe The Lion are also delicious that I can not listen to. But more than that, it will be a luxurious and strange co-starring scene as well. Bowie who participated in NIN, Lesnar who got into Bowie band. From an up-and-coming industrial sound, it seamlessly changes to the world of “OUTSIDE TOUR” which is said to be dark. It is a desk cabin direct sound album that can enjoy all such unprecedented coupling · show until PRICK on the undercard. It is a masterpiece that is intensely unique and unique even in the history of bowie variations. Please enjoy yourselves thoroughly with 3 sets.
Disc 1 (57: 18)

新世代インダストリアル・ロックの寵児であったNINE INCH NAILS(以後、NIN)を従えていた1995年のデヴィッド・ボウイ。当時の話題をさらったカップリング・ショウの極上サウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。
そんな本作に収められているのは「1995年10月11日セントルイス公演」。ボウイにとっては“OUTSIDE TOUR”、NINにとっては大ヒット作『THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL』に伴う“SELF DESTRUCT TOUR”の一幕でした。新旧のカリスマがタッグを組んだツアーは、奇抜な構成もあって大きな話題となりましたが、ツアーのすべてがカップリングだったわけではありません。まずは、メインだったボウイ側のツアー・スケジュールからの全容からショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。


以上はボウイの“OUTSIDE TOUR”の全体像。この中でカップリングだったのは「北米#1」のみ。それも最終日以外の全26公演でした。本作のセントルイス公演は、その16公演目にあたるコンサート。しかも、ショウはボウイとNINだけでなく、さらにトレント・レズナーの旧友であるケヴィン・マクマホンのソロ・プロジェクトPRICKがオープニングを務めていました。本作は、その3組を極上サウンドボードで捉えた3枚組なのです。

B:ディスク1の7-12:NINE INCH NAILS


・2曲目:ボウイ&NIN「Scary Monsters(ボウイ曲)」
・4曲目:ボウイ・バンド&NIN「Hallo Spaceboy(ボウイ曲)」

ボウイの曲とNINの曲を交互に演奏しつつ、ボウイ→バンドメンバーの順で登場。「Hallo Spaceboy」で両者フルメンバー共演。その後、NINメンバーが去り、最後にレズナーが去る。ロック界に豪華なカップリング・ツアーは数あれど、他に類を見ない凝った構成だったのです。
そして、そんな特別なショウを記録した本作は、サウンドまでスペシャル。従来からオフィシャル級として知られるサウンドボード音源なのですが、本作はその最高峰となるもの。サウンドボード卓から直接録音されたDATマスターであり、まさに劣化ナシの究極ジェネ・サウンドなのです。そのサウンドは強烈。前座PRICKの一部やNINの冒頭「Terrible Lie」が録音漏れなために完全体ではないものの、それ以外に欠点らしい欠点がまるでない。観客の存在も感じさせない直結サウンドだけにオフィシャル風ではないのですが、だからこそ異様なまでのシンクロ感が凄い。まるで脳みそに直接プラグを突っ込んだようにデジタルなサウンドが脳内で鳴り響く。このサウンドがまた、NINや“OUTSIDE TOUR”に似合いまくるのです。

今週はボウイ単体の傑作サウンドボード『DUBLIN 1995(Uxbridge 934)』が同時リリースとなりますが、そこでも聴けない「I’m Deranged」「Breaking Glass」「Joe The Lion」も美味しい。しかしそれ以上に、やはり豪華で奇抜な共演シーンでしょう。NINに参加したボウイ、ボウイ・バンドに紛れ込んだレズナー。新進気鋭のインダストリアル・サウンドから、暗黒と言われた“OUTSIDE TOUR”の世界へシームレスに変わっていく。そんな前代未聞のカップリング・ショウを前座のPRICKまで丸ごと楽しめてしまう卓直結サウンドボード・アルバムです。千変万化なボウイの歴史でも強烈に個性的な大傑作。どうぞ、3枚組でじっくりとお楽しみください。
Disc 1 (57:18)

1. Communique * 2. Riverhead * 3. Other People 4. No Fair Fights 5. Animal 6. Tough


7. Terrible Lie 8. March Of The Pigs 9. The Becoming 10. Sanctified 11. Piggy 12. Burn

Disc 2 (50:56)
1. Closer 2. Wish 3. Gave Up 4. Down In It 5. Eraser


6. Subterraneans * ** 7. Scary Monsters ** 8. Reptile ** 9. Hallo Spaceboy %
10. Hurt $

Disc 3 (74:40)

1. Look Back In Anger 2. I’m Deranged 3. Heart’s Filthy Lesson
4. The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) 5. I Have Not Been To Oxford Town
6. Outside 7. Andy Warhol 8. Breaking Glass 9. The Man Who Sold The World
10. We Prick You 11. Joe The Lion 12. A Small Plot Of Land 13. Nite Flights
14. Under Pressure 15. Teenage Wildlife


* Trent Reznor on saxophone
** Bowie with NIN
% Full NIN and Bowie band
$ NIN leaves Reznor with Bowie band

Uxbridge 933

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