David Bowie / New York Man / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

David Bowie / New York Man / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Wardour-262

Translated Text:

The GQ Men of the Year Awards Show,Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, New York City, NY. USA 15th October 1997 Plus Bonus DVDR”GQ Men Of The Year Awards 1997′  STEREO SBD

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David Bowie who was shocked with an ambitious work “EARTHLING” at the 50th birthday. A live album that compiles such “1997” super-superb soundboard is appearing.
There are three sound boards included in this work, all of which are special performance for broadcasting. Mainly on television appearances at ” October 15, 1997 ”, Cambridge on April 8, 1997, Toronto on September 26, 1997, contains a bonus for the radio acoustic performance. Both are two sets of super-superb quality that symbolizes “1997”. Although neither is a usual concert, let’s first look at the whole image of “EARTHLING TOUR 1997” in order to image the position.

· May 17 – June 5: Warm up gig (4 shows)
· June 7 – August 14: Europe (46 shows)
· September 6 – October 23: North America (29 shows)
· October 31 – November 7: South America (5 shows)

【October 15, 1997 “GQ MAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS”】 The
main work of this work is “GQ MAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS 1997” which appeared during the above “North America” ​​leg. Bowie was elected to the music department of “this year’s person” that male magazine “GQ” selects, and that awarded performance. However, although it was recorded, eventually it will not be broadcast and it will enter the store. In recent years the outflow shot has been circulated, and finally the whole picture has come to be known.
This work was recorded from the master that is best regarded as the outflow professional shot. In our shop we are supervised by the worldwide authority of Bowie research, but that person pushed the drumming, “I have not seen such a wonderful freshness so far”. Besides, the sound of this master was particularly amazing. There are various sound boards also in the “EARTHLING” era, but among them special grade. In fact, playing this work and flowing out is a super-beautiful sound of perfect official grade. Not only is it superior in tone quality but also separation of individual instruments and stereo feeling is brilliant and it is wonderful to have a stereoscopic feeling surrounded by bowie and bands.
Moreover, the vividness which is different from ordinary official work is overwhelming. It seems there has not been editing / processing after recording since there was only a collection and the vivid feeling unique to the direct combination of Mikku is amazing. Boasting a sense of sync with the guitar and the keyboard in the head, as well as the drums, the left and right breads are brilliant, the hitting sound is delicate enough to feel the vibes the skin trembles. It’s as if you are standing in the middle of a drum kit. Bowie’s own singing voice is more intense than that. Farewell to one word of lyrics, one of accent, super – real until even breath sound. The breath feeling that can not feel physically is felt by the ear, it is a close contact feeling that my head becomes a microphone and a singing voice is poured.
And the show drawn with that sound is also wonderful. Bowie himself is also recorded and there is a fighting spirit, as mentioned above only the middle of the “North America” ​​legs, and the regular bands are also in perfect condition. The true price of “EARTHLING TOUR 1997” is ideally engraved. No matter how pro shots are, I’d definitely like to listen to this on a live album. Moreover, as much as possible with headphones. It is a superb sound board overflowing such transcendent sounds and spirit.

【Acoustic Show of Radio Recording】 Following
such a main part soundboard is the best sound board 2 kinds. Both are acoustic performance recorded for radio broadcasting, it is a studio live with only Reeves Gabrres and two people. The first is five songs recorded at “WBCN” on April 8 before the tour began, the second is 6 songs “The Supermen” recorded at the Canadian broadcasting station “102.1 THE EDGE”.
This is also a wonderful sound, the sense of close contact unique to acoustic is wonderful. The cutting of the two people is brilliant even to the nuance, and of course the singing voice is super direct. The feeling of the room feeling like having seated in a very narrow station studio is the best sound board. And that performance is good again. Although unpleasantly it is quite adorable to say unplugged, this session gyakaka type that gains momentum glows. Besides, it is not a comfortable session just replacing the electric car with an acoustic guitar, but the place where the ingenuity is also tackled with the chitin is the essence of the perfectionist. Especially “Scary Monsters” is a novelty that the country touch of Johnny Casharu is great and it is vividly felt because the skill of Leaves is unplugged. Bowie ‘s unplugged itself is valuable, but there are more than six tune fragrances more than that.

A precious acoustic session with “GQ MAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS” that condensed the taste of “EARTHLING TOUR 1997” although it was a special show on TV. It is a masterpiece sound board which can feel the bowie soon as to be touched if one reaches out. Two books spelled at the highest peak master ever by researchers roaming both. A live album that I would like you to put next to “EARTHLING” as a symbol of 50 years old Bowie. Please enjoy forever with a permanent preservation press CD that does not lose its radiance.

50歳の誕生日に野心的な仕事「EARTHLING」でショックを受けたDavid Bowie。このような “1997”のスーパーサウンドボードを集めたライブアルバムが登場します。
この作品には3つのサウンドボードが含まれています。これらのボードはすべて、放送のための特別なパフォーマンスです。主に1997年10月15日のテレビ出演で、ケンブリッジは1997年4月8日にトロント、1997年9月26日にトロントでラジオ音響パフォーマンスにボーナスを加えました。両方とも “1997”を象徴する超良質の2つのセットです。通常のコンサートでもありませんが、最初に “EARTHLING TOUR 1997″のイメージ全体を見て、その位置をイメージしましょう。


【1997年10月15日「GQ MAN of YEAR AWARDS」】
この作品の主な仕事は、上記 “北米”の脚の間に登場した “GQ MAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS 1997″です。ボウイは男性雑誌「GQ」が選んだ「今年の人」の音楽部門に選出され、それが公演となった。しかし、録音されたものの、最終的には放送されず、店に入ることになります。近年、アウトフローショットが流通し、最終的に全体像が明らかになりました。
この作品は、アウトフロープロフェッショナルとして最もよく評価されるマスターから記録されました。私たちはボウイの研究の世界的な権威によって監督されていますが、その人は「これまでにない素晴らしい新鮮さを見たことはありません」というドラムを押しました。しかも、このマスターの音は特に素晴らしいものでした。 「EARTHLING」時代には様々なサウンドボードがありますが、その中でも特別なグレードです。実際、この作品を演奏して流出させることは、完璧な公式グレードの超美しい音です。音質は優れているだけでなく、個々の楽器の分離やステレオ感が鮮やかで、ボウイやバンドに囲まれた立体感を持つことは素晴らしいです。
その音で描かれたショーも素晴らしいです。ボウイ自身も記録されており、上記の “北米”の脚の中ほどに述べられているように戦闘精神があり、通常のバンドも完璧な状態です。 “EARTHLING TOUR 1997″の本当の価格は理想的に刻まれています。どのようなプロショットでも、私は間違いなくライブアルバムでこれを聞きたいと思います。また、できるだけヘッドフォンで。そのような超越的な音と精神を溢れさせた素晴らしいサウンドボードです。

このようなメインパートのサウンドボードは2種類のサウンドボードに最適です。どちらもラジオ放送用に録音された音響パフォーマンスで、Reeves Gabrresと2人だけのスタジオライブです。最初はツアー開始前の4月8日に “WBCN”で録音された5曲、2番目はカナダの放送局 “102.1 THE EDGE”で録音された6曲 “The Supermen”です。
これは素晴らしいサウンドでもあり、音響独特の密接な感覚が素晴らしいです。 2人のカットはニュアンスまで鮮やかで、もちろん歌声は超ダイレクトです。非常に狭いスタジオのスタジオに座っているような室内感覚が最高のサウンドボードです。そして、その性能は再び良いです。不快なことに、プラグが抜かれていると言うのはかわいいですが、このセッションでは勢いを増すタイプのガカカタイプです。しかも、エレクトリックカーをアコースティックギターに置き換えただけでは楽しいセッションではありませんが、創意工夫がキチンでも取り組まれているところは完璧主義者の本質です。特に「Scary Monsters」は、Johnny Casharuの国のタッチが素晴らしく、Leavesのスキルが抜かれていることが鮮明に感じられるという新奇さです。 Bowieのプラグが抜かれているのは貴重ですが、それ以上に6つ以上の調律香があります。

テレビでの特別番組だったが、「EARTHLING TOUR 1997」の趣味を凝縮した「GQ MAN OF YEAR AWARDS」との貴重な音響セッション。ボウイがすぐに触れられるように感じることができる傑作サウンドボードです。最高峰で2冊の本が綴られています。

Disc 1 (56: 08)
1. Dennis Miller Introduction 2. Always Crashing In The Same Car 3. Panic In Detroit
4. I’m Waiting For The Man 5. My Death 6. Baby, What You Want Me To Do / The Jean Genie
7. I’m Afraid Of Americans 8. Band Introductions 9. Seven Years In Tibet
10. Looking For Satellites 11. Under Pressure 12. Fashion

Disc 2 (60: 23)
1. The Man Who Sold The World 2. Battle For Britain 3. Stay 4. Little Wonder
5. Hallo Spaceboy 6. Moonage Daydream



David Bowie / GQ Men Of The Year Awards 1997/1Single DVDR /Non Label

Translated Text:

Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY. USA 15th October 1997 Although I

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mentioned in the explanation of the PRO-SHOT main volume press 2CD, the main sound board “GQ MAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS 1997 “was originally recorded for being broadcast on TV. However, it entered the store and then came out to the world for the first time in the outflow Proshot. Even though only the sound of the main press press 2 CD is strong and unparalleled, we prepared that “sight” as a bonus as well.
…… That’s why the work included in this work is the same as “2QCD” in this volume “October 15, 1997” GQ MAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS “. It is an outflow multi camera · pro shot which recorded the full show. This video itself has been discovered in recent years, coupled with superb quality, became a topic as “a masterpiece that appeared late”, but this work is not a copy of its origins. Genes are much younger than the group already launched, and as the world authority of the Bowie study, “I have never seen a beautiful version so far, I guess it will be 1st Gen or 2nd Gen”. Of course, it is a superb item that approaches with the highest image beauty ever. I think that you can understand the ultimate quality from the fact that sound became a press CD, but the picture is also wonderful representative of 1997.
The show drawn with such quality is superb. I mentioned in the commentary on the main press 2CD, but the contents are representative of “EARTHLING TOUR 1997”, the set and the members are usually on the street as usual. A wonderful show on which the appeal of television appearance was added. I will start with the famous piece of “LOW” “Always Crashing In The Same Car”, “My Death” will revive, precious songs will come out one after another. Fulfillment has been fully transmitted only by voice, but the power of a perfect multi-camera scene is enormous, too. Sometimes I sing to the audience with a smile sometimes, seriously, Bowie. That emotion is transmitted directly with facial expressions.

Not only shows us the “far side” of the main press 2CD, it is a masterpiece reigning as “a big pro-shot of the tour” both on the quality side, on the set side closer to the main tour and on the performance side. Please enjoy plenty with the main press 2CD.

PRO-SHOTメイン・ボリューム・プレス2CDの説明で述べたように、メイン・サウンド・ボード「GQ MAN OF YEAR AWARDS 1997」はもともとテレビで放送されていたために録音されたものです。しかし、それは店に入り、流出Proshotで初めて世界に出た。主なプレス2 CDの音だけが強く比類のないものでも、「視力」をボーナスとして用意しました。
……この作品に収録されている作品は、この巻「2QCD」「1997年10月15日「GQ MAN OF YEAR AWARDS」」と同じです。このビデオ自体は近年発見され、優れた品質と相まって「遅く現われた傑作」として話題になりましたが、この作品は起源のコピーではありません。ボウイの研究の世界的権威として、「これまでは美しいものは見たことがないが、それは第1世代または第2世代になると思う」もちろん、これまで最高のイメージの美しさで取り組んでいる優れたアイテムです音がプレスCDになったことから究極の品質を理解できると思いますが、1997年の代表も素晴らしいです。
このような品質で描かれたショーは素晴らしいです。私はメイン・プレス2CDの解説で言及しましたが、内容は “EARTHLING TOUR 1997″の代表であり、セットは通常通り通りにあります。テレビ出演の魅力が加えられた素晴らしいショー。私は有名な「LOW」「いつも同じ車でクラッシュする」から始まり、「My Death」が復活し、貴重な曲が次々と出てくるでしょう。フルフィルメントは声だけで完全に伝わってきましたが、完璧なマルチカメラシーンのパワーは巨大です。時には真剣に笑顔で聴衆に歌います。ボウイ。その感情は表情で直接伝達されます。


(91: 00)
1. Introduction 2. Always Crashing In The Same Car 3. Panic In Detroit 4. Waiting For The Man
5. My Death 6. The Jean Genie 7. I’m Afraid Of Americans 8. Seven Years In Tibet
9. Looking For Satellites 10. Under Pressure 11. Fashion 12. The Man Who Sold The World
13. Battle For Britain 14. Stay 15. Little Wonder 16. Hallo Space Boy 17. Moonage Daydream

David Bowie – Vocals & 12 String Guitar Reeves Gabrels – Guitar & Vocals 91 min. Special Bonus DVDR for limited numbered stickered edition of “NEW YORK MAN” (Wardour – 262)
Gail Ann Dorsey – Bass & Vocals & Keyboard Zachary Alford – Drums & Percussion
Mike Garson – Piano




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