David Bowie / Milton Keynes 1990 The Video / 1DVDR

David Bowie / Milton Keynes 1990 The Video / 1DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Milton Keynes Bowl, UK 5th August 1990 (2CAM MIX) (Synced with Stereo SBD)


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Local fan of the previous sound board showed off the Greatest Hits, such as summarizing his career with the album “MILTON KEYNES BOWL 1990 2ND NIGHT”. Just all but this one was complete, if there are things missing, sight of the field. This work is a video work to spell such a scene in the mix the video of the two of audience camera.
But was mentioned in the description of the main press 2CD, “SOUND + VISION TOUR 1990” in Tokyo and Lisbon, Rio, Sao Paulo, Chile, etc., professional shot in countries around the world have been left behind. However, this time of the home country Milton Keynes performance, even if there is superb sound board of the radio broadcast, pro-shot video was not left. Is this work of mania has been produced that Ureu such a situation. A combination of the day of the audience shot two, it is a thing that reproduces the scene of the site. Although air check of the original image is also the radio broadcast had been covered, replaced by the superb sound version of the main press 2CD in this work, and finished to the highest quality that may be existing.
Scene to be displayed in such a this work, nothing, nothing hot. Both the two cameras I have been taken from a slightly left front seat of Bowie, but realistic enough enthusiasm in the field is blowing likely. ‘s The angle to keep down the Bowie of the West up to the center of the screen, but comes through ferocious climax from the shadows and slightly shaking downside image of the front seat. Here is this work a maximum of individuality. In fact, the camera two angle is very similar, are similar enough to think also At first glance the “Do or two of meaning there’s?”. However, when the camera is about to remove the Bowie to too much enthusiasm, it immediately switches, continue always to keep the appearance of Bowie. Usually, multi-camera editing, but is done in order to watch the show in a variety of point of view, this work is different. A camera mix of “to keep staring at the Bowie”, I picture that never keep an eye from Bowie while feel a furious frenzy.
Such and sight superb sound board at combinations, also obtained unexpected is said come “presence” is stand out. Unlike “field sense” of the full audience shots, sight desperately switch the camera portrays the feelings of to Bowie, in the ear singing voice of the sound board is poured directly. So, the ooze from this work, want closer to Bowie even a little of the Hong, “feeling” that I want to feel him on the side. That is the image that looming in the skin sensation. And, precisely because the “feeling” is known, it attacked also in synchro sense of more than just quality. This is another, not taste even in the audience shot in the normal course of professional shot, you sense of just this work.

Main press 2CD to not only plus the enthusiasm of the image of the site, empathy video come to synchro to the feeling that “forever Every Breath You Take”. This also is one of the shape of the rock record that only the world of fan-made can be drawn. The “official issues should be” a main press CD, this work full of deep emotion that AER through precisely because fan each other. Individualistic set depicting one of the show completely different in the world. This weekend, please enjoy freely to your heart’s content.


地元ファンの前でキャリアを総括するようなグレイテストヒッツを披露したサウンドボード・アルバム『MILTON KEYNES BOWL 1990 2ND NIGHT』。まさに総てが揃った1本ですが、足りないものがあるとすれば、現場の光景。本作は、そんな光景を2つのオーディエンス・カメラのミックス映像で綴る映像作品です。
本編プレス2CDの解説でも触れましたが、“SOUND + VISION TOUR 1990”は東京やリスボン、リオ、サンパウロ、チリ等、世界各国でプロショットが残されています。しかし、今回の母国ミルトン・キーンズ公演は、ラジオ放送の極上サウンドボードはあっても、プロショット映像は残されなかった。そんな状況を憂うマニアが制作したのが本作。当日のオーディエンス・ショット2種を組み合わせ、現場の光景を再現したものなのです。元映像もラジオ放送のエアチェックが被せられていましたが、本作では本編プレス2CDの極上サウンドバージョンに差し替え、現存しうる最高クオリティに仕上げました。


1. Ode To Joy 2. Space Oddity 3. Rebel Rebel 4. Ashes To Ashes 5. Fashion 6. Band Introductions
7. Life On Mars? 8. Pretty Pink Rose 9. Sound And Vision 10. Blue Jean 11. Let’s Dance 12. Stay
13. Ziggy Stardust 14. China Girl 15. Station To Station 16. Young Americans 17. Suffragette City
18. Fame 19. “Heroes” 20. Changes 21. The Jean Genie/Gloria 22. White Light/White Heat
23. Modern Love

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 104min.

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