David Bowie / Milton keynes 1983 2nd Night / 2CD

David Bowie / Milton keynes 1983 2nd Night /  2CD / Wardour

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Live at Milton Keynes Bowl, Milton Keynes, UK 2nd July 1983




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Also in the long Bowie of the carrier, it is appeared live album that captures the climax of the moment in the climax. Most long the most large-scale in a few certain Bowie world tour, and was enjoyed most huge success was a “SERIOUS MOONLIGHT TOUR 1983”. It was a huge tour which began to record the mobilization of tens of thousands around the world, became the one of the highlights among them is, homeland United Kingdom of Milton Keynes performances. 3 consecutive days, was a whopping about 175,000 people a major event that record. Although the number of people specifically does not extend to the huge festival “US FESTIVAL’83”, we were recording the mobilization of only this only in general “to see the Bowie”.
This work is the audience, the album was recorded in the second day, “July 2, Milton Keynes Bowl in 1983” out of such three consecutive performances. Its climax the first time is a clear, jump out of a large cheer suddenly ferocious When you play. 40,000 people with 60,000 people and the venue that the crowd was packed, which is also to say, a large cheer of literally “Warren just”. Here I thought the “Yaba not, when absorbing the roar’s master ……”, surprised the strange beauty of the musical tone that starts tearing through its large cheer! “Milton Keynes Bowl” is the huge open-air venue, but clear sound enough to field a of can not believe. Or the contour of the musical tone is washed away by the wind, but a strange time difference there is no wonder is also felt, bass and drums also each sound beautifully, even strumming a single acoustic guitar, once the stroke once travel until the sharpness of. Of course, it has been recorded single-mindedly neatly also singing voice of Bowie.
That should be it, was to record this work is the UK’s leading name recording artist. One after another announced Eric Clapton other name recording, I figure, known as the taper of the world authority. (Does not mean that everybody and his dog as modern) record into the 80s who is in spite of the era of exploding, regrettable is know-how continue to create an inhospitable high-quality recording of the many of the taper It is exhibited without. If there is in such a virtuoso performance, impossible sound is flowing out without stagnation.
Moreover, precisely because the popularity of at the same time climax with the beauty of the musical tone is packed, this work is amazing. I wrote as the previous “do not think outdoor venue”, it is only talk of quality. Yet neatly beautiful sound, it does not echo in a wide space, the feeling that we are sucked into the sky. Sense of openness that sings to endless far as “to wherever you can!” Is definitely outdoors unique. Then, three-dimensional feeling of great cheer go pull is surging versatile to billow from the ripples also, what if outdoors. The sense of scale is a thing of only this work in many of Bowie recording. You might would have been worried about and write this as “kana type to find a musical tone from the roaring cheers?”. At the beginning to have written the “Warren just”. However, it does not enter the worry. Appeared in a scene at the beginning of what it is, “Warren just”, where do mind the finished (laughs), then plenty of enjoy a Bowie music, it is being played, not even a conversation near taper. ‘s The spectacle of large cheers Bubbly type of recording every time to finish the songs in.

Sense of scale of precisely because huge venue, sense of fulfillment bitten and tightened the success just get it done, and, distant sense of openness, such as sings all over the world. All of them is a live album that taper is fully recorded in the whole body of the clear sound of a world authority. Turned-pop star, had wowed the world in the movie Bowie. Such one that was jammed in the huge spectacle is full of E without precisely because he’s. Nozomi Naru have kind in Bowie’s life Big-scale album. This weekend, Bowie stand in the climax and enthusiasm will ask to your home.

長いボウイのキャリアでも、絶頂中の絶頂の刹那を捉えたライヴアルバムが登場です。数あるボウイのワールドツアーで最も長大で最も大規模、そして最も巨大な成功を収めたのは“SERIOUS MOONLIGHT TOUR 1983”でした。世界各地で数万人規模の動員を記録していった巨大ツアーでしたが、その中でもハイライトのひとつとなったのが、故国イギリスのミルトン・キーンズ公演。3日間連続で、なんと約17万5000人を記録するという一大イベントとなりました。人数的には巨大フェス“US FESTIVAL’83”には及ばないものの、ほぼ「ボウイを見るため」だけにこれだけの動員を記録したのです。
本作は、そんな3連続公演のうちの2日目「1983年7月2日ミルトン・キーンズ・ボウル」で録音されたオーディエンス・アルバムです。その絶頂ぶりは明らかで、再生するといきなり猛烈な大歓声が飛び出す。4万人とも6万人とも言われる群衆が詰めかけた会場は、文字通り「割れんばかり」の大声援。ここで「ヤバいな、こりゃ爆音マスターだ……」と思いきや、その大歓声を切り裂いて始まる楽音の異様な美しさにビックリ! “ミルトン・キーンズ・ボウル”は巨大な野外会場なのですが、野外なのが信じられないほどにクリアなサウンド。楽音の輪郭が風で流されたり、妙な時差が感じられても不思議はないのに、ベースやドラムも1音1音美しく、アコースティック・ギター1本をかき鳴らしても、そのストローク1回1回の鋭さまで伝わる。もちろん、ボウイの歌声もひたすら端正に記録されているのです。


Disc 1 (58:04)
1. Intro 2. The Jean Genie / Star 3. Heroes 4. What In The World ? 5. Golden Years 6. Fashion
7. Red Sails 8. Breaking Glass 9. Life On Mars? 10. Sorrow 11. Cat People (Putting Out The Fire)
12. China Girl 13. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 14. Rebel Rebel 15. White Light, White Heat

Disc 2 (54:13)
1. Station To Station 2. Cracked Actor 3. Ashes To Ashes 4. Space Oddity 5. Member Introduction
6. Young Americans 7. TVC 15 8. Fame 9. Stay 10. The Jean Genie 11. Modern Love


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