David Bowie / Lyrics Come As Poems / 2CD Slipcase

David Bowie / Lyrics Come As Poems / 2CD Slipcase / Golden Eggs

Lyrics Come As Poems is another great Golden Eggs release with a fine selection of 30 rare tracks.

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アーティスト。 ボウイの収集に興味があるなら、これは絶対に必要です。

A great deal of the tracks on this double cd are out for the first time on cd.

It features spoken word, live and studio tracks and contains also some rare covers by other

artists. If you’re into collecting Bowie then this one is a real must.


I Never Dreamed – (Demo excerpt recorded with the Konrads in 1963)

Interview – (By Cherry Vanilla recorded at RCA studio’s New york 1973)

The Jean Genie – (Top of the Pops stereo version recorded January 3, 1973)

My Death – (Russel Harty January 20, 1973 new source from 2019 BBC doc. first five years)

Can You Hear Me – (U.S. performance recorded between October 8 and November 30, 1974)

Heroes – (Le Rendez-Vous Du Dimanche – French tv October 16, 1977)

Joe The Lion – (Recorded at the soundcheck of the Earls Court show in London July 1, 1978)

Moon Of Alabama – (London July 1, 1978 different to Welcome to the Blackout version)

Station To Station – (Recorded at the Sydney showground November 25, 1978)

The Elephant Man Radio Spot – (Korshak associates promo single 1980)

Look Back In Anger – (Intruders at the palace London July 1, 1988)

David’s X-mas and New Years Message – (Wish you well flexi disc 1997)

Queen Bitch – (Ruisrock Turku Finland June 29, 1997)

Warchild Radio Commercial – (From a Dutch 1998 radio promo cd)

Life On Mars – (Parkinson show recorded September 19, 2002)


David’s Birthday Message – (Recorded in 2002)

American Landfill – (Recorded in 2003 exclusive 2020 mix for The Turning soundtrack)

Heroes – (Last ever concert recorded at Hurricane festival Scheessel Germany June 25, 2004)

Arnold Layne – (With David Gilmour recorded at the Royal Albert Hall May 29, 2006)

Comfortably Numb – (With David Gilmour recorded at the Royal Albert Hall May 29, 2006)

Corri Uomo Corri – (I Giganti from Miura 7’’ single 1970)

Can’t Help Thinking About Me – (Purple Hearts from Fiction records lp Beat That! 1980)

Suffragette City – (Hazel O’Connor live with Simon le Bon from Albion records 12’’ single 1980)

John I’m Only Dancing – (Polecats from Mercury 10’’ single 1981)

Repetition – (Au Pairs from Human records lp Playing With A Different Sex 1981)

Ziggy Stardust – (Bauhaus from Beggars Banquet 7’’ single 1982)

Heroes – (Nico from Aura records 7’’ single 1983)

Passing Announcement – (BBC 6 Music January 11, 2016)

Instr. Medley / Life On Mars – (Lorde and Bowie band Brit Awards tribute February 24, 2016)

I Never Dreamed – (The Konrads Alan Dodds and Roger Ferris 2020)

Golden Eggs. EGG-146/147

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