David Bowie / London Hours / 2CD

David Bowie / London Hours / 2CD / Wardour
The Astoria Theatre, London, UK 2nd December 1999. SBD

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The shortest foam tour in the history of Bowie that ended in only 9 performances “THE HOURS … TOUR 1999”. That superb sound board album is appearing in permanent preservation press 2CD.
There are two lives that are contained in this work. We also feature bonus “October 25 BBC studio live” in London as well as the full sound board of “December 2, 1999 London Astoria Performance”. Speaking of the “hours …” era, “KIT KAT KLUB 1999 (Wardour – 294)” which was revived with the highest quality ever recorded in the history of the past with the topic “VH 1 STORY TELLERS” also made a popular reception. First of all, let’s imagine the position of the main London performance, including those.

· August 23: New York “VH1 STORYTELLERS”
“September 21″ hours … released ”
· October 9 – 17: Europe # 1 (4 shows)
· November 19: New York “KIT KAT KLUB 1999”
· December 2 – 7: Europe # 2 (3 shows) ← ★ Coco ★

Over all, nine performances. As the guitar has been replaced by Reveus Gabriels with HELMET’s page Hamilton, the main edition of the tour was a net 8 performances. It was almost a showcase gig in each country, but in this the London Astoria performance of this work was a concert corresponding to the first day of “Europe # 2”.
This show is an official recording with a view to making it a work, and in the early 2000s Pro shot picture leaked out from Masterport label. A shock ran into the mania of the whole world. This work is a live album from the soundboard sound. However, it is not just a voice dropping. In our shop we have delivered the highest-ranking board of soundboard history in the supervision by the world authority of Bowie research for a while, but this work is also its latest bullet. Although it is not “as a separate thing” just because the original spill sound board was a direct omission master of the stakeholders, it is realizing exceeding the highest peak with exquisite transfer and exquisite mastering by the researcher himself.
What’s great is the depth. Although the outflow sound board itself was also the best in unique ultimate generations, the mix was rough for the working phase, the sound was a little flat. Although this work can not change the mix to drift, the three-dimensional feeling is getting stronger by the mastering. The silent part where His was strong drew a deep abyss of black and the performance sound emerges clearly up to the very fine part. Of course, the sense underpinned by the deep understanding and sound source knowledge unique to the researchers does not run to unreasonable sound pressure earnings, and the ringing is natural only. Even modest synths are even realistic and elegant enough to have voices of close contact that are said to be “exceptional in 1999”. If you inquire about this upgrade feeling, is it “BOWIE TO THE RESCUE: PORT CHESTER 1997 (Wardour – 293)” which was released very much the other day? Although the tour is different, although it is a familiar sound board, it was the decision board which was born again to respond to another dimension. This work is also a 1999 edition by the same researcher as that masterpiece.
The show drawn with such sounds is pleasant for the longest time. “VH1 STORYTELLERS” “KIT KAT KLUB 1999” mentioned above was also wonderful, but the scale according to the broadcasting frame was short, far from fullshow. On the contrary, this work is amazing uncut after the outflow master. Members also played all the songs heard on the same “KIT KAT KLUB 1999”, six more songs “Word On A Wing” “Ashes To Ashes” “Drive-In Saturday” “Rebel Rebel” “Repetition” “Cracked Actor “is added. You can enjoy the full show over 90 minutes with the finest sound board of the official recording.

In addition to such a main part, we added an extra superb sound board. It is a BBC broadcast recorded in the above “London October 25, 1999”. The recording of this day was broadcast on BBC RADIO 1 on the same day, as well as on BBC RADIO 2 at a later date. This work includes both of them as the best master of supervisor. This is also an official super-superb sound board without asking questions.
Moreover, not only are the broadcast dates of these two different, but also different contents. The main broadcast of RADIO 1 showed studio live of five songs “Survive”, “Drive-In Saturday”, “Something In The Air”, “Can not Help Thinking About Me” “Repetition”, but the broadcast of RADIO 2 later In addition “China Girl” is also released.
OBJECTIVE Soundboard for official work and BBC studio live of official grade. “Hour …” This is the ultimate board that refined two sound sources representing the era with a deep perspective of the researcher. To experience the full show of the short “Hours Tour 1999” there is no better finest item. Please, please enjoy with permanent preservation press 2CD that will not shine forever.

わずか9公演で終了したボウイ史上最短の泡沫ツアー“THE HOURS… TOUR 1999”。その極上サウンドボード・アルバムが永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。
そんな本作に収められているライヴは2つ。「1999年12月2日ロンドン・アストリア公演」のフル・サウンドボードをメインに、同じくロンドンの「10月25日BBCスタジオライヴ」をボーナス収録しています。『hours…』時代と言えば、オフィシャル化もされた『VH1 STORYTELLERS』を筆頭に、先日史上最高峰クオリティで甦った『KIT KAT KLUB 1999(Wardour-294)』も大好評。それらも含め、まずはメインのロンドン公演のポジションをイメージしみましょう。

・8月23日:ニューヨーク 『VH1 STORYTELLERS』
・11月19日:ニューヨーク 『KIT KAT KLUB 1999』

何より素晴らしいのは、深み。流出サウンドボード自体も究極ジェネならではの極上ぶりではありましたが、作業段階なためにミックスが荒っぽく、サウンドもやや平板でした。本作でも流石にミックスは変えられませんが、マスタリングによってグッと立体感が増している。ヒスの強かった無音部は漆黒の深淵を描き、演奏音は極細部に至るまでクッキリと浮き立つ。もちろん、研究家ならではの深い理解と音源知識に裏打ちされたセンスは無闇矢鱈な音圧稼ぎには走らず、鳴りはあくまでもナチュラル。ささやかなシンセも、「1999年では格別」と言われた密着感たっぷりの歌声も実にリアルで気品さえ漂わせているのです。このアップグレード感覚を引き合いに出すなら、先日リリースされるや大好評を博した『BOWIE TO THE RESCUE: PORT CHESTER 1997(Wardour-293)』でしょうか。ツアーは異なりますが、お馴染みサウンドボードではありながら、別次元の聴き応えに生まれ変わった決定盤でした。本作は、あの名盤と同じ研究家による1999年版でもあるのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるショウは、何よりも長尺ぶりが嬉しい。前述した『VH1 STORYTELLERS』『KIT KAT KLUB 1999』も素晴らしかったですが、放送枠に則った尺が短く、フルショウとはほど遠かった。それに対し、本作は流出マスターならではのノーカットぶりが素晴らしい。メンバーも同じな『KIT KAT KLUB 1999』で聴けた曲は全部演奏しており、さらに6曲「Word On A Wing」「Ashes To Ashes」「Drive-In Saturday」「Rebel Rebel」「Repetition」「Cracked Actor」が上乗せ。約90分に渡るフルショウをオフィシャル収録の極上サウンドボードでじっくり楽しめるのです。

そんな本編に加え、超極上のサウンドボードを追加収録しました。前述した「1999年10月25日ロンドン」で収録されたBBC放送です。この日の収録は当日BBC RADIO 1で本放送が行われたほか、後日BBC RADIO 2でも放送。本作はその両者を研究家監修のベスト・マスターで収録。こちらも問答無用にオフィシャル級の超極上サウンドボードです。
しかも、この2種は放送日が違うだけでなく、内容も異なる。RADIO 1の本放送は5曲「Survive」「Drive-In Saturday」「Something In The Air」「Can’t Help Thinking About Me」「Repetition」のスタジオライヴが披露されましたが、RADIO 2の後日放送ではさらに「China Girl」も公開されています。
オフィシャル作品用の流出サウンドボードと、オフィシャル級のBBCスタジオ・ライヴ。『hours…』時代を代表する2音源を研究家のディープな視点で磨き上げた究極盤です。短かった“Hours Tour 1999”の通しフルショウを体験するにはこれ以上ない極上品。どうぞ、いつまでも輝きのあせない永久保存プレス2CDでお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (70:47)
1. Life On Mars? 2. Word On A Wing 3. Thursday’s Child 4. Ashes To Ashes
5. Survive 6. Can’t Help Thinking About Me 7. China Girl 8. Always Crashing In The Same Car
9. Something In The Air 10. Drive-In Saturday 11. Stay 12. Seven 13. Changes 14. Rebel Rebel

Disc 2 (59:31)
1. Repetition 2. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell 3. Cracked Actor
4. Band Introduction 5. I’m Afraid Of Americans

The Mark and Lard Show (Mark Radcliffe and Marc Riley)
Recorded: Studio MV4, Maida Vale, London, UK 25th October 1999
Broadcast: BBC Radio One on 25th October 1999

6. Introduction 7. Survive 8. Introduction 9. Drive-In Saturday 10. Interview
11. Something In The Air 12. Introduction 13. Can’t Help Thinking About Me
14. Repetition

The Saturday Music Mix. Hosted by Billy Bragg.
Recorded: Studio MV4, Maida Vale, London, UK 25th October 1999
Broadcast: BBC Radio Two on 6th November 1999

15. Introduction 16. Survive 17. China Girl

David Bowie: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Gail Ann Dorsey: Bass
Mark Plati: Rhythm, Acoustic Guitar Mike Garson: Keyboards
Page Hamilton: Guitar Sterling Campbell: Drums, Percussion
Emm Gryner: Backing Vocals Holly Palmer: Backing Vocals



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