David Bowie / Live Santa Monica 72 UK Advance Promotional CD – 2nd Press / 1CD

David Bowie / Live Santa Monica 72: UK Advance Promotional CD – 2nd Press / 1CD / Non Label

Live At Santa Monica Civic Auditorium Santa Monica CA USA 20th October 1972. Stereo SBD

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A super-famous board called “the most important board in Bowie history” is reprinted. The highest peak version that transcends the official version “LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72” is now available on the 2nd press CD.
Of course, what is engraved in this work is “October 20, 1972 Santa Monica performance”. It is the superb stereo sound board recording. This show is a historic classic that has produced countless existing groups, with FM broadcasts that have long been known as “the most famous bootleg” and “the highest peak of ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR”. It continues to reign as the pinnacle of many records, and is sought after for the pinnacle of generations and sound differences. It is a famous recording during the famous recording that has such a long history. And it was 2008 that the history was put to an end. “LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72”, which was officially unearthed with full satisfaction, was released, and all the quests should have ended with the official quality of super beautiful to the top. However, the official board, which was thought to be “top”, “ultimate”, and “no more”, was not actually the top. This work is the one that achieved that “crossing the top”.

The identity of this work is actually the official board. Of course, it is not the release version “LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72”. It is a promotional CD “THE EMI UK ADVANCE / PROMOTIONAL CD” that EMI UK produced a very small number of copies before its release and distributed to all related parties. Usually, the promo board is rare, but the enclosed audio is almost the same as the product version. It has nothing to do with anything other than a collector who simply pursues “rare things.” “THE EMI UK ADVANCE / PROMOTIONAL CD” was also thought to be one of those promotional discs, but the contents were actually different. I think that the promo board was made with the excavated master, and then the product version was made through the finishing process, but it was about 2 minutes longer than the product version and the sound was different. This fact was not known to the core collectors who own the product, and therefore never appeared on the net. It’s a sound that can only be heard here.
The 2 minutes cut in the product version is between songs such as tuning. Perhaps it was cut with the aim of perfection that even beginners can easily listen to rather than the preciousness of the record, but what an outrage in the historical record. In the first place, I don’t think that the value of this concert can be understood by a person who gets tired of the song in just two minutes. But, well, that comfort is also official.

However, the sound that pierces the whole story was shocking for more than 2 minutes. Of course, the recording itself is the same as the product version, but the promo CD is much more natural. You can hear the sound of the excavation master itself. When the commercial version was released in 2008, the remastered commercial law of the famous board was completed, and “remastered remastered” was also widespread. It was an era when loudness war (sound pressure competition) was intensifying, probably because it made a difference. Nowadays, the easy sound pressure competition has settled down, but at that time both cats and scoops were raising the sound pressure. Perhaps to ask the world of that era, the product version “LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72” was also radically equalized.
In fact, the sound of the promo CD not only sounds natural, but also the peak of the sound that was crushed in the product version is reproduced beautifully. If you use waveform editing software, please compare it. You will see clear and beautiful waves, unlike the product version where the top was crushed flat. Of course, the difference is obvious without looking at the waveform. “Beautiful sound” lost in the era of pursuing mere power. It goes through for 76 minutes.
It is this work that you can directly enjoy the natural sound of such a miracle-like promo CD. However, the actual promotional CD was not perfect, with 1.75 seconds between tracks. I don’t know if it was rough because of the “trial” of the people involved, or if I hated the outflow before the release, but of course, in this work, I packed it carefully and arranged it so that it can be heard seamlessly with chitin. Of course, the sound itself hasn’t been modified at all.

Too famous and definitive historical sound source. Although it was a master that could only be excavated by the officials, there was a super beautiful sound before the “last work” that was only a snake foot was given. One of the miracles created by the official whims of Bowie’s history as the highest peak version of a live album on the ground. It is “True LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72”. The highest peak that should be left as a cultural heritage. Don’t miss this second chance to get it on a permanent press CD.

★ The highest peak version of “LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72” that transcends the official version. It originated from a very small number of promo CDs made during the official release. Not only is it about 2 minutes longer than the retail version, but the sound is much more natural. Unlike the product version, which had been subjected to radical equalization, perhaps because of its power, the peaks are reproduced beautifully, and the sound of the master itself can be heard. This is the most important press CD in Bowie history.

「ボウイ史上の最重要盤」と呼ばれた超名盤が復刻。公式版『LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72』も超越した最高峰盤が2ndプレスCDで登場です。
そんな本作に刻まれているのは、もちろん「1972年10月20日サンタ・モニカ公演」。その超極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音です。このショウは長らく“もっとも有名なブートレッグ”・“ZIGGY STARDUST TOURの最高峰”としても知られるFM放送が残され、無数の既発群を生み出してきた歴史的大定番。幾多の記録の中でも頂点として君臨し続け、細かなジェネレーションやサウンドの違いを探しては最高峰を追い求められる。そんな長い歴史を持っている名録音中の名録音です。そして、その歴史に終止符が打たれたのが、2008年。満を持して公式が発掘した『LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72』がリリースされ、頂点を極める超美麗の公式クオリティをもって総ての探求は終了………のはずでした。ところが、「頂点」「究極」「これ以上は存在しない」と思われていた公式盤は、実は頂上ではなかった。その“頂上越え”を果たした1枚が、本作なのです。

そんな本作の正体は、実はオフィシャル盤。もちろん、リリース版『LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72』ではありません。その発売前にEMI UKが極わずかな枚数を制作し、関係各所に配布されたプロモCD『THE EMI UK ADVANCE/PROMOTIONAL CD』なのです。通常、プロモ盤はレアではあるものの、封じ込まれた音声は製品版と同一なことがほとんど。単に“珍しい物”を追い求めるコレクター以外には縁のないものです。『THE EMI UK ADVANCE/PROMOTIONAL CD』もまた、そんなプロモ盤の1つと思われてきたわけですが、実は中身も違った。発掘されたマスターでプロモ盤を作り、その後でフィニッシュの工程を経て製品版が作られたのだと思いますが、なんと製品版よりも2分ほど長く、サウンドも異なっていたのです。この事実は、現品を持つコア・コレクターにも知られておらず、それゆえにネットに出回ることもなかった。ここでしか聴けないサウンドなのです。

しかし、その2分以上に衝撃だったのが全編を貫くサウンド。もちろん、録音自体は製品版と同じですが、プロモCDの方が遙かにナチュラル。発掘マスターそのもののサウンドが聴けるのです。製品版がリリースされた2008年というと、名盤のリマスター再発商法も一段落付き、“リマスターのリマスター”も蔓延してきた頃。違いだを出すためか、ラウドネスウォー(音圧競争)が激化していた時代でした。現在では、安易な音圧競争も落ち着いてはきましたが、当時は猫も杓子もガンガン音圧を上げていた。その時代の世界に問うためか、製品版『LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72』も過激なイコライジングが施されていたのです。

あまりにも有名で決定的な歴史的名音源。オフィシャルしか発掘し得ないマスターでありながら、蛇足でしかなかった“最後のひと仕事”が施される前の超美麗サウンドが存在したのです。ボウイ史上、頂点とも言うべきライヴアルバムの地上最高峰版にして、オフィシャルの気まぐれが生んだ奇跡の1枚。“真のLIVE SANTA MONICA ’72”です。まさに文化遺産として残されるべき最高峰盤。永久保存プレスCDで手に入れる二度目のチャンス、ぜひお見逃しなく。

★公式版をも超越する『LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72』の最高峰バージョン。公式リリースの際にごく少数作られたプロモCDから起こされたもの。製品版よりも2分ほど長いだけでなく、サウンドも遙かにナチュラル。迫力を出すためか過激なイコライジングが施されていた製品版とは異なり、ピークも綺麗に再生され、マスターそのもののサウンドが聴ける。ボウイ史上の最重要盤となるプレスCDです。

1. Introduction
2. Hang On To Yourself
3. Ziggy Stardust
4. Changes
5. The Supermen
6. Life On Mars?
7. Five Years
8. Space Oddity
9. Andy Warhol
10. My Death
11. The Width Of A Circle
12. Queen Bitch
13. Moonage Daydream
14. John, I’m Only Dancing
15. I’m Waiting For The Man
16. The Jean Genie
17. Suffragette City
18. Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide

David Bowie – guitar, vocals
Mick Ronson – guitar, vocals
Trevor Bolder – bass
Mick “Woody” Woodmansey – drums
Mike Garson – piano




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