David Bowie / Live By Request / 1DVDR

David Bowie / Live By Request / 1DVDR / Non Label
Sony Music Studios, New York City, NY, USA 15th June 2002 PRO-SHOT


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The best pro shot which recorded the special performance of the “HEATHEN” era is a gift and release decision. The special performance is the special feature “LIVE BY REQUEST” of the American cable television station “A & E”.
The show was recorded on June 15, 2002 in New York. Bowie at the time appeared on a number of television programs in the promotion of the new work “HEATHEN”, this work is one of them. Just after the release of “HEATHEN”, the warm-up show that completely reproduced “LOW” and “HEATHEN” became a topic. First, let’s review the schedule and check the position of this special code.

“June 11” HEATHEN “sale”
・ June 11th: New York (Album reproduction show)
・ June 15: LIVE BY REQUEST ← ★ coco ★
・ June 29: London (Album reproduction show)
・ July 1-18: Europe # 1 (9 performances)
・ July 28-August 16: North America # 1 (12 performances)
・ September 22-October 2: Europe # 2 (6 performances)
・ Oct. 11-23: North America # 2 (seven performances)

This is the history of “HEATHEN” era. This work is between two album reproduction shows. It was recorded four days after the New York show in particular. It was exposed to the media besides this program, but this program is very unique. The idea is to receive a phone request from the viewer in real time and show a studio live in the form that responds to it. The end of the program shows the phone number of the request, and talks with the fans while deciding the song (Bowie keeps on headphones to answer the phone).
This work which recorded such a special program is also special in quality. In 2002, not only digital but also the sweetness of analog recording can be felt. Therefore, it is hard to say “official class” by now, but I would like to say loudly at that time. After all master master freshness is excellent, it is vivid to the details. Of course, the camera work and the mix are wonderful, and it is the image beauty that I think that it was released with the laser disk.
The special code drawn by the beauty of the image is different from any other image. As mentioned above, requests from fans are smiley. I am as enviable as I can only talk with my admiring Bowie, but Bowie is delighted and surprised at his request there. Bowie is also pleased with the voice of the fan’s voice, and the performance begins with the smile, and the famous music groups of successive generations are presented. Of course, although the heat of the stage is completely different, the tour may start after half a month, and both the performance and the voice are completed perfectly. (By the way, I requested “Sound And Vision” is the neighborhood of New York Moby has a family-familiar relationship.The scene from which you first become “Who are you?”
It is a new song of “HEATHEN” to be shown in the interval of such a request. Three songs “Slow Burn” “Slip Away” “5:15 The Angels Have Gone” are sung in this broadcast, but instead of cutting the phone scene in subsequent rebroadcasts, “Cactus” “I’ve Been Waiting” “For You” has been added. This work, while recording the main broadcast with request, bonus recording of the additional two outtake songs at the end. We have recorded a special performance in a panoramic view.

Not only wonderful performances and singing voices, but the expression of Bowie who exchanges voices directly with the fans is unbearable. Anyway, it is a TV special program that makes you happy just looking at it as you enjoy the conversation with the fans from the heart. A special piece that contains the whole view in superb quality. Please enjoy this opportunity carefully.
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『HEATHEN』時代の特別パフォーマンスを収録した極上プロショットがギフト・リリース決定です。その特別パフォーマンスとは、アメリカのケーブルテレビ局“A&E”の特番“LIVE BY REQUEST”です。

・6月15日:LIVE BY REQUEST ←★ココ★

その映像美で描かれる特番は、他のいかなる映像とも違う。前述の通り、ファンからのリクエストが微笑ましい。憧れのボウイと会話できるだけでも羨ましいですが、そこで自分のリクエストにボウイが喜んだり、驚いたり。ファンの肉声にボウイも実に嬉しそうで、その笑顔のままに演奏が始まり、歴代の名曲群が披露されていく。もちろん、ステージの熱気とはまるで違うものの、半月後にはツアーが始まることもあってか、演奏も歌声も完璧に仕上がっています(ちなみに「Sound And Vision」をリクエストしたのは、ニューヨークのご近所さんで家族ぐるみの付き合いのあるモービー。最初「誰だ?」という感じから「お前、モービーだな!」となっていくシーンも面白いです)。
そんなリクエストの合間に披露されるのは『HEATHEN』の新曲。本放送では「Slow Burn」「Slip Away」「5:15 The Angels Have Gone」の3曲が歌われますが、その後の再放送では電話シーンをカットした代わりに「Cactus」「I’ve Been Waiting For You」が追加されました。本作は、リクエスト入りの本放送をメインに収録しつつ、追加のアウトテイク2曲を最後にボーナス収録。特別なパフォーマンスを全景で収録致しました。


1. Intro 2. Fame 3. Changes 4. China Girl 5. Slow Burn 6. Starman 7. Let’s Dance
8. Slip Away 9. Ziggy Stardust 10. Heroes 11. 5:15 The Angels Have Gone
12. Sound And Vision 13. Ashes To Ashes 14. I’m Afraid Of Americans

Bonus Tracks: Outtakes
15. Cactus 16. I’ve Been Waiting For You

David Bowie – vocals, guitar
Earl Slick – guitar
Gerry Leonard – guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Mark Plati – guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Gail Ann Dorsey – bass guitar, guitar, backing vocals
Sterling Campbell – drums, percussion
Mike Garson – keyboards
Catherine Russell – keyboards, percussion, backing vocals


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