David Bowie / The Leon Suites / 1CDR

David Bowie / The Leon Suites / 1CDR / Project Zip

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The Leon Suites (Outside Outtakes) 1994 Soundboard



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Boldly experimental concept album from the pop route until it 1995 Bowie announced the “outside”.

That out of the attention that has not been officially released in the recording session of the previous year in ’94 TAKES is, first appearance in the new excavation sound source of high-quality master!

So far is the sound source, which has been around in the MP3 sound source is recorded in this Quality up the FLAC sound source.

The Bowie collector to be all three songs total 70 minutes or more of a plurality of segments are combined is the emergence of valuable studio out TAKES upgrade sound source that does not want to miss!




1. I Am With Name
2. Leon Takes Us Outside
3. Enemy Is Fragile

The Leon Suites (Outside Outtakes) 1994
These demos were recorded and rejected by the record company in 1994.
The Leon Suites eventually turned into the 1. Outside album released in 1995.


Project Zip. PJZ-592

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