David Bowie / LA Forum 1983 1st Night Mike Millard First Generation Cassettes / 2CD

David Bowie / LA Forum 1983 1st Night Mike Millard First Generation Cassettes / 2CD / Wardour

The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA 14th August 1983

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Mike Millard, who recorded David Bowie’s stage with exceptional quality, such as 1978 LA Forum and 1974 Anaheim, but this time his treasured sound source that caught the 1983 LA Forum was excavated. !! Since it appeared on the net last week, the first appearance sound source that has made Bowie mania all over the world agitated is immediately released on a limited press CD. This time too, the exceptional mirrored quality will overwhelm the listener. Moreover, since it was an audience recording in 1983, Millard, which was originally a high-level recording, left me with really wonderful sound quality.
Bowie’s splendid serious moonlight tour that played the eighties pop star. Introducing a more elaborate stage production than ever before, it has swept the rock world of 1983 with entertainment that goes beyond mere rock live. Due to its elaborate production, I gave the impression that it was a systematic and invariable tour, but in addition to the passage of time, after the death of Bowie, this tour came to be re-recognized as one of the classic times. .. On the contrary, it is much more varied than it was in 1976 or 1978.
Regarding the first half of the American leg this time, it is also the most varied time on the tour, and at the same time, it is the time when we were blessed with the sound source. First of all, the sound board album “MONTREAL FORUM 1983 COMPLETE” which recorded the tour’s biggest classic sound source in the best version. Isn’t there a maniac who hasn’t heard this? A must-have item that you can imagine. It’s safe to say that this is an eternal classic.

On the other hand, the two items released by Uxbridge on the CD-R are also long-selling enthusiasts with overwhelming support. That is “SERIOUS MOONLIGHT IN DETROIT” and “AT THE FABULOUS FORUM 1983”. In both cases, there were cuts that fell into the performance for a little more or less, or the taper got into trouble during the performance of “White Light/White Heat” on the first day of Detroit, so both were high quality. Although it was an audience, it was released on CD-R. Above all, in the second day of the LA Forum in August, “AT THE FABULOUS FORUM 1983” was captured by Bowie’s best performance with excellent sound quality, and many enthusiasts asked, “Why not press this?” How about.
For this reason, the appearance of the finest sound source on the first day of the L.A. forum by mirrored recording is a historical excavation in the serious moonlight tour. As I said at the beginning, although the set list for the US tour was changing a bit, but Montreal and Detroit are still fixed set lists for two consecutive days, the only end of the second day of Detroit It was the difference in how “I Can’t Explain” was played.
However, in this L.A. forum that entered in August, the opening pattern is different in two days. The second day was the most popular “Look Back In Anger” on the tour, whereas the first day was another pattern where the avalanche of “Jean Genie” riffs to “Star”. It is very valuable to have changed the opening pattern in two consecutive performances, and at the same time, Bowie’s spirit to challenge the stage to the forum is transmitted.
What is even more surprising is that Bowie barely speaks compared to the second day. There is almost no MC other than the member introduction after “Space Oddity” which was a regular nightly event. It is said that the second day is overwhelmingly longer than the “close greeting” in the intro to the “Modern Love” finale. I guess this is probably because the two days of the forum were held out of tickets because the tickets were sold out early in the US tour. In other words, it’s probably the first day of the tour that I tried to challenge the stage again three months after the tour started.

After all, it has a high sound quality, so it is wonderful that it captures Bowie’s hyper performance that is as good as the second day of the forum with an on sound image and realism. Bowie on the American leg begins to shout hard with the “Let’s Dance” signal, which allows him to see his tone every night. In that respect, on the second day of the forum, the engine was fully opened from the same song, but the first day was terrible again. Starting with the same song, Bowie shouts everywhere. I tried to sing the songs in the latter half of the live, such as “Ashes To Ashes” and “TVC-15”, without losing any effort. Bowie was doing well in Montreal and Detroit, but his voice has reached the next level here on the forums.
Up to now, the audience album with the highest sound quality, such as “TREMBLE LIKE A FLOWER” in London in June, and various Japanese performance items released from the Wardour label, has been released, but finally it is decided by Millard from the American leg. Popular audience album will be released. When it was released, it didn’t require any equalization except for the high pitch. As expected, it’s a mirrored quality. Here is a representative piece of the American leg of the 1983 Serious Moonlight Tour.

★ Mirrored recordings of the rock. Super high quality sound.


今回のアメリカン・レグ前半に関してはツアーにおけるもっとも変化に富んだ時期であると同時に、音源に恵まれた時期でもあります。まずは何と言ってもツアー最大の定番音源をベスト・バージョンにて収録したサウンドボード・アルバム「MONTREAL FORUM 1983 COMPLETE」。これを聞いていないマニアの方はおられないのでは?思われるほどのマストアイテム。永遠の定番と言っても差し支えないでしょう。

一方UxbridgeがCD-Rでリリースした二つのアイテムもマニアに圧倒的な支持を得たロングセラーとなっています。それが「SERIOUS MOONLIGHT IN DETROIT」と「AT THE FABULOUS FORUM 1983」。どちらも大なり小なり演奏に食い込んでしまったカットが生じたり、あるいはデトロイト初日の「White Light/White Heat」演奏中に席をめぐってテーパーがトラブルに巻き込まれるといったあったことから、どちらもハイクオリティ・オーディエンスながら敢えてCD-Rでリリースされたのでした。中でも8月のL.A.フォーラム二日目の「AT THE FABULOUS FORUM 1983」はボウイの絶好調ぶりが素晴らしい音質にて捉えられており、多くのマニアから「これをプレスで出さないの?」と聞かれたほど。
それだけに今回、ミラード録音によるL.A.フォーラム初日の極上音源が登場されたことはシリアス・ムーンライト・ツアーの中でも歴史的な発掘。最初に申しましたように、アメリカ・ツアーはちょこちょことセットリストが変化していたのですが、それでもモントリオールやデトロイトは二日連続ながらほぼ固定セットリストになっており、唯一デトロイト二日目の終盤で「I Can’t Explain」が演奏された程度の違いでした。
ところが8月に入ったこのL.A.フォーラムでは二日間でオープニングのパターンが違う。二日目がツアーでもっともポピュラーな「Look Back In Anger」だったのに対し、初日は「Jean Genie」のリフから「Star」へと雪崩れ込むもう一つのパターン。二日連続の公演でオープニングのパターンを変えてきたというのは非常に貴重であると同時に、フォーラムへのステージに挑むボウイの気合が伝わってきます。
さらに驚かされるのが、二日目と比べてボウイがほとんど話さないということ。毎晩の恒例であった「Space Oddity」後のメンバー紹介以外ではほとんどMCがない。これまた恒例だったフィナーレ「Modern Love」イントロ中の「締めの挨拶」にしても二日目の方が圧倒的に長いという。これは推測するにフォーラム二日間がアメリカ・ツアーの中でも早々にチケットが売り切れ、満員札止め状態で行われたからではないかと。つまりツアー開始から三カ月、改めて気を引き締めてステージに挑んでみせたというのがこの初日なのでしょう。

何しろ高音質ですので、フォーラム二日目に勝るとも劣らないボウイのハイパー・パフォーマンスをオンな音像とリアルさで捉えてくれているのが素晴らしい。アメリカン・レグでのボウイは「Let’s Dance」を合図として激しくシャウトし始めるのですが、それによって毎晩の彼の調子が見て取れるのです。その点フォーラム二日めは正に同曲からエンジン全開となったのですが、初日がまた凄まじい。同曲を皮切りとしてボウイは随所でシャウト。「Ashes To Ashes」や「TVC-15」といったライブ後半の曲でも力を緩めることなく歌いきってみせた。モントリオールやデトロイトでもボウイは好調でしたが、ここフォーラムで彼の声はネクスト・レベルへと到達している。
これまで6月のロンドン「TREMBLE LIKE A FLOWER」、さらにWardourレーベルから出された各種日本公演アイテムのような極上音質のオーディエンス・アルバムがリリースされてきましたが、遂にアメリカン・レグからもミラードによる決定的なオーディエンス・アルバムが登場します。そのリリースに際しては、高かったピッチをアジャスト以外は一切のイコライズを必要としませんでした。さすがはミラード、今回も圧巻のクオリティ。1983年のシリアス・ムーンライト・ツアー、アメリカン・レグを代表する一枚がここに。


Disc 1 (54:31)
1. Intro
2. The Jean Genie Intro
3. Star
4. “Heroes”
5. What In The World
6. Golden Years
7. Fashion
8. Let’s Dance
9. Breaking Glass
10. Life On Mars
11. Sorrow
12. Cat People
13. China Girl
14. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
15. Rebel Rebel
16. White Light, White Heat

Disc 2 (58:26)
1. Station To Station
2. Cracked Actor
3. Ashes To Ashes
4. Space Oddity
5. Band Introductions
6. Young Americans
7. Fame
8. TVC-15
9. Stay
10. The Jean Genie
11. Modern Love



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