David Bowie / Furthest From My Mind 1972 / 1CD

David Bowie / Furthest From My Mind 1972 / 1CD / Helden

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Auditorium Cleveoland Public, OHIO USA November 25, 1972. Digitally Remastered


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It is 2013 that Lou Reed entered the ritual. Now Bowie and Lou Reed are not in this world. Whereas Bowie was equipped with a different field of drama nutrition, Lou Reed had a material of poetry. It can be said that the education of poetry has added shadow and intelligence to his pop music. It can be said that the view of the world which looks deeply at the human dark part has had a great influence on various fields including the bowie. Lou Reed’s and Bowie’s worlds had a high affinity, Lou Reed ‘s album “Transformers” worked as a co – produced work by Bowie and Mick Lonson, and had been deepening exchanges since ancient times. It will be natural flow that Lou Reid jumps into the Bowie stage and plays it together.

It was in June 1972 that Bowie released “Ziggy Stardust”, a masterpiece of his lifetime and his alter ego. The guitar sound I tried with “the man who sold the world” may be said to have flowered in this album. It is also a big presence of “guitarist” guitarist Mick Lonson. Encounter with Mick Lonson should have directed the Bowie to this direction strongly. Although this Ziggy Styduast has become a story through the album, in that concept also including a novel idea at the time, it is regarded as one of the most important albums in the history of rock. And the tour accompanying the album “Ziggy Stardust” had already begun in January 1972 prior to the release of the album.

At the beginning of the tour was done with a simple director wearing costumes like a grid pattern wearing an album jacket, but as the tour progressed, the direction changed gracefully and dark makeup was given Uni-sex like Bowie wrapped herself in a strange and glittering costume and began to invite each venue to another world. The set / list was rich in change as it was a tour spanning over two years, and its full appearance has not yet been elucidated, but even if it is left alone as a sound source, the Beatles’ “This Boy” and various covers And standard numbers were known to have been played. Velvet Underground’s “Waiting For The Man” is also a cover song favorite by Bowie at this stage.

This work is on November 25, 1972 Ohio includes Cleveland performances. On a schedule the performance is roughly located at the return point of the tour. The set list is a fixed form that starts with “your intention” and ends with “a rock and roll suicide”, but in rare places it includes “The Superman”, “Andy Warhol”, and “John I’m Only Dancing” Can be mentioned. And the above mentioned “Waiting For The Man” has been added to this day set list. This day is a special day is that Lou Reed himself jumps into this “Waiting For The Man” and joins the performance with Bowie. Photographs of the day are used on the back jacket, but the stage where Lou Reed plays guitar playing beside the bowie. The valuable co-star stage that influenced beyond every generation is not necessarily a mania but it will be heard.

November 25, 1972 Collection of Cleveland performance with high sound quality. It is a Cleveland performance that became a special day in the Ziggy Stardust Tour, which co-stars Velvet Underground’s cover song “Waiting For The Man” with Lou Reed. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board.



ツアー当初はアルバム・ジャケットで着用している格子柄のツナギのような衣装を着てシンプルな演出で行なわれていたが、ツアーが進むにつれ演出は華美に変貌していき、濃い化粧を施したユニ・セックスふうのボウイは、奇抜できらびやかな衣装に身を包み各会場を異世界に誘うようなものとなっていった。足掛け2年に渡るツアーであっただけに、セット・リストは変化に富み、いまだその全貌は解明されていないが、音源として残されているだけでも、ビートルズの「This Boy」を始め様々なカバーやスタンダード・ナンバーが演奏されていたことが知られている。ヴェルヴェット・アンダーグラウンドの「Waiting For The Man」も、この時期ステージでボウイが好んで採り上げたカバー曲である。

本作は1972年11月25日オハイオ州はクリーヴランド公演を収録している。日程的にはおおよそツアー折り返し地点に位置する公演である。セットリストは「君の意思のままに」から始まり「ロックンロールの自殺者」で終わる定型であるものの、珍しいところでは「The Superman」や「Andy Warhol」、そして「John I’m Only Dancing」などが挙げられる。そして先述の「Waiting For The Man」も、この日セットリストに加えられている。この日が特別な日であるのは、この「Waiting For The Man」にルー・リード本人が飛び入りしてボウイと一緒に演奏に加わっている点である。裏ジャケットに当日の写真が使われているが、ボウイの横でルー・リードがギターを弾いて共演しているステージなのである。あらゆる世代を超えて影響を与えた二人の貴重な共演ステージはマニアならずとも必聴であろう。

1972年11月25日クリーヴランド公演を高音質で収録。ヴェルヴェット・アンダーグラウンドのカバー曲「Waiting For The Man」をルー・リードと共演するという、ジギースターダスト・ツアーの中でも特別な日となったクリーヴランド公演である。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。

01. Hang On To Yourself
02. Ziggy Stardust
03. Changes
04. The Supermen
05. Life On Mars?
06. Five Years
07. Space Oddity
08. Andy Warhol
09. Drive In Saturday
10. The Width Of A Circle
11. John, I’m Only Dancing
12. Moonage Daydream
13. Waiting For The Man with Lou Reed
14. The Jean Genie
15. Suffragette City
16. Rock’n’Roll Suicide
Helden. DEN 092

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