David Bowie / Famous Fame Hanover Grand 1997 1st Night / 2CD+2Bonus Single CDR

David Bowie / Famous Fame Hanover Grand 1997 1st Night / 2CD+2Bonus Single CDR / Wardour
Translated Text:

Live at the Hanover Grand, London, UK 2nd June 1997 Plus Bonus 2CDR “LITTLE WONDERLAND: HANOVER GRAND 1997 2ND NIGHT”

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A superbly sealed room club gig album is appearing. It is contained in this work “London performance on June 2, 1997”. It is a pattern of secret · gig preceding “EARTHLING TOUR”. First of all, let’s imagine the position of the show from the outline of “EARTHLING TOUR”.

· May 17th: Dublin
· June 2: London 【this work】
· June 3: London ※ Bonus CDR
· June 5th: Hamburg
“Start of main tour”
· June 7 – August 14: Europe (46 performances)
· September 6 – October 23: North America (29 shows)
· October 31 – November 7: South America (5 shows)

This is the whole picture of “EARTHLING TOUR”. Although the main tour had 80 performances, before that warm up four times. This work corresponds to a show in my hometown London.
Such maximum taste is a closed-door feeling audience sound that you can feel bowie in front of you. The “Hanover Grand” which became the site is a small club which is a little small and whether it is 300 people or not. At that time, it was said that Bowie could be seen with such a small owl, it was said that it became a battle for a spectacular ticket between maniacs. The sound of this work is amazing in a closed room feeling and close contact feeling of such a small space. Although it is a recording which has been published in the past, this work is the ultimate board which made direct CD from the original DAT master. Actually, although the thickness of the musical sound is a line grade, if it calls “as if it is a soundboard” it will be rude to the sound source. Although details are detailed to details, surely the taste of audience recording is plenty inhaled and the feeling of “Bowie in front of you” is overwhelming. I think that if you have seen the live in the front row of the standing, I think that it will come with the pin, that feeling that “I will touch you if I extend my hand” · “I am right there.” Such a close feeling is blowing out as the original DAT sound as it is.
It is cheers that the feeling of the room is further enhanced. After all, the villain who won the competition fight from within Europe gathers, each “feeling” is different. It is already clear from the performance. I greet the bowie with a ferocious cheer, but everyone is chorusing greatly as we begin to sing “Quicksand” gently. This is truly amazing. Everyone in the club is singing. Merely the volume of chorus is not great, I can not hear any voice other than chorus and bowie. A small talking voice is sucked in only in the club, but despite that it is all round that no one talking anything other than a chorus. Moreover, the one voice of one voice clearly is cheerful and full of joy and excitement. The show continues with “V2 – Schneider” “Battle For Britain (The Letter)” and snow falls to “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)”, but this time also a violent big choir. The second half “Oh, oh, oh” The moving thing of Singa Long … …. It is goose skin thing without a multiplication price. It is dense air that blows out from this work condensed such hot air in a small space. Even the dusty odor peculiar to the club is such a sound that flows out from the speaker together.
If you write like this, you may be imagining a screaming scattered audience recording, but (never!) It is not the case. Rather reverse. Since the audience here is only serious fans, I am also curious about the “new bowie sound” which boldly incorporated the drum bass and the jungle. I want to witness early, I can not help it because I want to take a whole body …. It is such kind of enthusiasm. So, while the club is full of cheers between songs, when the bowie moves to the next song, it will suddenly convert to concentration as you sing. To tell the truth, in the new song, the conversation being played is breathed a little bit, but it also excites the excitement sharing a new sound in front of my eyes with my friend. It is an audience album of such a mood.
The sound world of “EARTHLING TOUR” which is unfolded in such air is also the best. In this tour, the show is largely composed of two parts, the set 1 (17 songs) is a regular style concert, but the set 2 (7 songs) arranged at the last stage featuring the drum base. Three songs of “V2 – Schneider”, “The Last Thing You Should Do” and “O Superman” are played in both sets on this day.

In the rabbits and corners, the realism of a closed room where we are present in clubs with bowie and core fans. There is a bowie just soon, and happiness to put yourself in the space where new sounds are spun out. It is a gem that pulled out the happiness from the highest peak sound Daimaru.
Everything in the club is direct and not superbly recorded, but this work is a sample of a great success that was ingeniously and clearly recorded. Please, please enjoy the secret meeting with the “1997 Bowie” this weekend.
極上の密室クラブギグ・アルバムが登場です。本作に収められているのは「1997年6月2日ロンドン公演」。“EARTHLING TOUR”に先立つシークレット・ギグの模様です。まずは、“EARTHLING TOUR”の概要からショウのポジションをイメージしてみましょう。

・6月2日:ロンドン 【本作】
・6月3日:ロンドン ※ボーナスCDR

これが“EARTHLING TOUR”の全体像。ツアー本編は80公演あったわけですが、その前にウォームアップが4回。本作は故郷ロンドンでのショウにあたります。
そんな本作最大の旨みは、ボウイを目の前に感じられる密室感オーディエンス・サウンド。現場となった“the Hanover Grand”はやたらと小さいクラブで、300人入るかどうかといった規模。当時は、そんな小さなハコでボウイを見られるとあって、マニア同士で壮烈なチケット争奪戦にもなったそうです。本作のサウンドは、そんな小さな空間の密室感・密着感がすごい。過去に公開されたことのある録音ではあるのですが、本作は大元のDATマスターからダイレクトにCD化した究極盤なのです。実際、楽音の図太さはライン級でありながら、「まるでサウンドボード」と呼んだら音源に失礼に当たる。ディテールまで詳細でありながらも確実に客席録音の旨みがたっぷりと吸い込まれており、“目の前にボウイ”感が圧倒的なのです。スタンディングの最前列でライヴをご覧になったことがあればピンと来ると思うのですが、“手を伸ばせば触れそう”・“すぐそこにいる”という、あの感覚。そんな密着感が大元DATサウンドそのままに吹き出すのです。
その密室感をさらに高めているのが歓声。なにしろ、ヨーロッパ中から争奪戦を勝ち抜いた猛者が集まり、1人ひとりの“想い”が違う。それはもう、開演から明らか。猛烈な喝采でボウイを迎えるのですが、「Quicksand」を穏やかに歌い始めるや全員が大合唱。これが本当に凄い。クラブに居合わせた全員が全員歌っているに違いない。単に唱和のボリュームが大きいのではなく、ボウイと合唱以外の声が聞こえない。クラブだけに小さな話声も吸い込まれてしまうわけですが、それにも関わらず合唱以外に誰も何も話していないのが丸わかりなのです。しかも、その1声1声が明らかに上気していて喜びと興奮に充ち満ちている。ショウは「V2-Schneider」「Battle For Britain (The Letter)」と続き、「Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)」へと雪崩れ込みますが、ここでも猛烈な大合唱。後半の「Oh, oh, oh」シンガロングの感動的なこと……。掛け値なしの鳥肌モノです。本作から吹き出すのは、そんな熱気を小さな空間に凝縮した濃密な空気。クラブ特有のホコリ臭さまでもが一緒にスピーカーから流れ出てくるようなサウンドなのです。
そんな空気の中で繰り広げられる“EARTHLING TOUR”の音世界がまた最高。このツアーではショウは大きく2部構成になっており、セット1(17曲分)は通常スタイルのコンサートですが、終盤に配されたセット2(7曲分)はドラムンベースをフィーチュア。この日はウォームアップと言うこともあってか、「V2-Schneider」「The Last Thing You Should Do」「O Superman」の3曲が両方のセットで演奏されています。


Disc 1 (73:33)
Set 1

1. Intro. 2. Quicksand 3. Member Introduction 4. V2-Schneider 5. Battle For Britain (The Letter)
6. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 7. I’m Afraid Of Americans 8. Seven Years In Tibet
9. Fashion 10. Outside 11. Little Wonder 12. Looking For Satellites
13. The Last Thing You Should Do 14. O Superman 15. Hallo Spaceboy

Disc 2 (74:51)
1. The Jean Genie 2. Queen Bitch 3. Fame 4. Stay

Set 2
5. Intro. 6. I’m Deranged 7. Pallas Athena 8. V2-Schneider 9. Dead Man Walking
10. O Superman 11. The Last Thing You Should Do 12. Is It Any Wonder?

David Bowie – vocals, guitar, saxophone Reeves Gabrels – guitar, backing vocals
Gail Ann Dorsey – bass guitar, vocals, keyboards
Zachary Alford – drums, percussion Mike Garson – keyboards, backing vocals



David Bowie / Little Wonder Hanover Grand 1997 2nd Night / 2Bonus Single CDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at the Hanover Grand, London, UK 3rd June 1997.

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I mentioned in the explanation of the main press 2CD, but the warm-up · gig of “EARTHLING TOUR” is four times. Among them, at the “Hanover Grand” in my hometown London it was a continuous performance for 2 days. This work is an audience album of the second day “June 3, 1997”.
This recording was announced at the same time as the main press 2CD. In fact, the feel is very similar, it is a clear recording that encloses hot energy filled in a narrow club in a breadpan. As well as this press press 2CD, I made a direct CD from Odome’s DAT master.
Although it closely resembles that, there are reasons why this work went to a bonus. That there is a sound and some cuts of “Looking For Satellites”. The feel of sounds are very similar, but the position was different, this one has a slight sense of distance. Of course, although it is a hard sound & thick sound, it did not reach until he could control the enthusiasm of the core fan who gathered on the scene, and it did not reach the feeling “near the bowie” as much as the main press 2CD. Also at the beginning “I’m Deranged” the peak of the sound broke slightly. Of course, it is never a kind of explosive, but it only briefs for a moment in the waveform peak. If it is normal, it is a level that is completely satisfactory, and although it will be a beautiful recording immediately, it is inferior because the main press press 2CD penetrates the full story with too glossy sound. Although I do not know whether it compliments something or not, the real feeling of cohabiting of this work can be said to be more than the main press press 2 CD. The expectations and enthusiasm of manians who gathered from all over Europe are hotter, the happiness feeling that is present in it is the catharsis which can not be experienced so much.
It differs more than such a sound, but actually it is the show itself. Of course, because the warm-up of the same tour is common, the basic concept is common, but it was understood on the second day that the concept contained “change” as well. To say what I mean, the two-part “Set 1” “Set 2” has been exchanged unexpectedly. In the main press 2CD, it was the flow of “normal set -> drum base – set”, but here it is reversed, becoming “Drum n Bass · set → normal set”.
This difference is overwhelming. The audience who was suddenly struck by a new Bowie sound will be drawn in while feeling confused. To be honest, it is going to be a hurdle high mood. Of course, for the Bowie who continued adventure through the career, it seemed that we were aware of that kind of atmosphere. I changed the song itself as well to follow it. The number is actually 6 songs. Although there are songs in recent years such as “The Motel” “Telling Lies”, classic groups still make audiences hot. A lot of delicious songs such as “The Man Who Sold The World” “White Light / White Heat” “Under Pressure” “All The Young Dudes” are plenty added. Even though each has been given a new arrangement, the audience will enjoy and sing a lot. That impression can surpass even the main press 2CD.

The main volume press 2CD of the first day when a new sound world gradually penetrates the whole body little by little. And this is the 2nd day that I can make a strong pre-punch. It is a luxury set that captures the bright and contrasting two days with real sound, while being the same warm gig. There were two exceptional club gigs of two husks who did not. Two of them that pulled out both from the original DAT sound with the highest quality. Together with “1997 Bowie” please.
本編プレス2CDの解説でも触れましたが、“EARTHLING TOUR”のウォームアップ・ギグは4回。そのうち、故郷ロンドンの“the Hanover Grand”では2日連続公演でした。本作は、その2日目「1997年6月3日」のオーディエンス・アルバムです。
そこまで酷似していながら、本作がボーナスに回ったのには、理由がある。それはサウンドと「Looking For Satellites」の一部カットがあること。サウンドの感触は酷似しているのですが、ポジションが違っていたのか、こちらの方がやや距離感がある。もちろん、骨太&肉厚なサウンドではあるのですが、現場に集ったコアファンの熱狂を制圧しきるまでは至らず、本編プレス2CDほどの「ボウイの間近」感に届かなかったのです。また、冒頭「I’m Deranged」でも音のピークがやや割れてしまった。もちろん、爆音の類では決してありませんが、波形ピークの一瞬だけビビる。普通であれば、まったく問題ないレベルですし、すぐに美録音になるものの、本編プレス2CDがあまりに艶やかなサウンドで全編を貫いているために分が悪いのです。なにやら褒めているのか違うのか分からなくなってしまいましたが、本作のリアルな同居感は本編プレス2CD以上とも言える。ヨーロッパ中から集ったマニアたちの期待感・熱狂は更に熱く、その中に居合わせる幸福感はそうそう味わえないカタルシスです。
この違いは絶大。いきなり新たなボウイ・サウンドを突きつけられた観客は戸惑い気味になりながら引き込まれていく……。正直なところ、かなりハードルの高いムードになるのです。もちろん、キャリアを通して冒険を続けてきたボウイにとって、そんな雰囲気も承知の上だったのでしょう。それをフォローするように演奏曲自体も変えてきました。その数は実に6曲。なかには「The Motel」「Telling Lies」といった近年曲もありますが、観客を熱くさせるのはやはりクラシック群。「The Man Who Sold The World」「White Light/White Heat」「Under Pressure」「All The Young Dudes」といった美味しい曲がたっぷり追加されているのです。それぞれに新たなアレンジも施されてはいますが、観客たちは大いに楽しみ、歌う。その感動は本編プレス2CDさえも凌駕しかねません。


Disc 1 (72:14)
Set 1
1. Intro. 2. I’m Deranged 3. Pallas Athena 4. V2-Schneider 5. Dead Man Walking
6. O Superman 7. The Last Thing You Should Do 8. Is It Any Wonder?

Set 2
9. Intro. 10. The Man Who Sold The World 11. Battle For Britain (The Letter)
12. White Light/White Heat 13. I’m Afraid Of Americans

Disc 2 (62:16)
1. Seven Years In Tibet 2. Fashion 3. The Motel 4. Looking For Satellites 5. Telling Lies
6. Under Pressure 7. Hallo Spaceboy 8. The Jean Genie 9. Queen Bitch 10. All The Young Dudes
11. Fame 12. Stay

David Bowie – vocals, guitar, saxophone Reeves Gabrels – guitar, backing vocals
Gail Ann Dorsey – bass guitar, vocals, keyboards
Zachary Alford – drums, percussion Mike Garson – keyboards, backing vocals

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