David Bowie / Detroit 1973 1st Night 8 Track Stereo Master / 1CD

David Bowie / Detroit 1973 1st Night 8 Track Stereo Master / 1CD / Wardour
Translated Text:
Live at Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI. USA 1st March 1973

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“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR” shining in lock history. From the tour where the legendary charisma swept the world, the honorable treasure that conveys the truth is another birth.
It is contained in this work “Detroit performance on March 1, 1973”. First of all, let’s imagine the position from the whole world tour.

· January – September 1972: UK # 1 (56 performances)
· September 1972 – December: North America # 1 (26 performances)
· December 1972 – January 1973: UK # 2 (8 shows)
· February – March 1973: North America # 2 (16 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· April 1973: Japan (9 shows)
· May 1973 – July: UK # 3 (59 performances)

Over, 182 performances. The Detroit performance of this work was a concert of 13 performances of “North America # 2” which was 16 performances, just before the legendary Japanese performance (4 times ago).
This work which contained such a show is a really wonderful audience recording. Its maximum appeal is on musical tones. It surely enthusiasm the air of the enthusiastic venue, but the imminent performance and singing voice is powerful anyway. Especially wonderful is the Bowie … …. No, Ziggy’s singing voice. There is almost no venue sound in the voice that jumps straight, and it is sharp like a laser beam. Overall, it is “audience recording with a sense of vintage”, but this vocal is detailed, stout and beautiful enough to kick off the line recording around that. In addition, Mick · Ronson’s chorus which is as clear is entwined there … …. There are a few name recordings that convey the real of THE SPIDERS FROM MARS, so far I can not think of a beautiful recording of singing voice to a moment.
Of course, although the vocal wonderfulness is dazzling, the band performance is not dirty. This is also fresh, not an ordinary audience sound. I mentioned earlier “Vintage feeling”, but it is only the master deterioration of the opening part that makes me feel it. I confess to you honestly, but as I start playing it is thick and clear sound, but it is slightly distorted. However, it is only the beginning part to the last. It starts to stabilize without waiting for the performance at “Hang On To Yourself”, and when it is reflected in “Ziggy Stardust”, the beautiful and glossy original sound expands at a stretch. Although it is said that the beginning and the end of 40 years are inscribed, after that there is plenty of freshness to the extent that I think that “maybe it has not been regenerated?”
There can not be no such famous recording ever known. To tell the truth, it is an 8 track recording that you know from the past, and has produced several epochs until now. However, this work is not a copy of them, but a master who pushed the doubt that “This is the best” carefully selected worldwide authority of Bowie research. I remastered it under the supervision of the researcher. Of course, I will never do a man who dirty the beautiful “ringing” of the original sound. We carefully removed the fine Petit Noise, corrected to flow seamlessly “Suffragette City” which was compensated for by missing another recording. To the last we cherished the master sound and finished it to the highest peak in existence.
The brightness of “ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR” revived with that sound … …. It is the content that follows the Japanese performance immediately after the outset, but it is to know the splendor simply by being close to that legend. This tour is always based on the official name board “LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72” (and its upgrade board “UK ADVANCE / PROMOTIONAL CD”), but while that is “North America # 1″, this work is ” North America # 2 “. At this point “ALADDIN SANE” has not yet been released but has already been completed, “Panic In Detroit” “Watch That Man” “Aladdin Sane” “Time” which can not be heard in this work even “LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72” You can taste famous songs such as.
Moreover, there is also “reality” overflowing in this work. THE SPIDERS FROM MARS which was the magic of the 70 ‘s rock itself, and plenty of air feeling which witnessed the charisma “Jiggy” of the ancient times are sucked in plenty. Overwhelming shocks that frighten Americans quiet as well while giving rise to different enthusiasm from Japan. The sense that “Ziggies are here” is bliss that is not comparable with “LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72”.

“UK ADVANCE / PROMOTIONAL CD”, Japan performance started, “ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR” which we have talked with many name recordings so far. A superb live album that can line up in that row, was born again one. The highest peak record of the history of Detroit performances you know who you know. Please, please become a living witness of history as well.
ロック史に輝く“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR”。伝説のカリスマが世界を席巻したツアーから、その真実を伝える極上の秘宝がまたひとつ誕生です。


そんなショウを収めた本作は、実に素晴らしいオーディエンス録音。その最大の魅力はオンな楽音です。確かに熱狂渦巻く会場の空気も吸い込んではいるのですが、間近に迫った演奏と歌声がとにかく強力。特に素晴らしいのはボウイの……いえ、ジギーの歌声。真っ直ぐ飛び込んでくる声にはほとんど会場音響がなく、レーザービームのように鋭い。全体的には「ヴィンテージ感のあるオーディエンス録音」には違いないのですが、ことヴォーカルはその辺のライン録音も蹴散らすほどに詳細で逞しく、そして美しい。さらに、そこへ同じくらいクリアなミック・ロンソンのコーラスが絡む……。THE SPIDERS FROM MARSのリアルを伝える名録音は数あれど、ここまで歌声の美しい録音はちょっと思いつきません。
もちろん、ヴォーカル素晴らしさが眩しいとは言っても、バンド演奏が汚いわけではありません。こちらも瑞々しく、並みのオーディエンス・サウンドではない。先ほど「ヴィンテージ感」と申しましたが、それを感じさせるのは冒頭部分のマスター劣化だけ。正直に告白しますが、再生を始めると太くクリアなサウンドなのは分かるものの、やや歪んでいます。しかし、それはあくまで冒頭部分だけ。「Hang On To Yourself」での開演を待たずに安定しはじめ、「Ziggy Stardust」に映る頃には美麗で艶やかな本来のサウンドが一気に広がる。冒頭部分にこそ40年の年月が刻まれているとは言え、それ以降は「もしかして再生されたことがない?」と思うほどの鮮度がたっぷりと残されているのです。
これほどの名録音が今まで知られなかったはずがない。実のところ、従来から知る人ぞ知る8トラック録音であり、今までもいくつかの既発を生んできました。しかし、本作はそれらのコピーではなく、ボウイ研究の世界的権威が厳選を重ねて「これがベスト」と太鼓判を押したマスター。それを研究家の監修の下にリマスタリングしました。もちろん、原音の麗しい“鳴り”を汚すマネは決してしておりません。微細に残っていたプチノイズを丁寧に取り除き、別録音で欠落を補填されていた「Suffragette City」をシームレスに流れるように修正。あくまでもマスター・サウンドを大切に、現存する最高峰に仕上げたのです。
そのサウンドで蘇った“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR”の輝き……。大筋で直後の日本公演に準じる内容なのですが、あの伝説に近いというだけで素晴らしさが分かろうというもの。このツアーは常にオフィシャル名盤『LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72』(と、そのアップグレード盤『UK ADVANCE/PROMOTIONAL CD』)が基準となるわけですが、あちらが「北米#1」なのに対し、本作は「北米#2」。この時点では『ALADDIN SANE』はまだ発売されていないもののすでに完成しており、本作でも『LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72』では聴けない「Panic In Detroit」「Watch That Man」「Aladdin Sane」「Time」といった名曲群が味わえるのです。
その上で、本作には溢れ出す“現実感”までもがある。70年代ロックのマジックそのものであったTHE SPIDERS FROM MARS、そして希代のカリスマ“ジギー”を目の当たりにした空気感がたっぷりと吸い込まれている。日本とは異なる熱狂を湧かせつつ、騒ぎ好きのアメリカ人も黙らせる圧倒的な衝撃。“ジギーがここにいる”感覚は、『LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72』とは比較にならない至福なのです。

『UK ADVANCE/PROMOTIONAL CD』や日本公演を始め、これまでも幾多の名録音でお伝えしてきた“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR”。その列に並びうる極上のライヴアルバムが、また1本誕生しました。知る人知るデトロイト公演の史上最高峰盤。どうぞ、あなたも歴史の生き証人になってください。

1. Ode To Joy 2. Hang On To Yourself 3. Ziggy Stardust 4. Changes 5. Moonage Daydream
6. Panic In Detroit 7. Five Years 8. Watch That Man 9. Aladdin Sane 10. The Width Of A Circle
11. Space Oddity 12. Time 13. Suffragette City 14. Jean Genie incl. Love Me Do
15. Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide


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