David Bowie / The Dawn Of The Duke / 2CD+1DVD

David Bowie / The Dawn Of The Duke / 2CD + 1DVD / SpeakEzy
Translated Text:
Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA, USA 3rd February 1976 & Extra DVD: pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, BC, Canada 2nd February 1976. Pro-Shot/NTSC


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★ 2 Disc was coupling the most initial material than the 76-year tour Press CD + press DVD title appeared!
★ As a bonus disc, pro-shot video of the classic tour rehearsal is limited included in the press DVD!

Disc 2 was coupled highest initial material than the 76-year tour Press CD + press DVD title appeared!
Disc1-2 th to the songs recording in freshness preeminent of ultra-high-quality audience while recording monaural Seattle performances February 3, 1976!
In addition extra DVD as a 76-year staple of tour rehearsal and is is Canada van of through rehearsal in Koo Vernon professional shot the video for about 89 minutes included!
It is the first main of 1-2 th Seattle performances, but the present sound source is remastered recorded direct digital sound source from up the master reel by the familiar “JEMS” that up a variety of high-quality material on the Internet. But is a sound source in the past to have also been released several times, it can be said Upon this time of the CD of the removal of the noise that has been scattered to further several places subjected to pitch corrected in the latest remastered pinpoint, just a decision board of Seattle performances it becomes finish. Although it is in mono audience recording, truly there is only cause master reel freshness is outstanding, performance also felt very close range, the simultaneous release “NEO-EXPRESSIONISM: MASTER KUT” no less in (SPE-015) , here also there is no difference to being a sound source to be representative of the 76-year Live BOWIE. Let’s say that maxim that just say “good quality than poor line sources Aud” is a sound source that applies a pat.
The third piece of the DVD is a real bonus disc treatment. Tour has been the first day, February 2 through rehearsal in Canada – Vancouver (in this day is going actually live, seemingly there is a rehearsal through on the day live, but I think together, the authenticity of the neighborhood are honest unknown). Much tampered with without the material is that has been in recent years up on the net this time, we have DVD press into almost direct. It outlines blur, such as whole in bleeding and the ghost has been seen here and there, but it is pro-shot pictures of the well worth seeing. If you look only onset, but impatience and suddenly the screen is black, appears to be edited was originally shot with multiple cameras, moderately camera also switches, a close-up shot of BOWIE many, do not get tired of watching . With a menu screen.


まずメインの1-2枚目のシアトル公演ですが、本音源はネット上に様々な良質マテリアルをアップするお馴染み「JEMS」によりアップされたマスターリールからのダイレクト・デジタル音源をリマスター収録。過去にも何度かリリースされている音源ですが、今回のCD化にあたり最新のリマスターでピッチ修正を施しさらに数カ所に散見されたノイズをピンポイントで除去した、まさにシアトル公演の決定盤と言える仕上がりになっております。モノラル・オーディエンス録音ではありますが、さすがにマスターリール起こしだけあり鮮度は抜群で、演奏も極めて至近距離に感じられ、同時リリースの『NEO-EXPRESSIONISM: MASTER KUT』(SPE-015)に負けず劣らず、こちらもBOWIEの76年ライブを代表する音源であることに違いはありません。まさに「下手なライン音源より良質なAud」と言う格言がバッチリと当てはまる音源であると言えましょう。
3枚目のDVDは実質ボーナスディスク扱いです。ツアーの初日・2月2日カナダ・ヴァンクーヴァーでの通しリハとされています(この日は実際にライブを行っていて、ライブ当日に通しリハがあるものなのか、とも思いますが、その辺りの真偽は正直不明です)。今回は近年ネット上にアップされたマテリアルをあまりいじらず、ほぼダイレクトにDVDプレス化しました。全体に滲みとゴーストのような輪郭のブレが散見されますが、十分に見応えのあるプロショット映像です。出だしだけ見ると、いきなり画面は真っ黒で焦りますが、元々複数のカメラで撮影されたものが編集されているようで、適度にカメラも切り替わり、BOWIEのアップショットも多く、見ていて飽きません。メニュー画面付き。Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA. USA 3rd February 1976

CD Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Station To Station
3. Suffragette City
4. Waiting For The Man
5. Word On A Wing
6. Stay
7. TVC 15

CD Disc 2
1. Sister Midnight
2. Life On Mars?
3. Five Years
4. Panic In Detroit
5. Fame
6. Changes
7. The Jean Genie
8. Queen Bitch
9. Rebel Rebel

Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, BC. Canada
2nd February 1976 (Tour Rehearsal)

DVD DISC (Extra Disc)
01. Station To Station
02. Suffragette City
03. Waiting For The Man
04. Word On A Wing
05. Stay
06. TVC 15
07. Sister Midnight
08. Life On Mars?
09. Five Years
10. Panic In Detroit
11. Fame
12. Changes
13. The Jean Genie
14. Queen Bitch
15. Rebel Rebel

4:3 Dolby Digital

SpeakEzy. SPE-014

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