David Bowie / Cleveland 1976 2nd Night / 2CD+1Bonus Single DVDR

David Bowie / Cleveland 1976 2nd Night / 2CD+1Bonus Single DVDR / Wardour
Translated Text:

Live at Public Auditorium, Cleveland, OH. USA 28th February 1976 Plus Bonus DVDR “STATION TO STATION: MONTREAL 1976”


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ISOLAR – 1976 TOUR “which opened up a new era with masterpiece” STATION TO STATION “. A superb live album that represents the era that fascinated the world as a new character “The Thin White Duke” appears.
This work includes “Cleveland Performance on February 28, 1976”. To say “ISOLAR – 1976 TOUR”, we also delivered the highest peak board of the finest sound board “ROTTERDAM 1976 (Wardour – 186)”, which was the final stage of the tour, It corresponds to. First of all, let’s imagine from the whole tour as usual.

· February 2 – March 26: North America (40 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
“About two weeks later”
· April 7th – 17th: Europe # 1 (8 shows)
“After a week”
· April 24 – May 18: Europe # 2 (16 performances) “ROTTERDAM 1976”

Over all, it was 64 concerts only in North America and Europe. “ROTTERDAM 1976” is the 4th performance from the end, but the Cleveland performance of this work is a concert that corresponds to 19 performances. The record of this show has been known for a long time and has produced masterpieces such as “NEO EXPRESSIONISM”. This work is also the same recording, but of course it is not a copy of a previous episode. In our shop, we have unearthed many of the best masters under the supervision of the global authority of Bowie research at all times. Until now I’ve been sent to the soundboard entity, but this time we have offered the master quality version of the audience.
Actually, this master is amazing. Although it comes with origami only for the name recording which is representative of the tour for many years, this work clears frantically over the circle. Although it is a type that should be called the so-called “just like a sound board”, it is so strong that he can call it so lightly. Detail also arrives straight and clearly, thick and thick musical sound just like a sound board. Besides, the reality which lives in its clearness is completely different from the inexpensive line recording. Of course not only the singing voice of Bowie, each one of the instruments one sound one sound is brilliant, vivid so that it is likely to follow its outline with your fingertips. Carlos Aromer riding on Dennis Davis & George Murray draws pulsating dynamism and Stacey Haydn’s leads can feel the squeaking condition. That sense of being “in front of you” is exactly the master quality. Was it such a master existed ……… or say, it is hard to believe that this is truly an audience recording in the 70’s. As expected, a researcher known to the world. That choice eye and insight are different levels.
Although it was such a best master, it was not the ultimate. Although it can be said to the former preexisting group, the pitch was somewhat mad, and the sound pressure also had variations in the sound pressure. So this work has been completely refined with latest and meticulous mastering as the last push. Of course, I do not imitate an uncanny like changing the shining beautiful sound. Adjust the pitch and sound pressure to normal, adjust the bass that was partially overheated. Each one of them is very trivial, but it is fine-tuned finely and finely throughout the whole story. It was carefully and thoroughly finished.
The historical name recording which became ultimate quality in this way is exactly the truth of “ISOLAR – 1976 TOUR”. Above all, you will be able to taste the full show with a 100% site sound. Of course, although the soundboard board “ROTTERDAM 1976” was also the “longest version” which greatly exceeded the previous episode, still “Queen Bitch” which was not recorded was not recorded. On the contrary, this work is a complete recording without question.
Besides, this work is more than just a full set. The deluxe edition of the official “STATION TO STATION” also included a live album of Nassau Coliseum, but then we recorded a pre-show “Un Chien Andalou” that I can not listen over for 14 minutes, and the BGM for the concert also (Although it is slightly) I can listen. Furthermore, the biggest impact is the redoing of “TVC 15” over three times. At the beginning, the performance begins after “Queen Bitch”, but the Bowie interrupted immediately. Switch to “Life On Mars?” Continuously connect with “Five Years” with a medley and start “TVC 15” again. Again Naze or Bowie stopped playing and changed to “Panic in Detroit”. After all, it will finally play full at the end of the main part. Bowie’s freaky, band misunderstood …. Although the cause is only refreshing with this work alone, the reason will be visible if you unravel history. “TVC 15” was a middle stage in the concert before this day, but it is fixed at the end in this morning. I was looking for a position convinced by Bowie …. It is also a precious record that captured the momentum of such change.

In 1976, the Bowie who cried “The Thin White Duke” and was seeking a new world view. It is the best version of the best master, making it the best recording. A live album that will let you fully experience the “ISOLAR – 1976 TOUR” in 100% of your life. Please, enjoy plenty.
名作『STATION TO STATION』と共に新時代を拓いた“ISOLAR – 1976 TOUR”。 新たなキャラクター“The Thin White Duke”として世界を魅了した時代を代表する極上ライヴアルバムが登場です。
本作に収められているのは「1976年2月28日クリーヴランド公演」。“ISOLAR – 1976 TOUR”というと、これまで極上サウンドボードの最高峰盤『ROTTERDAM 1976(Wardour-186)』もお届けしましたが、そちらはツアー最終盤だったのに対し、本作はツアー序盤にあたります。まずは、いつものようにツアーの全容からイメージしてみましょう。

・4月24日-5月18日:欧州#2(16公演)『ROTTERDAM 1976』

以上、北米と欧州だけの全64公演でした。『ROTTERDAM 1976』は最後から4公演目ですが、本作のクリーヴランド公演は19公演目にあたるコンサートです。このショウの記録は古くから知られており、『NEO EXPRESSIONISM』等の名作を生んできました。本作もまた同じ録音なのですが、もちろん既発のコピーなどではありません。当店では、常々ボウイ研究の世界的権威の監修の下、ベスト・マスターの数々を発掘して参りました。これまではサウンドボード主体にお送りしてきましたが、今回はオーディエンスのマスタークオリティ・バージョンをご提供いただいたのです。
こうして究極クオリティになった歴史的名録音は、まさに“ISOLAR – 1976 TOUR”の真実。何よりも素晴らしいのは、フルショウを本生100%の現場サウンドで味わえることでしょう。もちろん、サウンドボード盤『ROTTERDAM 1976』も既発を大幅に超える“最長版”ではありましたが、それでも録音されていなかった「Queen Bitch」は未収録。それに対して本作は問答無用の完全収録なのです。
しかも、本作は単なるフルセット以上。公式『STATION TO STATION』のデラックス・エディションにはナッソーコロシアムのライヴアルバムも収録されていましたが、それでは聴けないプレショーの「Un Chien Andalou」も14分に渡って収録しており、終演のBGMも(わずかですが)聴ける。さらに最大インパクトなのが、3回に渡る「TVC15」のやり直しです。最初は「Queen Bitch」の後で演奏が始まりますが、すぐさまボウイが中断。「Life On Mars?」に切り替えるのです。そのまま「Five Years」にメドレーで繋げ、再び「TVC15」を開始。ここでもナゼかボウイが演奏を止め、「Panic in Detroit」にチェンジ。結局、本編終盤になってようやくフル演奏するのです。ボウイの気紛れか、バンドの勘違いか……。本作だけでは原因はサッパリなのですが、歴史を紐解くと理由も見えてくる。この日よりも前のコンサートでは「TVC15」が中盤だったのですが、この日を境に終盤に固定する。ボウイが納得するポジションを探していたのではないか……そんな変化の刹那を捉えた貴重な記録でもあるのです。

“The Thin White Duke”を名乗り、新たな世界観を模索していた1976年のボウイ。その最高峰録音にして、ベストマスターのベストバージョンです。“ISOLAR – 1976 TOUR”の全貌を本生100%で極上体験させてくれるライヴアルバム。どうぞ、たっぷりとお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (57:31)
1. Un Chien Andalou (Introduction) 2. Station To Station 3. Suffragette City
4. Fame 5. Word On A Wing 6. Stay 7. I’m Waiting For The Man 8. Queen Bitch

Disc 2 (48:04)
1. TVC15 (false start #1) 2. Life On Mars? 3. Five Years 4. TVC15 (false start #2)
5. Panic in Detroit 6. Band Introductions 7. Changes 8. TVC15 9. Diamond Dogs
10. Rebel Rebel 11. The Jean Genie

David Bowie – Vocals, Saxophone Carlos Alomar – Rhythm Guitar
Stacy Heydon – Lead Guitar George Murray – Bass Dennis Davis – Drums
Tony Kaye – Keyboards


David Bowie / Station To Station Montreal 1976 / 1Bonus Single DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Montreal Forum, Montreal, QC. Canada 25th February 1976

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Legend recording “CLEVELAND 1976 2ND NIGHT” telling the full show of “ISOLAR – 1976 TOUR” on site sound. To that bonus, we will present a video work “STATION TO STATION: MONTREAL 1976”, which was produced recently by Coremania.
This picture is exactly “art work”. In summary, the image of “Montreal Performance on February 25, 1976” covered the official sound board “Union Doll Performance on 23rd March 1976”. “Station To Station” It is a 15 minute video of only one song. However, its finish is abnormal.
First of all, the picture of the essential point. This is an 8 mm film taken at Montreal’s show, which was released as a memorial after the death of Bowie. The first publicly released was a silent video of about one minute, but its visual beauty shook the mania all over the world terribly. One of the impressed maniacs contacted the owner of the film and got all the pictures except for the released one minute. The image seemed to have been silently shredded in less than 10 seconds, but it was taken to every place in the venue during the show, and it was shot to 50 cuts in all. Far from the right and left side of the stage, the stage whole view, the band shot, the second floor seat, even before the performance is gradually being buried … …. I do not know if I actually shot it alone, but I was staring at the bowie from every perspective of the venue while shredding.
Mani who got that film not only have one cut cut beauty but also amazed at its enormous angle. However, although it is precious and wonderful, it is a silent film of several seconds each. So, I thought of changing the video clip specification with music as well. For voice, it is constructed using various “cuts” using Nassau Coliseum’s “Station To Station” which was included in the official “STATION TO STATION” deluxe edition. Sometimes crossfades, sometimes superimposing, effect processing are also added and a single clip is completed … that is the book.
That completeness can only be called “art work”. Only images shredded from the whole show actually contain a lot of scenes that are not “Station To Station”, but editing according to the beat / songs can not even notice it. The expression of Bowie emerges in the performance, the audience seats appear, and synchronizes with the finest official sound board and draws “Station To Station …”. For the scenes and cheers before the performance which are not in the official board, “Un Chien Andalou” of the same Cleveland performance as the main press press 2CD is also used, it is art which created exactly every possible hand.

Nobody knew that it existed, valuable 8 mm film precious. A core maniac who accurately understood its value and devoted passion not to exhaust. It is a work of art that was born by two people burned in bowie. One piece I can meet The Thin White Duke who stood on the “far side” of the press 2CD which is the best record of the legendary name recording. This is a set of live albums and visual works that could be born only because there were maniacs, because they are a bowie who does not keep their heartfelt heart. Please, please taste it together.
“ISOLAR – 1976 TOUR”のフルショウを現場サウンドで伝える伝説録音『CLEVELAND 1976 2ND NIGHT』。そのボーナスには、最近になって登場したコアマニア制作の映像作品『STATION TO STATION: MONTREAL 1976』をお贈りします。
この映像は、まさに“芸術作品”。概要的には「1976年2月25日モントリオール公演」の映像に「1976年3月23日ユニオンデール公演」のオフィシャル・サウンドボードを被せたもの。「Station To Station」1曲だけの15分映像です。しかし、その仕上がりが異常なのです。
そのフィルムを入手したマニアは1カット1カットの美しさだけでなく、その膨大なアングルにも驚愕。しかし、いかに貴重で素晴らしいとは言っても、数秒ずつの無声フィルム。そこで、音楽も付けたビデオ・クリップ仕様に作り替えることを思いついた。音声にはオフィシャル『STATION TO STATION』のデラックス・エディションに収められていたナッソーコロシアムの「Station To Station」を使用し、さまざまなカットを駆使して構築。ときにクロスフェード、ときにスーパーインポーズ、エフェクト処理も加えて1本のクリップが完成した……それが本作なのです。
その完成度は“芸術作品”としか言えない。ショウ全体から細切れされた映像だけに、実際には「Station To Station」ではないシーンも多数含まれていますが、ビート・曲想に合わせた編集はそれさえも気づかせない。演奏の中にボウイの表情が浮かび、客席が映り、極上の公式サウンドボードとシンクロして「Station To Station」を描いていく……。オフィシャル盤にはない開演前のシーンや歓声には、本編プレス2CDと同じクリーヴランド公演の「Un Chien Andalou」も使用されており、まさにありとあらゆる手を尽くして創り上げた芸術なのです。

現存するとは誰も知らなかった、貴重極まる8ミリフィルム。その価値を正確に理解し、尽きない情熱を注いだコアなマニア。ボウイに胸を焦がされた2人が出会ったことで生まれた芸術品です。伝説の名録音の最高盤たるプレス2CDの“向こう側”に立っていたThe Thin White Dukeに逢える1枚。マニア達がいたからこそ、そのマニア達の心を離さないボウイだからこそ生まれ得たライヴアルバムと映像作品のセット。どうぞ、併せて味わい尽くしてください。

1. Pre-Show 2. Station To Station

* Live audio recording from Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY. USA 23rd March 1976

COLOUR NTSC Approx.15min.