David Bowie / Cleveland 1972 1st Night / 1CD

David Bowie / Cleveland 1972 1st Night / 1CD / Wardour
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Live at Public Hall, Cleveland, OH. USA 25th November 1972

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“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR” shining brightly in the history of rock. Anyone who loves rock is a legendary tour that anyone wanted to attend on the scene. It is an emergence of a superb audience album that will fulfill that dream.
The work included in this work is “Cleveland Performance November 25, 1972”. Recording was known for a long time, it is a concert that has created a staple such as “VA VA VA VOOM” “ZIGGY’S IVASION OF AMERICA”. This work is neither copy nor remaster of such preexisting group, it is an upgrade master that appeared recently. Let’s start with the overview of “ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR” before the sounds you care about.

· January 29 – 1972 – September 7: UK # 1 (56 performances)
· September 22 – 1972 – December 2: North America # 1 (26 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· December 23, 1972 – January 9, 1973: UK # 2 (8 shows)
· February 14 – 1973 – March 12: North America # 2 (16 performances)
· April 8th – 20th 1973: Japan (9 performances)
· 12th May 1973 – 3rd July: UK # 3 (59 performances)

Over, 182 performances. It was a large-scale world tour that the Bowie first performed for the first time, although he had been doing several performances in France, Italy, and the United States until now, mostly in British domestic activities. This work is one of the first half “North America # 1” among them.
When saying the vertex recording of this “ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR”, although the “TOKYO 1973 2ND NIGHT (Wardour-170)” of the performance in Japan has received the honor of “World Best”, this work is comparable to that masterpiece To do … No, it is a super masterpiece that can surpass. As mentioned earlier, although it is a recording that is already classic as well, the freshness of this upgrade master is amazing. At the beginning there is also tape degradation and cutting for a few seconds, but that musical tone is as thick as a sound board, direct. Actually, even a pre-existing one is a name recording that was circulating as a sound board in part, but because it is up to the point where it is not comparable freshness. The great cheers getting caught between songs stop like a mixed radio broadcast, and stops while playing. Right now it is exactly that the “Bowie who is creating history” is so intense and beautifully recorded ….
The truth of the historical “ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR” drawn with such sound. This is already overwhelming. The ensemble of THE SPIDERS FROM MARS led by the generals Mick Ronson is the magic of the 70’s rock, and the singing voice of the bowie riding there is the charisma “jiggy” itself. It is not mere character acting, but a true singing voice that can only be thought of by someone possessing … …. It can be bathed in 100% of the real sense of “feeling” eyes. Of course, there is an official name board “LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72” (and its upgrade board “UK ADVANCE / PROMOTIONAL CD”) on this tour, but this “feeling in the eyes” feeling and reality are compared It will not. A dreamlike live existed in reality …. Even such an ordinary thing is one that feels with skin sensation.
In addition, “ALADDIN SANE” “Drive-In Saturday” which I did not even listen on the Official name board is also played in the acoustic version. At that time, her masterpiece was under construction and its release came in 1973. Although it is not premiere on this day, it will be the extremely early performance I just tried with a few performances by Hong. In the performance himself, my mind dances, but in the MC before the song I laughed and talks saying “All new songs I just made, everyone in Bootlegger, please.” What a smile awfully “a smell of the scene” is blowing out from the speaker.

Rock and rock charisma “Ziggy Stardust”. In 1972 when he swept the world and was showing off his new song just written. It is a live album that stays on the scene and can be seen. Including “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide” which was supplemented with other performances at “Drive-In Saturday” and “TOKYO 1973 2ND NIGHT” which were not included in “LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72”, the full show is confined as a superb sound One of miracles. This is already a cultural heritage. To all those who love rock, Bowie. We will deliver this historic excavation.
ロック史に燦然と輝く“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR”。ロックを愛する者なら誰もが現場で立ち会いたかった伝説のツアーです。その夢を叶えてくれる極上のオーディエンス・アルバムがまさかの登場です。
本作に収められているのは「1972年11月25日クリーヴランド公演」。古くから録音が知られ、『VA VA VA VOOM』『ZIGGY’S IVASION OF AMERICA』等といった定番を生み出してきたコンサートです。本作は、そんな既発群のコピーでもリマスターでもなく、最近になって登場したアップグレード・マスターなのです。気になるサウンドの前に、“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR”の概要から始めましょう。


この“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR”の頂点録音というと、来日公演の『TOKYO 1973 2ND NIGHT(Wardour-170)』が“ワールド・ベスト”の誉れを頂いておりますが、本作はあの名盤に匹敵する……いえ、凌駕しかねない超傑作なのです。先述の通り、既発も定番となっている録音なわけですが、今回のアップグレード・マスターの鮮度は驚異的。冒頭に数秒のテープ劣化とカットもあるのですが、その楽音はまるでサウンドボードのように太く、ダイレクト。実際、既発でさえ、一部でサウンドボードとして出回っていた名録音なのですが、それが比較にならないほど鮮度アップしているのですから。曲間になって沸き立つ大歓声もまるでミックスされたラジオ放送のように、演奏中はピタッと止まる。今まさに“歴史を創り上げているボウイ”がこれほど強烈に、そして美しく録音されていようとは……。
そんなサウンドで描かれる歴史的な“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR”の真実。これがもう、圧倒的です。名将ミック・ロンソン率いるTHE SPIDERS FROM MARSのアンサンブルは70年代ロックのマジックそのものであり、そこに乗るボウイの歌声はカリスマ“ジギー”そのもの。単なるキャラクター演技ではなく、何者かが憑依しているとしか思えない迫真の歌声……。それを“目の前”感覚の本生100%サウンドで浴びる事ができるのです。もちろん、このツアーにはオフィシャル名盤『LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72』(と、そのアップグレード盤『UK ADVANCE/PROMOTIONAL CD』)があるわけですが、この“目の前”感と現実感は、比較にならない。夢のようなライヴが現実に存在していたんだ……そんな当たり前のことさえ、肌感覚で感じる1枚なのです。
さらにオフィシャル名盤でも聴かなかった『ALADDIN SANE』の「Drive-In Saturday」もアコースティック・バージョンで演奏される。当時、かの名作は制作中で、発売は1973年になってから。この日は初演でこそないものの、ホンの数公演で試したばかりの極初期パフォーマンスにあたります。その演奏自体に胸が躍りますが、さらに曲前のMCでは「できたばかりの新曲なんだ。ブートレッガーのみんな、よろしく」と笑って語る。なんとも微笑ましくも凄まじい“現場の匂い”がスピーカーから吹き出してくるのです。

希代のロック・カリスマ“ジギー・スターダスト”。彼が世界を席巻し、書いたばかりの新曲を披露していた1972年。その現場にたたずみ、見つめることのできるライヴアルバムです。『LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72』にはなかった「Drive-In Saturday」、『TOKYO 1973 2ND NIGHT』では他公演で補完していた「Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide」も含め、フルショウを極上サウンドで封じ込めた奇跡の1本。これはもう、文化遺産です。ボウイを、ロックを愛するすべての方へ。この歴史的な大発掘をお届けいたします。

1. Ode To Joy 2. Hang on to Yourself 3. Ziggy Stardust 4. Changes 5. The Supermen
6. Life On Mars? 7. Five Years 8. Space Oddity 9. Andy Warhol 10. Drive-In Saturday
11. The Width Of A Circle 12. John, I’m Only Dancing 13. Moonage Daydream
14. Member Introduction 15. I’m Waiting For The Man 16. The Jean Genie 17. Suffragette City
18. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide

David Bowie – vocals, guitar, harmonica Mick Ronson – guitar, vocals
Trevor Bolder – bass Mick Woodmansey – drums Mike Garson – keyboards


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