David Bowie / Changes Now Bowie / 1CD

David Bowie / Changes Now Bowie / 1CD / Wardour

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Studio Instrument Rentals, New York, NY. USA 3rd-4th January 1997 Broadcast: BBC Radio One 8th January 1997

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Too much special ultra-superb radio album is on permanent storage press CD. It is contained in this work is radio special number “ChangesNowBowie” of BBC broadcasted on “January 8, 1997”. Bowie It is a special program to celebrate your 50th birthday.
The composition of the program is a special studio session & interview. With Mary Ann Hobbes as a personality, Bowie’s music companion provides birthday messages and questions (prerecorded) and Bowie responds to it. Between those responses, the program’s own live session is also swept away.

【Excellent BBC session which is also a legend】
In our shop, this hand music program is usually a bonus or gift. However, this work is “special”. The content of the show itself is wonderful than anything, but the sound that conveys it is brilliant. It’s a good sound, as it is a radio program in the 90’s. Actually, this program also has a pre-departure such as “ULTIMATE BBC SESSIONS” “DIVINE SYMMETRY”. However, this work is completely different from them. It is a master that is much more clear and more vivid than the already-fledgers, as a researcher who is always acquiring the bowie title of our shop independently.
Special sessions drawn with that sound are exceptional. Speaking of “50 years old of Bowie”, 50th anniversary commemorative concert which is familiar also in pro shot “50 TH BIRTHDAY BASH” is famous, but this session was recorded during the rehearsal. While strumming the acoustic guitar, I sing plenty of thought. As a matter of fact, there are songs that are not complete unplugged, but overseas enthusiasts are a masterpiece that is becoming a “legend” in the middle. Moreover, the selection of the song is also wonderful. TIN MACHINE’s “Shopping For Girls” will also be shown, but all nine other songs are all in the 70’s. Especially, I can hear plenty of great songs from “Man who sold the world” to “Ziggy Stardust”.
Besides, this work also includes outtakes “I Can not Read” and “Repetition [Alternate Take]” that were not flushed in this broadcast. In addition, 2 songs “Dead Man Walking” and “Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)” bonus are recorded from the session of the TV program “The Jack Docherty Show” after ten days.

【Interview with deep talk depressed】
Although such a studio session is an eye opener, interviews that are sandwiched between moments are also wonderful. Too wonderful. As mentioned above, Bowie’s musicians are commenting and asking questions, but their lineup is luxurious. Enumerating … … Brett Anderson (SUEDE), ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN, MIK · HACKNEL (SIMPLY RED), Neil Tennant (THE CURE) who also co-starred on the 50th anniversary live, (PET SHOP BOYS), Demon Albarn (BLUR), Sean Rider (HAPPY MONDAYS), Brian MORCO (PLACEBO). Celebrities celebrating the 50th birthday of Bowie celebrities whose names remain in old and new British rock history.
Its contents are also great. Robert Smith’s playful birthday songs are funny, but the questions asked from friends are also deep. It is quite different from the inner ring story that tends to be common, and interesting stories of the fan’s eyes are plenty. I picked up some … …

– Why did you call him “Bowie”?
“Bowie knife (a kind of a large knife, hero of the West Pioneering era, named for what James Bowie had favorite), I liked that both sides are sharp edges. Well, the name is Tekito It was. ”

– What songs do you think you wanted to write yourself?
“Shipbuilding” I think it’s one of the most beautiful songs, I can only cry with the intro, especially the Robert Wyatt version is the most tragic and beautiful. ”

– Why did you drink alcohol?
“Every day I wake up” I thought, “It’s the lowest in my life”

– How was it with Andy Warhol?
“He did not think so well, but he seemed to like my shoes, with shoes that I got from Mark Boran, a semi-wedge heel in canary and yellow, because he It was designed shoes! ”

– What’s your favorite costume?
“I do not think that I’m just a” clothing. “I always connect costumes and characters, and when I look at old photos I remember the entire character from time to time. For me, costumes are life experience experience (Laugh) Costume is not just a “clothing clothing.” It is a badge that shows you who you are, it is a symbol. ”

About Bono
“Bono has sent me two great biographies of Samuel Beckett (a playwright born in Ireland), one of them” He has the same hairstyle as you and I surely have stiletto heel shoes ” I wrote it, but Beckett is a completely different hairstyle from me …. ”

– You became the first “neutral icon”, did not you?
“I wanted to be a provocative entity, so I made an intersection of conflicting things (men and women), then at the moment there were two on my head, one was” attracting people’s attention The other thing is “to live in a closed world is totally incomprehensible.” (Omission) I still think that the most important thing in my life is “who am I, Or something, I will never hide it. “If you clear it first, you can enjoy yourself for that much longer.”

– Why do not you write a musical?
“In my head I’ve written 100 musicals, but I always come to my mind when I actually do it, it’s really terrible, I have never been written to the end, eventually it will be” Broadway ” It’s really disappointing to write a musical without falling into a solid Broadway, perhaps that’s my last ambition. ”

… etc … etc. This is part of the Hong. There are other interesting stories such as memories of Brian Eno and drug dependence of the 1970s.
In such circumstances, Scott Walker is the best. It is a singer / songwriter of the United States in the 1960s, but Bowie who heard a message from him took a big breath. “Wow …. (How much, it is wonderful … I can see God in that window, he was my idol.” Behind the story behind, I hear a sound as a lonesome sound. Perhaps the Bowie was wiping his tears. Even from the voice, deep and deep emotions are transmitted to us that are listening.
A wonderful studio session and a deep interview, and Bowie who is blessed by friends and makes me chest. Everything is just a “legendary show”. Radio album drawing with the highest peak sound ever found by researchers themselves. “Legend” to “highest peak” as a piece. Please, please spend this weekend with your real bowie in this work.
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当店では、この手の音楽番組はボーナスやギフトになるのが通例。しかし、本作は“特別”なのです。何よりも番組の内容自体が素晴らしいのですが、それを伝えるサウンドも見事。90年代のラジオ番組ですから音が良くて当たり前。実際、この番組は『ULTIMATE BBC SESSIONS』『DIVINE SYMMETRY』等々の既発もあります。しかし、本作はそれらとはまったく違うもの。いつも当店のボウイ・タイトルを監修してくださる研究家が独自入手したもので、既発群よりもはるかにクリアで生々しいマスターのです。
そのサウンドで描かれる特別セッションが格別。“ボウイの50歳”と言えば、プロショット『50TH BIRTHDAY BASH』でもお馴染みの50周年記念コンサートが有名ですが、このセッションはそのリハーサルの合間に録音されたもの。アコースティック・ギターをかき鳴らしつつ、思い入れたっぷりに歌う。実のところ、完全なアンプラグドではない曲もありますが、海外マニアには半ば“伝説”となっているほどの名演なのです。しかも、曲のセレクトも素晴らしい。TIN MACHINEの「Shopping For Girls」も披露しますが、他9曲はすべて70年代。特に『世界を売った男』から『ジギースターダスト』までの大代表曲をたっぷり聴かせてくれるのです。
しかも、本作には本放送では流されなかったアウトテイク「I Can’t Read」「Repetition [Alternate Take]」も追加収録。さらにさらに、10日後のテレビ番組“The Jack Docherty Show”のセッションからも2曲「Dead Man Walking」「Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)」をボーナス収録しています。

そんなスタジオ・セッションこそが目玉ですが、合間合間に挟まるインタビューも素晴らしい。素晴らしすぎる。前述のようにボウイゆかりのミュージシャンがコメントと質問を寄せているのですが、そのラインアップが豪華絢爛。列挙しますと……50周年ライヴでも共演したロバート・スミス(THE CURE)の他、ブレット・アンダーソン(SUEDE)、イアン・マッカロク(ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN)、ミック・ハックネル(SIMPLY RED)、ニール・テナント(PET SHOP BOYS)、デーモン・アルバーン(BLUR)、ショーン・ライダー(HAPPY MONDAYS)、ブライアン・モルコ(PLACEBO)。新旧の英国ロック史に名を残す著名人達がボウイ50歳の誕生日を祝うのです。










01. David Bowie / Mary Anne Hobbs Introduction
02. The Man Who Sold The World
03. The Supermen
04. David Bowie / Mary Anne Hobbs
05. Robert Smith
06. David Bowie / Mary Anne Hobbs
07. Brett Anderson
08. Ian McCulloch
09. David Bowie / Mary Anne Hobbs
10. Andy Warhol
11. Repetition
12. David Bowie / Mary Anne Hobbs
13. Scott Walker
14. David Bowie / Mary Anne Hobbs
15. Lady Stardust
16. White Light White Heat
17. David Bowie / Mary Anne Hobbs
18. Mick Hucknall
19. Neil Tennant
20. David Bowie / Mary Anne Hobbs
21. Shopping For Girls
22. David Bowie / Mary Anne Hobbs
23. Damon Albarn
24. Shaun Ryder
25. David Bowie / Mary Anne Hobbs
26. Brian Molko
27. David Bowie / Mary Anne Hobbs
28. Quicksand
29. Aladdin Sane
30. David Bowie / Mary Anne Hobbs

Studio Instrument Rentals, New York, NY. USA 3rd-4th January 1997

31. I Can’t Read
32. Repetition [Alternate Take]

The Jack Docherty Show, Channel 5 TV, Whitehall Theatre, London, UK 18th April 1997

33. Dead Man Walking
34. Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)



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