David Bowie / Boston November 1974 Joe Maloney Master / 2CD

David Bowie / Boston November 1974 Joe Maloney Master / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA. USA 14th November 1974.

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Bowie in 1974, meeting her ally Carlos Armor and approaching soul music quickly. The legendary name Taper of that moment: John Mallonie recorded the best marks recorded by permanent preservation press 2CD.
What is engraved on such a work is “Boston Performance November 14, 1974”. This week, the same 1974 Maloney recording “BOSTON JULY 1974: JOE MALONEY MASTER (Wardour-283)” will also be released at the same time, but in a separate show as per the title, this work is a November recording about 4 months later. Not only the date but also the tour is actually different. First of all, let’s check what position this show’s show is in the course of 1974.

“May” DIAMOND DOGS “release”
· June 14 – July 20: North America # 1 (32 performances)
“August” YOUNG AMERICANS “production started”
· September 2 – 16: North America # 2 (12 performances)

· October 5 – December 1: North America # 3 (34 performances) ← ★ Coco ★

Bowie who announced “DIAMOND DOGS” divides it into three parts in the whole country, among which “BOSTON JULY 1974” and the official board “DAVID LIVE” was the earliest “North America # 1” live album. In contrast, the Boston performance of this work is a concert that is the 25th show of “North America # 3”. This “North America # 3” is also called “THE SOUL / PHILLY DOGS TOUR”, and it has changed to “North America # 1 & 2”. In addition to showing new songs of “YOUNG AMERICANS” that started production, we introduced a lot of arrangements that are conscious of soul music. Members are also different, in addition to the above-mentioned Carlos, the rhythm team has been replaced by Willie Weeks and Dennis Davis. In the back vocal also “YOUNG AMERICANS” members participated in the majority such as lovers of those days lovers Ava · Cherry, Robin · Clarke, Luther · Vandross etc. It is facing a large household of 14 people in all.
Although it is “THE SOUL TOUR” that became the very turning point, this work is the best elegant live album for that work experience. Just like “BOSTON JULY 1974” it is woken up by the master of legendary mastery Marooni, again the highest peak selected by overseas Bowie researcher. The best thing is clearness that shines like a crystal glass. It is not a type that is wrong with a sound board and it is not without distance. However, the air feeling is transparent in any way, it is transparent, and it can not feel muddiness or muffle at all. Carlos & Earlsick’s guitar penetrates straight through the space and the singing voice of the Bowie reaches strong despite the presence of six backing vocals. At this time there is also a masterpiece of press CD “PHILADELPHIA 1974 (Wardour – 234)”, but this work is much longer than that, and you can enjoy it firmly from “Memory Of A Free Festival” telling the performance. The recording itself is a valuable “THE SOUL TOUR”, it is a name recording suitable for becoming the representative.
The show drawn with that sound is a big attention. While the set is based on “DIAMOND DOGS TOUR”, new songs of “YOUNG AMERICANS” “Can You Hear Me”, “Young Americans”, “Somebody Up There Likes Me” were picked up and furthermore “Sorrow” of “Pin Ups” John, I’m Only Dancing (Again) “, THE FLARES cover” Footstompin ‘”also introduced. It is the first time that I have been reborn. Both “John, I’m Only Dancing (Again)” and “1984” will fight with a funky rhythm and “Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me”, “You You Hear Me”, “Somebody Up There Likes Me” Arrange unique this time. It feels plenty of darkness and calm flow, cover and self-made songs let you hear boldly violent bastie.

This release is “BOSTON JULY 1974: JOE MALONEY MASTER” which will be released at the same time. Although each is a superb item that represents the tour, it is also a sister work that you want to enjoy together. In 1974 the same Boston Music Hall, and also superb sound by Maloney Master. While all these conditions are complete, it shows a different expression. Although it is a bowie that changed like a chameleon, in 1974 it was just a turning point. It is a valuable sister work that can observe that fixed point with the rare superior quality in-situ sensation of that moment. Please, please experience with permanent preservation press 2CD.

そんな本作に刻まれているのは「1974年11月14日ボストン公演」。今週は同じ1974年のマロニー録音『BOSTON JULY 1974: JOE MALONEY MASTER(Wardour-283)』も同時リリースとなりますが、タイトル通り完全な別ショウで、本作は約4ヶ月後の11月録音です。違うのは日付だけでなく、実はツアーも異なる。まずは、本作のショウがいかなるポジションなのか、1974年の歩みの中で確認してみましょう。

《5月『DIAMOND DOGS』リリース》


『DIAMOND DOGS』を発表したボウイは3回に分けて全米を回りますが、その中で『BOSTON JULY 1974』や公式盤『DAVID LIVE』は序盤「北米#1」のライヴアルバムでした。それに対し、本作のボストン公演は「北米#3」の25公演目にあたるコンサートなのです。この「北米#3」は、別名“THE SOUL/PHILLY DOGS TOUR”とも呼ばれており、「北米#1&2」とは様変わりしている。制作を始めた『YOUNG AMERICANS』の新曲が披露されるだけでなく、ソウル・ミュージックを意識したアレンジを大量に導入。メンバーも異なり、先述のカルロスに加えてリズム隊はウィリー・ウィークスやデニス・デイビスに交代。バックヴォーカルにも当時の恋人アヴァ・チェリーやロビン・クラーク、ルーサー・ヴァンドロスなど、『YOUNG AMERICANS』メンバーが大挙参加。総勢14名に及ぶ大所帯で臨んでいるのです。
まさにターニング・ポイントとなった“THE SOUL TOUR”ですが、本作はその現場体験に最高の極上ライヴアルバム。『BOSTON JULY 1974』と同じく伝説的名手マロニーのマスターから起こされており、やはり同じく海外のボウイ研究家が選定した最高峰版。何よりも素晴らしいのはクリスタルグラスのように輝くクリアさ。サウンドボードと間違えるようなタイプではなく、距離もないわけではない。しかし、その空気感がとにかく透明に透き通っており、濁りやこもりがまったく感じられない。カルロス&アール・スリックのギターは真っ直ぐに空間を突き抜け、6人ものバッキング・ヴォーカルがいるにも関わらずボウイの歌声も逞しく届く。この時期はプレスCDの大傑作『PHILADELPHIA 1974(Wardour-234)』もありますが、本作はそれよりもグッと長く、開演を告げる「Memory Of A Free Festival」からしっかりと堪能できる。記録自体が貴重な“THE SOUL TOUR”にあって、その代表となるに相応しい名録音なのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウこそが大注目。セットは“DIAMOND DOGS TOUR”を基本にしつつも『YOUNG AMERICANS』の新曲「Can You Hear Me」「Young Americans」「Somebody Up There Likes Me」が取り上げられ、さらに『Pin Ups』の「Sorrow」や「John, I’m Only Dancing (Again)」、THE FLARESのカバー「Footstompin’」も導入。それ以上に生まれ変わっているのが演奏ぶり。「John, I’m Only Dancing (Again)」も「1984」もファンキーなリズムで攻め立てますし、「Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me」「Can You Hear Me」「Somebody Up There Likes Me」等もこの時期ならではのアレンジ。暗さと落ち着いた流れがたっぷりと感じられ、カバーも自作曲も大胆な換骨奪胎ぶりを聴かせてくれるのです。

同時リリースとなる『BOSTON JULY 1974: JOE MALONEY MASTER』と本作。それぞれがツアーを代表する極上品ではありますが、ぜひ併せてお楽しみ頂きたい姉妹作でもあります。同じ1974年、同じボストン・ミュージック・ホール、そして同じくマロニー・マスターによる極上サウンド。これだけ条件が揃っていながら、まるで違う表情を見せるのです。カメレオンのように変化していったボウイではありますが、1974年はまさにターニング・ポイント。その刹那を類い希なる極上クオリティの現場感覚で定点観測できる貴重な姉妹作です。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDでご体験ください。

Disc 1 (44:15)
1. Memory Of A Free Festival 2. Rebel Rebel 3. John, I’m Only Dancing (Again)
4. Sorrow 5. Changes 6. Young Americans 7. 1984 8. Foot Stomping
9. Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me 10. Love Me Do / The Jean Genie

Disc 2 (35:11)
1. Moonage Daydream 2. Can You Hear Me 3. Somebody Up There Likes Me
4. Suffragette City 5. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide 6. Diamond Dogs

David Bowie – Vocals, Guitar Earl Slick – Lead Guitar Carlos Alomar – Rhythm Guitar
Mike Garson – Piano, Mellotron David Sanborn – Alto Saxophone, Flute
Emir Kassan – Bass Dennis Davis – Drums Pablo Rosario – Percussion
Warren Peace – Backing Vocals Ava Cherry – Backing Vocals
Robin Clark – Backing Vocals Anthony Hinton – Backing Vocals
Diane Sumler – Backing Vocals Luther Vandross – Backing Vocals


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