David Bowie / Boston July 1974 Joe Maloney Master / 2CD

David Bowie / Boston July 1974 Joe Maloney Master / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA. USA 16th July 1974.Live at Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA. USA 16th July 1974.

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It is a live album which should be said to be the extreme of 100% edition “DAVID LIVE”. Legendary name Taper: The finest items raised from the master tape left by John Maloney are released on permanent preservation press 2CD.
What is engraved on such a work is “Boston Performance July 16, 1974”. It is a superb audience recording which recorded the one piece of “DIAMOND DOGS TOUR”. This week, the same 1974 Maloney recording “BOSTON NOVEMBER 1974: JOE MALONEY MASTER (Wardour-284)” will also be released at the same time, but these two seem to be similar and quite different. First of all, let’s check what position this show’s show is in the course of 1974.

“May” DIAMOND DOGS “release”
· June 14 – July 20: North America # 1 (32 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
“August” YOUNG AMERICANS “production started”
· September 2 – 16: North America # 2 (12 performances)

· October 5 – December 1: North America # 3 (34 performances)

This is Bowie ‘s 1974. Although it is turning around the whole country in three, among them only “North America # 3”, another frame also called “THE SOUL / PHILLY DOGS TOUR”. “BOSTON NOVEMBER 1974” released at the same time is a live album of “North America # 3”, but this work is a recording of “30 North American # 1” performances which is different from it. Speaking of July 1974, it is also famous for the official tradition board “DAVID LIVE”. “DAVID LIVE” was produced from Upper Darby performance from July 8th – 12th, but this work is also a concert that will be only four days after that.
If “DAVID LIVE” is the official traditional board, this work is a traditional recording of the underground. It is a recording which was known partly since the analog era, but this work is a full version reprinted full from the master of Joe Maloney. It is also the highest peak edited by overseas bowie specialists. This expert is also a person who has worked on “DEFINITIVE RAINBOW 1972 (Wardour-273)” which played a major upgrade, and deep knowledge of the sound source is overwhelming. That’s why the sound of this work is ultimate. There is no difference in the audience recording that gives rich vintage feeling, but the crystal clear shine is unbearable. There is not a short distance, but it will not cause turbidity or cloudiness. The treble stretches straight without stagnation as if it were a vacuum without air, and the metallic luster of the horn appears to the eyes. On the other hand, the bass is filled with a certain sense of touch that you touch with your hands, and the bass bass gets steadily transmitted not only to the grooves but also to the one-note one-note vibes. And a beautiful midrange ringing. Bowie’s singing voice can be heard clearly up to one word of lyrics, and its sighing and breathing feeling is real as well.
Even more surprising is the lack of audience / noise. While applause spreads among the songs, it does not have far-near-near talks and screaming. Of course, silence wraps in as long as it is playing, there is nothing to disturb the delicate performance sound. Even in the modern era when the technique of advice recording has advanced, the cheering-free positioning is extremely difficult while capturing the performance sound beautifully so far. If it comes to the 70’s, it is difficult and difficult for you to make out sounds, but it does not matter it as a thing. In addition to such recordings themselves, if it is a master it adds even more freshness. It is a miracle at all. It is a natural shining sound world that keeps being loved in a long history.
The show drawn with that sound is dazzling again. The performance and the total flow are also based on “DAVID LIVE”, but in reality it is over. In addition to listening to “Space Oddity” “Panic In Detroit” “Time” additionally recorded in the recurring board “DAVID LIVE” in 2005, it also includes “Future Legend” at the beginning of “Diamond Dogs”. The ability to share the same space as the Bowie is the attraction of audience recording, but the natural time flow without any edits on it is also felt slowly.

This feeling of experience is the real pleasure of the vintage audience. It is a time warp because it is a music work but a truth record. Stand on the scene of “DIAMOND DOGS TOUR”, taste the singing voice of Bowie with a sense of reality, and share time and space. A unique product of the age that can experience the real pleasure of only such an underground with the finest sound of the legendary taper. Please enjoy plenty with the permanent preservation press 2CD.

本生100%版『DAVID LIVE』の極めつけとも言うべきライヴアルバム。伝説的な名テーパー:ジョン・マロニーが残したマスター・テープから起こされた極上の銘品が永久保存盤プレス2CDでリリース決定です。
そんな本作に刻まれているのは「1974年7月16日ボストン公演」。“DIAMOND DOGS TOUR”の一幕を記録した極上オーディエンス録音です。今週は同じ1974年のマロニー録音『BOSTON NOVEMBER 1974: JOE MALONEY MASTER(Wardour-284)』も同時リリースとなりますが、この2本は似ているようでまったく違う。まずは、本作のショウがいかなるポジションなのか、1974年の歩みの中で確認してみましょう。

《5月『DIAMOND DOGS』リリース》


これがボウイの1974年。全米を3つに分けて回っていますが、その中で「北米#3」のみ、“THE SOUL/PHILLY DOGS TOUR”とも呼ばれる別枠。同時リリースの『BOSTON NOVEMBER 1974』はその「北米#3」のライヴアルバムですが、本作はそれとは異なる「北米#1」30公演目の記録なのです。また、1974年7月と言えば、オフィシャルの伝統盤『DAVID LIVE』でも有名。『DAVID LIVE』は、7月8日-12日のアッパーダービー公演から制作されましたが、本作はそのわずか4日後となるコンサートでもあります。
『DAVID LIVE』が公式の伝統盤だとすれば、本作はアンダーグラウンドの伝統録音。古くアナログ時代から部分的に知られてきた録音ですが、本作はジョー・マロニーのマスターからフルで復刻された完全版。それも、海外のボウイ専門家が監修した最高峰版です。この専門家は、一大アップグレードを果たした『DEFINITIVE RAINBOW 1972(Wardour-273)』を手がけた人物でもあり、音源に対する深い造詣は圧倒的なのです。それだけに、本作のサウンドは究極的。豊かなヴィンテージ感も漂わせるオーディエンス録音には違いないのですが、クリスタルに輝くクリアさがたまらない。わずかな距離もなくはないのですが、それが濁りや曇りを起こさない。高音はまるで空気などない真空かのように淀みなく真っ直ぐに伸び、ホーンの金属光沢が目に浮かぶよう。その一方で低音には手で触れているような確かな実感に満ち、唸るベースもグルーヴだけでなく1音1音のヴァイヴまでしっかりと伝わる。そして、美しい中音域の鳴り。ボウイの歌声は歌詞の1語1語まで綺麗に聞き取れ、その吐息や呼吸感までもがリアルなのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウがまた眩しい。演奏ぶりやトータルの流れは『DAVID LIVE』に準じてもいますが、実はそれ以上。2005年再発盤『DAVID LIVE』に追加収録された「Space Oddity」「Panic In Detroit」「Time」が聴けるだけでなく、「Diamond Dogs」冒頭の「Future Legend」も収録されています。ボウイと同じ空間を共有できるのがオーディエンス録音の魅力ですが、その上に一切の編集がない自然な時間の流れもじっくりと感じられるのです。

この体験感こそ、ヴィンテージ・オーディエンスの醍醐味。音楽作品でありながら真実の記録だからこそのタイムワープです。“DIAMOND DOGS TOUR”の現場に立ち、ボウイの歌声を現実感たっぷりに味わい、時間と空間を共にする。そんなアンダーグラウンドだけの醍醐味を伝説テーパーの極上サウンドで体験できる希代の銘品。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDでたっぷりとお楽しみください。


Disc 1 (45:28)
1. 1984 2. Rebel Rebel 3. Moonage Daydream 4. Sweet Thing 5. Changes 6. Suffragette City
7. Aladdin Sane 8. All The Young Dudes 9. Cracked Actor 10. Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me

Disc 2 (58:27)
1. Watch That Man 2. Knock On Wood 3. Space Oddity 4. Future Legend 5. Diamond Dogs
6. Panic In Detroit 7. Big Brother 8. Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family
9. Time 10. The Width Of A Circle 11. The Jean Genie 12. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide

David Bowie – Vocals, Guitar Earl Slick – Guitar Herbie Flowers – Bass
Tony Newman – Drums Mike Garson – Piano, Mellotron
Michael Kamen – Musical Director, Electric Piano, Moog, Oboe
David Sanborn – Alto Saxophone, Flute
Richard Grando – Baritone Sax, Flute Pablo Rosario: Percussion
Warren Peace – Backing Vocals Gui Andrisano – Backing Vocals



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