David Bowie / Atlantic City 2004 1st Night / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

David Bowie / Atlantic City 2004 1st Night / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Wardour
Live at Borgata Event Center, Atlantic City, NJ, USA 29th May 2004 plus Bonus DVDR “A Reality In Uncasville” SBD

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Translated Text:

“A REALITY TOUR 2003-2004” which was the last world tour of my life. The finest soundboard album full of rare songs comes out from the end of it.
This work was recorded in “May 29, 2004: Atlantic City Show”. It was the last national tour to Bowie, the final concert of the concert. The main point of this work is in the sound quality of shock, but its contents are also wonderful. In order to explain it, first, the position of the show. This tour is based on the official work “A REALITY TOUR” as a standard, but let’s check it in the whole world tour including it.

● 2003
· August 19: Warm-up · Gig
“September 16” REALITY “release”
· October 7 – December 20: Europe # 1 (35 shows) ← ※ Official
● 2004
· January 7 – February 7: North America # 1 (18 performances)
· February 14 – March 14: Oceania / Asia (13 performances)
· March 29 – June 5: North America # 2 (39 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· June 11 – June 25: Europe # 2 (7 performances)
“June 25: Emergency transport by aneurysm”

This is the last Bowie World Tour. Whereas the official “A REALITY TOUR” was the early Europe, this work is “North America # 2” at the end. I think you can understand that the time and place are just like contrasting. Moreover, the Atlantic City performance of this work is the 34 performances of “North America # 2”. It was a full show that will be the 13th show from the end of my life.

【Sound board to convey the end of the tour with exceptional quality】
This work which recorded such a show is a superb soundboard that awakens. It was introduced in recent years, maniacs all over the world touched the overwhelming quality. To tell the truth, because there are lively cheering sounds like audience recordings, it is said that it is not a matrix of IEMs and customers’ listings, but it is an excellent item anyway. There was also a masterpiece such as “PANIC IN NEW JERSEY (Trial – 009)” of similar concept, “GET ON WITH THE MUSIC: BUFFALO 2004 (Uxbridge 790)” and “KANSAS CITY 2004 (Uxbridge 807)”, I am pulling out. Of course, it is amazing that there is not much narrowness in IEMs, as far as overwhelming detail is not impossible as well as a sense of direct blow to the corner and every detail. Even a thick core and a thick sound, the glamorous beauty is official grade. The aesthetic sensation extends to mix. As I repeat from the previous days, cheers and cheers have audience-like freshness, but once one song starts, it disappears suddenly and the superb superior performance sound dominates everything. The ensemble is also thoroughly arranged and there is no rough feeling while all the echo processing and the like involved in the vocal are all clear. Whether this project’s origins are IEMs or spill sound boards, it is a level that can be released as it is, not in that dimension.

【Show full of rare songs paired with official work】
Although it is an overwhelming one only by its sound quality, this work is wonderful to the contents of the show. The important thing here is the point that “time and place contrast with official work” written earlier. The set is quite different from the official “A REALITY TOUR” which was the beginning of the tour, and there are plenty of exceptional rare songs even at “A REALITY TOUR”. Actually, this tour was frequently replaced by songs, but this work is unusually high in the ratio. In our shop, we introduced Japanese performances and masterpieces of each leg, but when comparing one show once with the official “A REALITY TOUR” it will stop at about 3 songs – about 7 songs difference . However, this work in the final stage of the tour can actually listen to nine songs that can not be heard in the official.
“Station To Station” “Diamond Dogs” “Suffragette City” “Pablo Picasso” unique at the end of the tour can also be heard with “PANIC IN NEW JERSEY” and “KANSAS CITY 2004″, but also the last Japanese performance is reminiscent of ” Also played “Queen Bitch” and “Modern Love” which stopped several times also in “Looking For Water”, “Quicksand”, “A REALITY TOUR”. The race will be “The Bewlay Brothers” of “HUNKY DORY”. Although the first show was in 2002, it is a rare rare number with only enough playing with one hand even including it. You can enjoy such delicious song-rich show with the best soundboard of the official grade.

It is a superb sound board album that is paired with the official work “A REALITY TOUR”. Besides the beginning and the end of the tour, not only Europe and the United States, the set is quite different. By combining the official work and this work, the true figure of “A REALITY TOUR 2003-2004” comes to be seen. Of course, it is a famous board comparable to an official work, so you have to enjoy it in the same way forever. Of course, it is the birth of majesty with luxury specification of press 2CD that makes it possible.

生涯最後のワールド・ツアーとなった“A REALITY TOUR 2003-2004”。その終盤からレア曲満載の極上サウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。
本作が記録されたのは「2004年5月29日:アトランティック・シティ公演」。ボウイにとって最後の全米ツアー、その最終盤にあたるコンサートでした。本作最大のポイントは衝撃のサウンド・クオリティにあるわけですが、その中身も素晴らしい。それをご説明するためにも、まずはショウのポジション。このツアーは公式作品『A REALITY TOUR』が基準となるわけですが、それも含めてワールド・ツアー全体像の中で確かめてみましょう。


これがボウイ最後のワールド・ツアー。公式『A REALITY TOUR』が序盤のヨーロッパだったのに対し、本作は終盤の「北米#2」。時間も場所もまるで対照的なのがご理解頂けると思います。しかも、本作のアトランティック・シティ公演はその「北米#2」の34公演目。生涯で最後から13公演目となるフルショウでもありました。

そんなショウを記録した本作は、目も覚めるような極上のサウンドボード。近年になって登場したもので、その圧倒的なクオリティに世界中のマニアが騒然。実のところ、オーディエンス録音っぽい生々しい歓声もあるため「IEMsと客録のマトリクスではないか」とも言われておりますが、それにしても絶品。似たコンセプトの『PANIC IN NEW JERSEY(Trial-009)』『GET ON WITH THE MUSIC: BUFFALO 2004(Uxbridge 790)』『KANSAS CITY 2004(Uxbridge 807)』といった傑作もありましたが、本作は群を抜いている。もちろん距離などまるでない直球感も隅々まで光り輝くディテールも圧倒的でありつつ、IEMsにありがちな細さがないのが凄い。骨太な芯も肉厚な鳴りも、艶やかな美しさはオフィシャル級。その美感はミックスにも及ぶ。先ほどから繰り返しているように声援・喝采はオーディエンスっぽい生々しさがあるのですが、1曲1曲が始まるとスッと消えていき、超極上の演奏音がすべてを支配。そのアンサンブルも徹底的に整っていて、ヴォーカルにかかる僅かなエコー処理などもすべてクッキリしていながらラフな感触がない。本作の出自がIEMsにしろ、流出サウンドボードにしろ、その次元ではなくこのまま公式リリースできるレベルなのです。

そのサウンド・クオリティだけで圧倒的な1本なのですが、本作はショウの中身まで素晴らしい。ここで重要なのが先ほど書いた「時間も場所もオフィシャル作と対照的」というポイント。ツアー序盤だった公式『A REALITY TOUR』とはセットがかなり異なり、“A REALITY TOUR”でも格別のレア曲がたっぷりなのです。実際、このツアーは頻繁に曲の入れ替えが行われましたが、本作はその比率が異様に高い。当店では、日本公演や各レッグの傑作群をご紹介してきましたが、1回1回のショウを公式『A REALITY TOUR』と比較してみると、おおよそ3曲-7曲程度の違いに止まる。ところが、ツアー終盤の本作はオフィシャルでは聴けない名曲が実に9曲にも及ぶのです。
ツアー終盤ならではの「Station To Station」「Diamond Dogs」「Suffragette City」「Pablo Picasso」は『PANIC IN NEW JERSEY』や『KANSAS CITY 2004』でも聴けましたが、さらに最後の日本公演を彷彿とさせる「Looking For Water」や「Quicksand」、“A REALITY TOUR”でも数回止まりだった「Queen Bitch」「Modern Love」も演奏。極めつけは『HUNKY DORY』の「The Bewlay Brothers」でしょう。初披露は2002年でしたが、それを含めても片手で足りるほどの演奏しかない激レア・ナンバー。そんな美味しい曲だらけのショウをオフィシャル級の極上サウンドボードで楽しめてしまうのです。

まさに公式作品『A REALITY TOUR』と対を成す超絶なるサウンドボード・アルバムです。ツアー序盤と終盤、ヨーロッパとアメリカというだけでなく、セットもまるで異なる。公式作と本作を併せることで“A REALITY TOUR 2003-2004”の真の姿が見えてくるのです。もちろん、オフィシャル作品に匹敵する大名盤なのですから同じように永久に楽しめなくてはいけない。もちろん、それを可能にするプレス2CDの豪華仕様で堂々の誕生です。


Disc 1(73:51)
1. Intro 2. Rebel, Rebel 3. Cactus 4. Sister Midnight 5. New Killer Star 6. Looking For Water
7. All The Young Dudes 8. China Girl 9. The Loneliest Guy 10. The Man Who Sold The World
11. Battle For Britain 12. Pablo Picasso 13. Heathen 14. Hallo Spaceboy
15. Band Introduction 16. Under Pressure 17. Reality

Disc 2(68:09)
1. Station To Station 2. The Bewlay Brothers 3. Ashes To Ashes 4. Hang On To Yourself
5. Quicksand 6. Modern Love 7. I’m Afraid Of Americans 8. Heroes 9. Diamond Dogs
10. Queen Bitch 11. Suffragette City 12. Ziggy Stardust


David Bowie – vocals, guitars, stylophone, harmonica
Earl Slick – guitar Gerry Leonard – guitar, backing vocals
Gail Ann Dorsey – bass guitar, vocals Sterling Campbell – drums
Mike Garson – keyboards, piano Catherine Russell – keyboards, percussion, guitar, backing vocals



David Bowie / A Reality In Uncasville / 1Single DVDR / Non Label
Live at Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT, USA 2nd June 2004

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Translated text:

The main press 2CD is not only a bowie’s lifetime giving the final stage with a superb sound, but also a big masterpiece that forms a pair with an official work. However, no matter how wonderful the sound it is, I can not tell if its facial expressions / behaviors behaviors are not images. So, as a gift, we prepared a superb picture that conveys the last stage of the last world tour of life for love.
Three days after the main press press 2CD that is contained in such a work, “Ancasville performance on June 2, 2004”. That multi-camera editing audience shot. This is the third show from the end of “North America # 2”. If it says the entire tour, it is the tenth performance from the end. And immediately after the German performance which is three weeks after this day Bowie received an emergency operation and never toured again. After that, I sang several songs at the festival and jumped into the live of a friend ‘s musician, but I did not draw the stage on my own campus on my campus. In other words, it is “the 10th full show from the last” in the lifetime of Bowie.
This work which contained the bowie just before such a show is multi-camera specification whose chest gets hot and dull. An overseas enthusiastic fan has carefully mixed the two cameras. Speaking of what is hot, its editing. It is a finish that overflows feelings that can not be done with simply saying “I kept the highlight”. First of all, if you explain from the angle being used, you will see two shots looking down from the second floor in front of the stage. There is a difference between a straight front and a slightly rightward, but it does not change so extremely, an angle where the shadow of the front row does not enter at all. It is a superb viewpoint where only the appearance of the stage and Bowie is reflected on the screen.
Normally, multi cameras combine different perspectives, but this work is beautiful because it is a similar angle. The point is the zoom of the two cameras. Both are getting outstanding stability, but the timing of the zoom and the point of interest are different. If one thinks that it approached the expression of Bowie, the other one is reflecting the feeling of scale and fantasy of the light show with drawing. In addition, while you are closer to the hands of Earlick with guitar solos, the other chase the bowie closet to the audience … and so on. And the key is that mix. We are examining the highlight and beauty of each camera, and carefully switch carefully. It’s clear that the timing is sticking to one measure, one word of lyrics clearly, and the switching method also follows the mood of the song such as screen division, fade processing, slide etc.
To be honest it is quality enough to be established even with one single angle, but it is still wonderful that I completed the ultimate shape with time and effort. Although it is closeness, it judges two different cars, it wants to bring out the “charm of this day” to the utmost until it knows until the timing of a few seconds … …….. the feeling of mania who produced it is transmitted.
Moreover, the show is also wonderful. Though the performance and singing voice are very similar only three days after the main press press 2 CD, the set slightly differs here too. We play not only rare songs that were featured in this volume, but also the official work “A REALITY TOUR” that I listened to “Fantastic Voyage”, but the surprisingly delicious “The Supermen” and “Let’s Dance”. Of course neither is rare, it should not be anything, but it was not played in the last Japanese performance, I could not listen to this press 2CD as well. Because it is the last tour of my lifetime, I am happy that more songs are arranged for the final arrangement. It can be tasted as a wonderful sight.

Bowie projected from this work powerfully sings. In the last ‘Europe # 2’ there was a show through which poor physical condition is transparent, but here it does not show such fine dust, talking to the audience, singing and showing a refreshing smile. After 3 weeks we will show off a variety of famous songs in a spirited form that I do not think that I will fall ill. A masterpiece that carefully recorded the appearance of such a bowie. In addition to letting you feel the “far side” of the main press 2CD, this work itself closely approaches the mind. Please, please enjoy plenty.

しかも、ショウがまた素晴らしい。本編プレス2CDの3日後だけに演奏や歌声は酷似しているものの、ここでもセットが微妙に異なる。本編で目玉になったレア曲や公式作『A REALITY TOUR』でも聴けた「Fantastic Voyage」も演奏しますが、意外に美味しいのが「The Supermen」と「Let’s Dance」。もちろん、どちらもレアでも何でもないはずなのですが、最後の日本公演では演奏されず、本編プレス2CDでも聴けなかった。生涯最後のツアーだからこそ、最終アレンジされた姿は1曲でも多い方が嬉しい。それを素晴らしい光景と供に味わえるわけです。


1. Intro 2. Rebel Rebel 3. Queen Bitch 4. Cactus 5. Sister Midnight 6. New Killer Star
7. China Girl 8. All the Young Dudes 9. The Loneliest Guy 10. The Man Who Sold the World
11. Battle for Britain (The Letter) 12. Pablo Picasso 13. Heathen (The Rays) 14. The Supermen
15. Hallo Spaceboy 16. Under Pressure 17. Station to Station 18. Fantastic Voyage
19. Ashes to Ashes 20. Quicksand 21. Modern Love 22. Let’s Dance 23. I’m Afraid of Americans
24. “Heroes” 25. Diamond Dogs 26. Ziggy Stardust

COLOUR NTSC Approx.134min

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