David Bowie / A Reality In Osaka The Last Concert In Japan / 2CD

David Bowie / A Reality In Osaka The Last Concert In Japan / 2CD / Wardour

Translated Text:
Live at Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 11th March 2004


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Superb sound of the live album that contains the last of the “Bowie-in-Japan” is the appearance. He visited Japan at the end, it in “A Reality Tour 2003-2004” of 2004. It was one act of the last world tour in the most long in Bowie career. The Japan tour, was a Tokyo twice + Osaka once all three times, this work is the audience album matches the last day, “March 11, 2004, Osaka Castle Hall performances.”
This recording is one that became a hot topic only between the time the core of mania / collector, you did not also appeared in the review of the magazine “people in the know” master. “Then, for the mania?” I think and, without roughness to the difference. Its quality is of a ridiculous finest quality goods. Although the realism of cheers and applause between songs there is certainly also the audience recording whiff, hear a musical tone even one sound, Bowie is if things will Nigiro the microphone, super beautiful sound flows out of line recording just like. Its beautiful tone and is far beyond the common sense of “audience recording”, have as one of the musical instrument one, until that each sound clearly, balance perfect. Venue of the echo is thin enough to not be distinguished from the core of the musical tone is also focused on the headphones, hard bass sound even Toro Keru as beautiful in the audience. Bowie’s voice also, is like the direct feeling as if they sang him in the head. With great so far, and not be called even a “sound board class”. Very audience recording of “official class”. David Bowie of all carriers, also in all audience recording, which is more than this work is the first no …… of such sound.
When will I met so of the original sound, you’ll want absolutely extremely extreme. In this work, to enter the information enters the fine, as poke a corner of the nest of boxes to find fault with the shortcomings of the original sound. Slightly jammed had to organize such as bass that interfere with the treble and bass sound of nuance, stereo also increased, has undergone a re-mastered to finish more three-dimensional. However, it is also this is also talk of ultra-high-dimension. To proceed say, the fine irregularities in the golden surface is polished with silk fabric, it is work, such as to brighten to the limit. So, the original feel master that has been smoked the field of air directly is not impaired in any way, yet shine I have praised the beauty of the incomparable.
Of course, I wanted to extremely limit by up to a total not only the beauty of the original sound, “Bowie-in-Japan” So concert is the last drawn by the sound. At the time, Tokimekase the chest in Japan for the first time in eight years, but I think many people were transported to foot the venue, that excitement comes acutely To transmitted. Silhouette to be illuminated from behind the light, T-shirts to jeans dressed, speaking the unusually MC, “Thank you, thank you, thank you …” repeated, of “Ashes To Ashes” “Jap girls in synthesis …” and put the “cat from Japan …” force in the lyrics such as of “Ziggy Stardust”, that figure …. Not just Bowie. “Hallo Spaceboy” Sterling was let me hear the beat that comes to belly in Campbell, Earl Slick …… and spin a hot solo in “Sunday”, also the audience. Of this work is to feel the “official class” is not maybe there is also tranquility of the venue. Bowie singing voice sounded even in songs that become large chorus in the overseas performance, it would listened along with the audience of the site. So the atmosphere was Sila only say no specks, cheer generous along with the song ends is okra, I resounding … thats the intro. in the tranquility of the musical tone is moist and Shimiwataru, I joy was reunited for the first time in eight years it has been firmly record. Enough to clear I do not think has passed another ’12 also of time.

“Ziggy Stardust” and finished singing, David Bowie who went away and told the “goodbye” in Japanese. This short greeting, became the last word in our hear. After the Japan tour, he and to Europe went around the world from North America, fell ill in Germany on June 25, was no longer as it is again making the tour. In this film, music such Bowie was show me at the end, singing voice is clogged. It is also, in the beautiful and delicate tone enough there can be no more.
Please do not misunderstand. This work is not in such sad live album. Here, have clogged the joy that could be reunited in Bowie, it is full of masterpieces and memories that we’ve loved. Although he will lie if you say that does not feel the loneliness that gone, more than that, happy to have met, joy referred to as “also came”, a feeling that was breathing at the same time and space clogged 1 It works for the. Anyway, get used to the Earth gone of Bowie, we go back to everyday life. But, only once more before that, I want to see him. Not everywhere else, it was me over to sing to this Japan, in that voice. One that will grant their wishes. It is put to press CD to leave forever, and will deliver to your handy.

最後の“ボウイ・イン・ジャパン”を収めた極上サウンドのライヴアルバムが登場です。彼が最後に日本を訪れたのは、2004年の“A Reality Tour 2003-2004”でのこと。ボウイのキャリアの中でもっとも長大にして最後のワールドツアーの一幕でした。このジャパンツアーは、東京2回+大阪1回の全3回でしたが、本作はその最終日「2004年3月11日・大阪城ホール公演」を収めたオーディエンス・アルバムです。
もちろん、そうまでして極限を極めたかったのは原音の美しさだけではなく、そのサウンドで描かれるコンサートが最後の“ボウイ・イン・ジャパン”だから。当時、8年ぶりの来日に胸をときめかせ、会場に足を運ばれた方も多いと思いますが、あの感動がひしひしと伝わってくる。背後のライトから照らし出されるシルエット、Tシャツにジーンズの出で立ち、いつになくMCをしゃべり、”Thank you, thank you, thank you…”を繰り返し、「Ashes To Ashes」の“Jap girls in synthesis…”や「Ziggy Stardust」の“cat from Japan…”といった歌詞に力を込める、あの姿……。ボウイだけではありません。「Hallo Spaceboy」で腹に来るビートを聴かせてくれたスターリング・キャンベル、「Sunday」で熱いソロを紡ぐアール・スリック……そして、観客も。本作が「オフィシャル級」とまで感じるのは、会場の静けさもあるのかも知れません。海外公演では大合唱になる曲でもボウイの歌声が響き、現場の観客と共に聴き入ってしまう。だからと言ってシラけた雰囲気は微塵もなく、曲が終わると共に惜しみない声援が贈られ、イントロにどよめく。楽音がしっとりと染み渡る静けさの中に、8年ぶりに再会した喜びがしっかりと記録されているのです。もう12年もの時間が過ぎたとは思えないほど鮮明に。

「Ziggy Stardust」を歌い終え、日本語で「サヨナラ」と告げて去っていったデヴィッド・ボウイ。この短い挨拶が、私たちの耳にする最後の言葉となってしまった。日本公演の後、北米からヨーロッパへと世界を回っていった彼は、6月25日のドイツで病に倒れ、そのまま二度とツアーをすることはなくなりました。本作には、そんなボウイが最後に魅せてくれた音楽、歌声が詰まっている。それも、これ以上はあり得ないほどに美しく繊細な音色で。

Disc 1 (68:38)
1. Intro 2. Rebel Rebel 3. Hang On To Yourself 4. New Killer Star 5. Fame 6. Cactus
7. All The Young Dudes 8. China Girl 9. Reality 10. 5:15 The Angels Have Gone
11. The Man Who Sold The World 12. Hallo Spaceboy 13. Sunday 14. Heathen (The Rays)
15. Band Introductions 16. Under Pressure

Disc 2 (76:21)
1. Slip Away 2. Looking For Water 3. Quicksand 4. The Loneliest Guy 5. Be My Wife
6. Sound And Vision 7. Ashes To Ashes 8. I’m Afraid of Americans 9. “Heroes”
10. Bring Me The Disco King 11. A New Career In A New Town 12. Five Years
13. Suffragette City 14. Ziggy Stardust

David Bowie – vocals, guitars, harmonica Earl Slick – guitar Gerry Leonard – guitar
Gail Ann Dorsey – bass, backing vocals Sterling Campbell – drums
Mike Garson – keyboards, piano Catherine Russell – keyboards, percussion, acoustic guitar, backing vocals


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