David Bowie / Paris 1999 / 1CD

David Bowie / Paris 1999 / 1CD / Wardour
Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France 14th October 1999.  STEREO SBD

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“THE HOURS … TOUR” which was only nine performances. The official grade stereo sound board album has appeared. It is permanent preservation press decision.
It is “October 14, 1999: Paris performance” that is included in such this work. That super-superior sound board recording. “THE HOURS … TOUR” is one of the world tours according to the convention, but the fact is rather close to the promo tour. North America is New York only, and Europe is only major cities in each country. It was a mini-tour with only 9 performances, even when counting the formulated “VH1 STORY TELLERS”. On the other hand, pro shots and sound boards are also famous for having many high quality things left. Even in our shop, we have introduced in a number of titles. First, let’s organize the collection according to the date and check the position of this work.

★ August 23: New York Official “VH 1 STORY TELLERS”
“September 21” hours … “sale”
★ October 9: London performance “NETAID 1999”
・ October 10: Dublin performance
★ October 14: Paris performance [this work] ・ October 17: Vienna performances
・ November 19: New York “KIT KAT KLUB 1999”
★ December 2: London performance “ASTORIA 1999” “LONDON HOURS”
・ December 4: Tour in Milan
・ December 7: Copenhagen show
※ Note: TV and radio appearances are omitted. The “★” mark is a professional shot.

The official work “VH1 STORYTELLERS”, which is also a symbol of this tour, is also included, but then the guitar is changed from Reeves Gabriels to Page Hamilton of HELMET, with the album released. The main part of the tour was net 8 performances. As mentioned above, the top record is biased to the two cities of New York / London, but the Paris performance of this work is one that should be called a representative work of the continental Europe edition which is neither of them.

[Super best quality that greatly updated the highest peak ever] Such this work is a super masterpiece of the official class. Pro shot has been known as a staple so far, but it has been introduced in our shop with gift DVDR etc., but the quality of this work is completely different. It seems that Omoto is the same as a sound board for television broadcasting in terms of the balance of the mix, but it is longer than that by more than one minute, and the exchange when introducing Gail en Dorsey is also recorded for a long time.
But what is shocking than the length is the sound itself. This is super-superior. In our shop, under the supervision of Bowie researchers abroad, we have introduced many of the highest quality updated quality boards of standard soundboards. Especially in “THE HOURS … TOUR” “LONDON HOURS (Wardour-294)” and “KIT KAT KLUB 1999 (Wardour-295)” reign as the highest peak in history, but this work is its latest bullet is. This is exactly “a sound that you have never heard, even though it’s a familiar performance.” The beginning of “Life On Mars?” So far, the professional shot sound was like a thick echo echoing Bowie’s singing voice, but in this work, the core that pierced from the middle of the middle comes through it. It is delicate to the voice which yells away a microphone, and it is very vivid to the detail of the breath level. Of course, not only singing voices, but also the playing sounds are the same. The contours of each instrument are drawn beautifully, and along with that, the deep “sukima” is expressed. This brings up to a wonderful three-dimensional effect, and it is a completely different level of listening response to the flat pro shot sound.
In addition, the master freshness is also great. The peak of the pro-shot sound so far has been shrunk to some extent, and there has been a break like the mixing of bubbles in Bowie’s singing voice. However, this work is not found at all. From the beginning, the lingering sound keeps being kept, and even if Bowie screams with full strength, the band will not shake even if the fortsimo approaches. It is not just an official sound source like an excerpted sound source, but it is a well-released sound board of a well-known sound class. In the recent official release, I increase the sound pressure and earn a strong profit, but this work is not so good and it has a natural feeling. Even if this show is formulated, it is an ultra-sounding soundboard of a dimension that can not be reached at all.

[Shows of the ‘hours …’ era of Bowie] The show drawn with such a sound is excellent again. As mentioned earlier, this period is based on “VH1 STORYTELLERS”, but this is a similar show. Although the length of about 78 minutes is hard to say with a full show, while concentrating on the new songs of “hours …”, the masterpieces of each generation are concentrated. The 60’s single “Can’t Help Thinking About Me”, which was the highlight of the period, as well as “Drive In Saturday”, which revived for the first time in 25 years, TIN MACHINE’s “I Can’t Read,” There are lots of delicious songs such as “Seven”. Especially for the first time in 23 years, “Something In The Air”, “Word On A Wing”, “Changes”, “Repetition” and “The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell” are numbers that could not be heard in “VH1 STORY TELLERS”.
And the performance to play such a set is also great. It feels more at home than other tours, and Bowie also relaxes throughout. If you play with the members between songs, you make the audience laugh. Of course, I’m not fooled. In “LONDON HOURS”, there was a painfully cold singing voice, but the vocalization of this work is in excellent condition, and it is really shiny. “Thursday Child” and “Repetition” listen to a lot of wonderful singing voices that are more than just valuable. Another point is the guitar. Reeves Gabriels was the lead guitar in “VH1 STORY TELLERS”, but this work is Page Hamilton. He is a leader of HELMET, a leader of alternative metal, and a master of 90’s sound. The guitar work can be tasted plenty with the best soundboard.

Following the “LONDON HOURS” and “KIT KAT KLUB 1999”, it is a super-super-stereo soundboard album that has once again updated its highest peak ever. “VH1 STORY TELLERS” is the latest edition of the ultra-high-quality trilogy that conveys the main part of the tour that is different from the members, and one sheet where you can enjoy plenty of singing voices of Bowie. Please enjoy yourself with the permanent preservation press CD.

わずか9公演だけだった“THE HOURS… TOUR”。そのオフィシャル級ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムが登場。永久保存プレス決定です。
そんな本作に収められているのは「1999年10月14日:パリ公演」。その超極上サウンドボード録音です。“THE HOURS… TOUR”は慣例に従ってワールドツアーの1つとされていますが、その内実はむしろプロモ・ツアーに近い。北米はニューヨークだけですし、欧州も各国の主要都市のみ。公式化された『VH1 STORYTELLERS』をカウントしても9公演しかないミニツアーでした。その反面、プロショットやサウンドボードはハイクオリティなものが多数残されている事でも有名。当店でも、数々のタイトルでご紹介して参りました。まずは、その日程でコレクションを整理し、本作のポジションを確かめてみましょう。

★8月23日:ニューヨーク 公式『VH1 STORYTELLERS』
★10月9日:ロンドン公演 『NETAID 1999』
★10月14日:パリ公演 【本作】
・11月19日:ニューヨーク 『KIT KAT KLUB 1999』
★12月2日:ロンドン公演 『ASTORIA 1999』『LONDON HOURS』

このツアーの象徴でもある公式作品『VH1 STORYTELLERS』も入れてはおりますが、その後アルバム発売を挟んでギターがリーヴス・ガブリエルスからHELMETのペイジ・ハミルトンに交代。ツアー本編は正味8公演だったわけです。上記のように頂点的な記録はニューヨーク/ロンドンの2都市に偏っているわけですが、本作のパリ公演はそのどちらでもない欧州大陸編の代表作とも言うべき1枚なのです。

しかし、長さ以上に衝撃的なのはサウンドそのもの。これが超・極上。当店では、これまでも海外のボウイ研究家の監修の下、定番サウンドボードの最高峰更新クオリティ盤を多数ご紹介してきました。特に“THE HOURS… TOUR”では『LONDON HOURS(Wardour-294)』『KIT KAT KLUB 1999(Wardour-295)』が史上最高峰として君臨しておりますが、本作は、その最新弾なのです。これがまさしく「お馴染みの演奏なのに、聴いたことのないサウンド」。冒頭の「Life On Mars?」からして美しさにド肝を抜かれる。これまでのプロショット音声はぶ厚いエコーにボウイの歌声が埋もれた感じでしたが、本作はそのド真ん中からクッキリとした芯が突き抜けてくる。マイクを離して微かに叫ぶ声まで繊細で、息づかいレベルのディテールまで非常にビビッド。もちろん、歌声だけでなく、演奏音も同じ。各楽器の輪郭が綺麗に描かれ、それに伴い深い“スキマ”まで表現されている。これにより見事な立体感まで浮かび上がり、平板だったプロショット音声とはまったく別次元の聴き応えなのです。

そんなサウンドで描かれるショウがまた絶品。先述の通り、この時期は『VH1 STORYTELLERS』が基準となるわけですが、本作は似て非なるショウ。約78分の長さはフルショウとは言い難いものの、『hours…』の新曲を軸にしつつ、歴代の名曲も濃縮。当時目玉だった60年代のシングル曲「Can’t Help Thinking About Me」はもちろんのこと、25年ぶりに復活した「Drive In Saturday」、TIN MACHINEの「I Can’t Read」、当時ならではの「Seven」など美味しい曲が山盛り。特に23年ぶりの「Something In The Air」や「Word On A Wing」「Changes」「Repetition」「The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell」は『VH1 STORYTELLERS』でも聴けなかったナンバーです。
そして、そんなセットを演じるパフォーマンスも素晴らしい。他のツアーよりもアットホームなムードで、ボウイも終始リラックス。曲間ではメンバーとふざけあっては観客を笑わせています。もちろん、気が抜けているわけではない。『LONDON HOURS』では風邪気味の歌声が痛々しくもあったのですが、本作のヴォーカリゼイションは絶好調で、実に艶やか。「Thursday Child」「Repetition」は単なる貴重さを超えた素晴らしい歌声をたっぷりと聴かせてくれます。また、もう1つのポイントはギター。『VH1 STORYTELLERS』ではリーヴス・ガブリエルスがリード・ギターでしたが、本作はペイジ・ハミルトン。オルタナティヴ・メタルの旗手として一世を風靡したHELMETのリーダーで、90年代サウンドを築いた才人。そのギターワークが極上サウンドボードでたっぷり味わえるのです。

『LONDON HOURS』『KIT KAT KLUB 1999』に続き、またしても史上最高峰を更新してしまった超極上のステレオサウンドボード・アルバムです。『VH1 STORYTELLERS』とはメンバーも異なるツアー本編を伝える超極上3部作の最新弾であり、絶好調なボウイの歌声もたっぷり楽しめる1枚。どうぞ、永久保存プレスCDでじっくりとお楽しみください。


1. Life On Mars? 2. Thursday’s Child 3. Something In The Air 4. Word On A Wing
5. Can’t Help Thinking About Me 6. China Girl 7. Always Crashing In The Same Car
8. Survive 9. Drive In Saturday 10. Changes 11. Seven 12. Repetition 13. I Can’t Read
14. Band Introductions 15. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell 16. Rebel Rebel


David Bowie: Vocals / Acoustic Guitar Gail Ann Dorsey: Bass
Mark Plati: Rhythm / Acoustic Guitar Mike Garson: Keyboards Page Hamilton: Guitar
Sterling Campbell: Drums / Percussion Emm Gryner: Backing Vocals
Holly Palmer: Backing Vocals



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