David Bowie / Netaid 1999 / 1DVDR

David Bowie / Netaid 1999 / 1DVDR / Non label

Live At Wembley Stadium, London, UK 9th October 1999. NTSC

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Translated text:

Ultra short-term tour “Hours Tour 1999” disappeared momentarily in the history of Bowie. That multi camera / pro shot is gift · release decision.
It is contained in this work “Wembley · Stadium Performance on October 9, 1999”. It is a pro shot when I appeared on the music event “NetAid”. “NetAid” is a joint venture with UNDP of the United Nations agency and Cisco Systems, aimed at countering the world’s poverty. It was a charity concert planned as its first initiative. It was held simultaneously in three places in London, New Jersey, Geneva, the London venue is a huge Wembley stadium. It was a big event not only Bowie but also a variety of musicians / bands including Brian Adams, George Michael, Lobby · Williams, EURYTHMICS, THE CORRS, CATATONIA, BUSH, STEREOPHONICS. The pattern is relayed, and this work is the TV broadcast pro shot.
Speaking of the image of “Hours Tour”, official work “VH1 STORYTELLERS” and classic pro shot gift “LONDON ASTORIA 1999” are also famous. First of all, let’s check the position from the overview of the foam tour.

· August 23: New York Performance * Official “VH1 STORYTELLERS”
“September 21″ hours … released ”
· October 9 – 17: Europe # 1 (4 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· November 19: New York performances
· December 2 – 7: European # 2 (3 performances)

Over 9 shows only over. It was a schedule for those who said “promotion tour” better than the world tour accompanying the album. Among them, there were twice shows in London, the first time this work was the first day of “Europe # 1”, the second time was “LONDON ASTORIA 1999” of “Europe # 2”.
Such a work is multi-camera Pro shot which seems to be a huge event. Although modern eyes feel the sweetness of analog broadcasting, recording quality and master freshness are excellent items. The dubbing trace and aged deterioration are not felt at all, and the glossy screen which the reception noise and the white line noise are not found is beautiful. The sound is also suitable for image beauty, the singing voice of Bowie is poured into the ear with a stable official-class sound board.
What a show drawn with that quality is also wonderful. When saying “Hours Tour”, there are many painful performances of Bowie who caught a cold, but in this work which was the first day of the tour, the physical condition is good and it shows the original shine. Although it is a short broadcast of 6 songs and under 30 minutes, the set is thick. The lively and stunning singing voice starts with moving emotion “Life On Mars?”, Followed by the “Pretty Things Are Going To Hell” which was not seen even in the “China Girl” and the “VH1 STORYTELLERS” where pianos · intros are rare. Mike Gerson’s piano is a wonderful stage “Drive In Saturday” in the final stage, energetic “Rebel Rebel” which boasts a big crowd after a long absence, and it is packed full of songs in one song.

It is hard to say that the tour is representative from the short of 30 minutes or so, but the spectacle of the gigantic stadium is overwhelming “VH1 STORYTELLERS”, and a good singing voice surpasses “LONDON ASTORIA 1999”. It is a multicamera pro shot that you can enjoy rich shoes with great quality while it is short. One piece perfect to easily know “Hours Tour” which is often overlooked. Please, please try this opportunity.

(31: 17)
1. Intro 2. Life On Mars? 3. Survive 4. China Girl 5. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
6. Drive In Saturday 7. Rebel Rebel 8. Interview

PRO-SHOT COLOR NTSC Approx 31 min.

ボウイの歴史に一瞬だけ浮かんで消えた超短期ツアー“Hours Tour 1999”。そのマルチカメラ・プロショットがギフト・リリース決定です。
本作に収められているのは「1999年10月9日ウェンブリー・スタジアム公演」。音楽イベント“NetAid”に出演した際のプロショットです。“NetAid”とは、国連機関のUNDPとシスコシステムズに合弁事業で、世界の貧困対策を目的にしたもの。その最初の取り組みとして企画されたチャリティ・コンサートでした。ロンドン、ニュージャージー、ジュネーブの3カ所で同時開催され、ロンドン会場は巨大なウェンブリー・スタジアム。ボウイだけでなくブライアン・アダムス、ジョージ・マイケル、ロビー・ウィリアムズ、EURYTHMICS、THE CORRS、CATATONIA、BUSH、STEREOPHONICSといった錚々たるミュージシャン/バンドが参加した一大イベントでした。その模様は中継され、本作はそのテレビ放送プロショットなのです。
“Hours Tour”の映像と言えば、公式作品『VH1 STORYTELLERS』や定番のプロショット・ギフト『LONDON ASTORIA 1999』も有名。まずは、泡沫のツアー概要からポジションを確認してみましょう。

・8月23日:ニューヨーク公演 ※公式『VH1 STORYTELLERS』

以上のわずか全9公演。アルバムに伴うワールド・ツアーよりは、“プロモーション・ツアー”と言った方がしっくりと来る日程でした。この中でロンドンでのショウは2回あり、1回目は「欧州#1」の初日であった本作、2回目が「欧州#2」の『LONDON ASTORIA 1999』だったわけです。
そのクオリティで描かれるショウがまた、何とも素晴らしい。“Hours Tour”と言うと、風邪をひいたボウイの痛々しいパフォーマンスが多いのですが、ツアー初日だった本作では体調も良く、本来の輝きを見せてくれる。6曲・30分弱という短い放送ではあるものの、そのセットは濃厚。伸びやかで見事な歌声が感動的な「Life On Mars?」でスタートし、ピアノ・イントロが珍しい「China Girl」や『VH1 STORYTELLERS』でも見られなかった「The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell」が続く。終盤もマイク・ガーソンのピアノが素晴らしい「Drive In Saturday」、久々の大観衆を沸かせるエネルギッシュな「Rebel Rebel」など、1曲1曲に見どころ満載のステージなのです。

30分弱という短さからツアーを代表する映像とは言い難いのですが、巨大スタジアムのスペクタクルは『VH1 STORYTELLERS』を圧倒し、調子の良い歌声は『LONDON ASTORIA 1999』を凌駕する。短いながらも濃厚なショウを素晴らしいクオリティで楽しめるマルチカメラ・プロショットです。つい見逃されがちな“Hours Tour”を手軽に知るには絶好の1枚。どうぞ、この機会にお試しください。

1. Intro 2. Life On Mars? 3. Survive 4. China Girl 5. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
6. Drive In Saturday 7. Rebel Rebel 8. Interview


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