David Bowie / Musique Plus 1999 / 1DVDR

David Bowie / Musique Plus 1999 / 1DVDR / Non label

Montreal,Quebec, Canada, 22nd November 1999. NTSC

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Masterpiece of the “hours …” era Multi camera / pro shot is a gift release decision. “Hours Tour 1999” was the smallest number in Bowie history, with only a few performances, but actively appeared on radio and TV instead. A lot of pro shots are left. One of them is included in this work. It is a TV program “Musique Plus 1999” recorded in “November 22, 1999 Quebec”.
This week, the masterpiece soundboard album “KIT KAT KLUB 1999 (Wardour – 294)” which included only North American performances at “Hours Tour” will be released, but this work will be on the 3rd day after that. That quality is excellent. The resolution is also the sweetness of analog broadcasting that seems to be of the time, master freshness is the highest. It seems that it is digitized from the recorded air check · master itself, and there are no dubbing marks at all. Moreover, I can not find even the tape tilt and running noise due to aged deterioration, it is really glossy and beautiful. Nearly 20 years have passed since broadcasting, and usually it is natural to see color blur at the edges of the screen, but you can enjoy plenty of image beauty that does not even have it.
Furthermore, it is speech that a noiseless master will be glad. Although the screen of the air check of the 1990s is beautiful, but there are not many things that got chilly noise, this work is really beautiful. Not only the master freshness but also the recording itself is exquisite, super beautifully separated super stereo sound board. That is exactly the sound as it becomes the nameplate of the live album once it is converted to the official CD.
What is drawn with such quality is live performance unique to television appearances different from the concert. Although it is a studio live, the audience is also put on the scene, and the excitement swirling seen the rock mass superstar at hand is swirling. This mood also leads to “VH1 STORYTELLERS” which realized official release, but the set is completely different. Something In The Air “and” The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell “were selected even at the time of the new song at that time, Classics such as” I’m Afraid Of Americans “,” Ashes To Ashes “,” Stay “,” Cracked Actor ” It was a number not seen in “VH1 STORYTELLERS”.
And the Bowie who plays such a set is also good. “KIT KAT KLUB 1999” was also a really enthralling performance, but only three days later the performance is thin. On that basis, again, the atmosphere is different from the concert stage. I sing carefully without having to perform gaudy action in a narrow space, and the feeling of breathing with the immediate seating seat is quite at home. A lively performance that relaxes while enthusiasm is filled and warm intercourse fills the narrow space … …. It is a picture that you can feel immediately such a bowie.

It is a masterpiece multicamera · pro shot depicting 3 days after the ultimate soundboard “KIT KAT KLUB 1999”. Although it is the best as one video work, it can also be enjoyed as a video version of the press title. Although it was “hours …” which did not happen on a large tour, the bowie remained unchanged at that time as well. Such a studio pro shot that is approaching so close to him. Please enjoy this opportunity.

『hours…』時代の傑作マルチカメラ・プロショットがギフト・リリース決定です。“Hours Tour 1999”はわずか数公演というボウイ史上最も小規模なものでしたが、その代わりにラジオやテレビなどには積極的に出演。数々のプロショットが残っています。本作に収められているのは、そのうちの1つ。「1999年11月22日ケベック」で収録されたテレビ番組“Musique Plus 1999”です。
今週は“Hours Tour”で唯一の北米公演を収めた傑作サウンドボードアルバム『KIT KAT KLUB 1999(Wardour-294)』がリリースされますが、本作はその3日後にあたります。そのクオリティは絶品。解像度こそ当時らしいアナログ放送の甘さも感じられますが、マスター鮮度は最高。録画されたエアチェック・マスターそのものからデジタル化されているらしく、ダビング痕がまったくない。さらに経年劣化によるテープヨレや走行ノイズすら見当たらず、実に艶やかで美しい。放送から20年近くが経過しており、通常なら画面端の色滲みくらいは当たり前なのですが、それさえもない映像美がたっぷりと楽しめるのです。
そんなクオリティで描かれるのは、コンサートとは異なるテレビ出演ならではの生演奏。スタジオ・ライヴではあるのですが、現場には観客も入れており、ロック界の超大物を間近で見られる興奮が渦巻く。このムードは公式リリースも実現した『VH1 STORYTELLERS』にも通じますが、セットはまるで違う。当時の新曲にしても「Something In The Air」や「The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell」がセレクトされ、「I’m Afraid Of Americans」や「Ashes To Ashes」「Stay」「Cracked Actor」といったクラシックスも『VH1 STORYTELLERS』では見られなかったナンバーです。
そして、そんなセットを演じるボウイがまた良い。『KIT KAT KLUB 1999』も実に気合いの入った演奏でしたが、その3日後だけにパフォーマンスは肉薄している。その上で、やはりコンサート・ステージとも違った雰囲気。狭い空間で派手にアクションすることもなくじっくりと歌い込み、そして、間近な客席との呼吸感は極めてアットホーム。熱気が込められつつもリラックスしており、暖かい交歓が狭い空間に満ちていくような生演奏……。そんなボウイをすぐ目の前に感じられる映像なのです。

究極的サウンドボード『KIT KAT KLUB 1999』の3日後を描いた傑作マルチカメラ・プロショットです。1本の映像作品としても最高ですが、プレス・タイトルの映像版としても楽しめる。大規模ツアーの実現しなかった『hours…』ではありますが、その時代もボウイは変わらず輝いていた。そんな彼の間近に迫れるスタジオ・プロショット。ぜひ、この機会にお楽しみください。

1. Survive 2. Ashes To Ashes 3. Seven 4. Thursday’s Child 5. Stay
6. Always Crashing In The Same Car 7. Something In The Air 8. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
9. Cracked Actor 10. I’m Afraid Of Americans


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