David Bowie / Suck On This Budapest 1997 / 2CD

David Bowie / Suck On This Budapest 1997 / 2CD / Wardour
Pepsi-Sziget, Obuda Island, Budapest, Hungary 14th August 1997 STEREO SBD

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 The standard stereo sound board sound source of “EARTHLING” era is expanded to a complete version. Furthermore valuable bonus track is added, it is appearance with perpetual preservation press 2CD.
 It is “August 14, 1997 Budapest performance” that is included in such this work. A bonus was added to the radio program “LIVE ON THE MORNING X” recorded on “April 8, 1997 Atlanta” with the main stereo sound board sound source when appearing on the huge Hungarian festival “PEPSI SZIGET FESTIVAL” 2 It is a piece. Both are permanent boards that are permanently saved in the full version of the sound board known as a standard. First, let’s check the position of the main dubfest show in the tour schedule.

“February 3” EARTHLING “release”
· May 17-June 5: Warm-up gig (4 performances)
· June 7-August 14: Europe (46 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★
· 9 May 6-23: North America (29 shows)
October 31-November 7: South America (5 shows)

[Main: Budapest
 tour on August 14, 1997] This is the whole picture of “EARTHLING TOUR”. The Budapest performance of this work is the last day of the “Europe” leg. In Bowie’s life there are only two Hungarian shows in 1990 and 1997, and this is the last show. This show was an appearance on “PEPSI SZIGET FESTIVAL”, but this is an outdoor festival representing Hungary. It is a relatively new festival that started in 1993, but there are 1000 sets (!) Of stages each year, and a huge event with a massive mobilization of 260,000 people in 1997 (the beginning of the project “STUDENT ISLAND The name was FESTIVAL, but from 1996 to 2003 it became “PEPSI SZIGET FESTIVAL” bearing the name of the sponsor, and from then on it is simply called “SZIGET FESTIVAL.” The stage is also broadcast on FM radio, and has become a staple that has produced a large number of previous releases. This work is the highest peak. So far, the last two songs “Little Wonder” and “White Light / White Heat” have not been recorded, but this work combines a soundboard sound source and an FM sound source to realize the complete version of the show.
 And not only long, the quality is the best ever. In our shop, we have been supervised by overseas Bowie researchers and updated the highest peak of successive sound boards, but this is also the latest bullet. The masters that have been in circulation until now have been scrutinized to the point where they make a difference in generations and subtle sounds, and the best of the best is decided. Furthermore, the possibility that the sound source itself was hidden is drawn out to the maximum with the precise mastering, and the sense of incongruity is eliminated by the precise mastering regarding the connection of the sound board sound source and the FM sound source. The certainty of the sound source knowledge and the preciseness of the finish have been proven by a number of masterpiece sound board groups, but speaking of “EARTHLING TOUR” “NEW YORK MAN (Wardour-262)” “BOWIE TO THE RESCUE: PORT CHESTER 1997 (Wardour-293) ” is a memorable place. Both works were the records of the “North America” ​​leg, but this work can be said to be the European edition (“MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1997 GERMAN FM BROADCAST (Wardour-344)” in the middle of great popularity), but these are guests The atmosphere is quite different because it is a special show with lots of heaps).
 In fact, the quality of this work is just the highest. As a matter of fact, the mix also has the Hungarian style of a rock-backed country, but it is not a drawback but a beauty. The instrumental sounds (especially the drums) are so vicious as to be an official work, and Bowie’s vocals jump into the brain without effects, as if the head became a microphone itself. Furthermore, the sense of stereo to panic intensely transcends. The beauty of one sound and one sound is an official grade, but it is a soundboard full of a feeling of being buried and synchronized with Bowie and bands more than that.
 The show drawn in that quality is also great. It is similar to the song only in the same tour as “NEW YORK MAN” and “BOWIE TO THE RESCUE”, but the order of the songs is significantly different because the legs are different. After all, what is fresh is the opening to fold the “HUNKY DORY” number. That alone is surprising, but the pole position in particular is a quiet “Quicksand” and a sharp acoustic show. Then, the electric guitar goes in and the music goes up magnificently and is inherited to “Queen Bitch” (It’s cool that Bowie shouts “Suck on this !!” is cool!) Connect with It is a natural flow, surprisingly.
 Of course, the arrangements for “EARTHLING TOUR” are also full of interesting shows. Not to mention the new song of “EARTHLING”, but also the classics are boldly new interpretation. Even with “Waiting For The Man”, guitar riffs and chorus are elaborate, and unusual intros have been added “The Jean Genie” “Fame” “Stay”, rhythmic “I’m Afraid Of Americans”, The song “The Man Who Sold The World”, like singing on a mysterious synth sound, and the “Fashion”, which has been reborn as funky. From the last “White Light / White Heat” which I could not hear in “NEW YORK MAN” and “BOWIE TO THE RESCUE”, I can enjoy the full show only in 1997 with the best soundboard.

[Bonus: radio program of April 8, 1997 Atlanta] After
 such a Budapest performance, bonus radio sound board sound source is recorded as bonus. A program recorded on Atlanta’s “SMITH’S OLDE BAR”, which also includes “Dead Man Walking” on the official compilation “99X LIVE X IV” HOME “. In response to the questions and answers with the fans, Bowie and Reeves Gabrells 2 songs “Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)” “Seven Years In Tibet” “Dead Man Walking” “The Jean Genie” “I Can’t Read Is shown acoustically. As a matter of fact, there are many such radio appearances in the “EARTHLING” era, and “NEW YORK MAN” and “BOWIE TO THE RESCUE” have been recorded as bonus. Although this work is the series, I would like to pay particular attention to Cambridge broadcasts recorded in “NEW YORK MAN”. In fact, it was the same “April 8, 1997” recording as the Atlanta broadcast of this work. Atlanta and Cambridge are about two and a half hours by air, and the content and the tracks are very similar, but the sessions were different twice a day, with different performances and talks.
 And here is the highest peak as well as the main part of the Budapest show. It is the best master by the researcher, and the sound and singing voice of the acoustic guitar are strong. Not only that sound, but the length is great. Most of the previous releases have had questions and answers cut with the fans, but this is a complete version of the broadcast. Not only can you enjoy the mood of the studio that makes a lot of laughs, but also the scene that sings “The Supermen” while skipping jokes saying “It’s Page Rif”. Moreover, it sings a little longer than Cambridge broadcast.

 Bowie’s Hungarian show, which had only been done twice in history, and a homely radio show. It is a great masterpiece of a live album that includes both of them in the highest quality ever recorded. It is a stereo sound board of the finest even in this work, but it is one that becomes the top trilogy of “EARTHLING TOUR” if combined with “NEW YORK MAN” and “BOWIE TO THE RESCUE”. Please enjoy forever and forever with Press 2CD.

そんな本作に収められているのは「1997年8月14日ブダペスト公演」。ハンガリーの巨大フェス“PEPSI SZIGET FESTIVAL”に出演した際のステレオ・サウンドボード音源をメインに、「1997年4月8日アトランタ」で収録されたラジオ番組“LIVE ON THE MORNING X”をボーナス追加した2枚組です。どちらも定番として知られるサウンドボードを完全版で永久保存した決定盤なのです。まずは、メインのダブペスト公演のポジションをツアースケジュールの中で確かめてみましょう。


これが“EARTHLING TOUR”の全体像。本作のブダペスト公演は「欧州」レッグの最終日にあたる。ボウイの人生でハンガリー公演は1990年と1997年の2回しかなく、本作は最後のショウだったわけです。このショウは“PEPSI SZIGET FESTIVAL”への出演だったわけですが、これはハンガリーを代表する野外フェス。1993年に始まった比較的新しいフェスなのですが、毎年1000組(!)に及ぶステージが行われ、1997年には26万人という膨大な動員を誇った超巨大イベント(開始当初は“STUDENT ISLAND FESTIVAL”という名称でしたが、1996年から2003年はスポンサーの名を冠した“PEPSI SZIGET FESTIVAL”となり、それ以降は単に“SZIGET FESTIVAL”と呼ばれています)。そのステージはFMラジオでも放送され、幾多の既発を生み出した定番ともなってきました。本作は、その最高峰になるもの。これまではラスト2曲「Little Wonder」「White Light / White Heat」が未収録でしたが、本作はサウンドボード音源とFM音源を組み合わせ、ショウの完全版を実現しているのです。
しかも、単に長いだけではなく、クオリティも過去最高。当店では、海外のボウイ研究家に監修を受けて歴代サウンドボードの最高峰を更新してきましたが、本作はその最新弾でもある。これまで流通してきたマスター1本1本をジェネや微妙な鳴りの違いまで精査し、ベスト中のベストを確定。さらに精密なマスタリングで音源自体が秘めていた可能性を最大限に引き出し、サウンドボード音源とFM音源の接続に関しても精緻なマスタリングで違和感を解消している。その音源知識の確かさと仕上がりの緻密さは数々の名作サウンドボード群で証明されてきましたが、“EARTHLING TOUR”と言えば『NEW YORK MAN(Wardour-262)』『BOWIE TO THE RESCUE: PORT CHESTER 1997(Wardour-293)』が思い出深いところ。両作は「北米」レッグの記録でしたが、本作はそのヨーロッパ編とも言えるのです(大好評真っ最中の『MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1997 GERMAN FM BROADCAST(Wardour-344)』もありますが、これらはゲストも山盛りの特別ショウなので雰囲気がだいぶ違います)。
そのクオリティで描かれるショウがまた素晴らしい。『NEW YORK MAN』『BOWIE TO THE RESCUE』と同じツアーだけに曲目には似ているのですが、レッグが違うために曲順は大幅に異なる。何と言っても新鮮なのは『HUNKY DORY』ナンバーを畳みかけるオープニング。それだけでも意外ですが、特にポールポジションは静かな「Quicksand」であり、切々としたアコースティックな開演なのです。そして、エレキギターが入って壮大に盛り上がって「Queen Bitch」へと受け継がれ(ここでボウイが「Suck on this!!」と叫ぶのがカッコイイ!)、さらにTHE VELVET UNDERGROUND繋がりの「Waiting For The Man」と繋がっていく。何とも意外ながら自然な流れなのです。
もちろん、その後も“EARTHLING TOUR”ならではのアレンジも面白いショウがたっぷり。『EARTHLING』の新曲はもちろんですが、クラシックスも大胆に新解釈。「Waiting For The Man」にしてもギターリフやコーラスが凝っていますし、一風変わったイントロが追加された「The Jean Genie」「Fame」「Stay」、リズミックな「I’m Afraid Of Americans」、不思議なシンセサウンドに乗せて語るように歌う「The Man Who Sold The World」、ファンキーに生まれ変わった「Fashion」等々。『NEW YORK MAN』『BOWIE TO THE RESCUE』では聴けなかったラストの「White Light / White Heat」まで、1997年ならではのフルショウを極上サウンドボードで楽しめるのです。

そんなブダペスト公演の後は、極上のラジオ・サウンドボード音源をボーナス収録。アトランタの“SMITH’S OLDE BAR”で収録された番組で、オフィシャルのコンピレーション『99X LIVE X IV “HOME”』にも「Dead Man Walking」が収録されたもの。ファンとの質疑応答に応えながらボウイとリーブス・ガブレルスの2人が5曲「Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)」「Seven Years In Tibet」「Dead Man Walking」「The Jean Genie」「I Can’t Read」をアコースティックで披露しています。実のところ『EARTHLING』時代には、こうしたラジオ出演が結構あり、『NEW YORK MAN』『BOWIE TO THE RESCUE』でもボーナスに収録されてきました。本作もそのシリーズなわけですが、特に注目したいのは『NEW YORK MAN』に収録されたケンブリッジ放送。実は本作のアトランタ放送と同じ「1997年4月8日」収録でした。アトランタとケンブリッジは飛行機で約2時間半であり、内容も曲目も酷似していますが、演奏もトークも異なる1日2回のセッションだったわけです。
そして、こちらも本編のブダペスト公演と同じく最高峰。研究家によるベスト・マスターで、アコギの響きも歌声も力強い。そのサウンドもさることながら、素晴らしいのは長さ。これまでの既発ではファンとの質疑応答がカットされたものがほとんどでしたが、本作は放送の完全版。爆笑が渦巻くスタジオのムードがたっぷりと楽しめるだけでなく、「ペイジ・リフだ」とジョークを飛ばしながら「The Supermen」を歌うシーンもノーカット。しかも、ケンブリッジ放送よりちょっと長めに歌ってくれます。

歴史上2回しかなかったボウイのハンガリー公演と、アットホームなラジオ番組。その双方を史上最高峰クオリティで完全収録したライヴアルバムの大傑作です。本作1本でも極上のステレオ・サウンドボードですが、『NEW YORK MAN』『BOWIE TO THE RESCUE』と合わせれば“EARTHLING TOUR”の頂点三部作となる1本。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDでいつでも、いつまでもお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (74:07)
1. Quicksand 2. Queen Bitch 3. I’m Waiting For The Man 4. The Jean Genie 5. I’m Afraid Of Americans
6. Battle For Britain 7. The Man Who Sold The World 8. Fashion 9. Seven Years In Tibet
10. Fame 11. Stay 12. Looking For Satellites 13. Under Pressure
14. Hallo Spaceboy 15. Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)

Disc 2 (72:36)
1. Little Wonder 2. Band Introductions 3. White Light / White Heat

David Bowie: Vocals, Guitar Gail Ann Doersey: Bass, Vocals
Mike Garson: Keyboards Reeves Gabrels: Guitar
Zachary Alford: Drums

Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA, USA 8th April 1997

Live on The Morning X, Complete 99X/WNNX FM Broadcast
Hosted by Leslie Fram, Jimmy Baron and Steve Barnes

4. Introductions / Interview 5. Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
6. Interviews 7. Seven Years In Tibet 8. Interviews 9. Jimmy Page Riff / The Supermen
10. Dead Man Walking 11. Interviews 12. The Jean Genie
13. Interviews 14. I Can’t Read 15. Final Thanks

David Bowie: Vocals, Guitar Reeves Gabrels: Guitar, Vocals



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