David Bowie / Loreley 1996 / 2CD

David Bowie / Loreley 1996 / 2CD / Wardour

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Loreley Open Air Festival, Goarshausen, Germany 22nd June 1996 STEREO SBD



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It was raised to create a sworn friend Brian Eno “1.OUTSIDE” era of superb stereo sound board album is appeared. Berlin trilogy also is reminiscent of, but is “1.OUTSIDE” era, speaking of the large classic “1996, June 22, Lorelei performances (Germany)”. In a concert that was broadcast any television program “ROCKPALAST”, what has been widely loved as the “best of” OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996 “” from that time. This work, we its superlative version.
Only has been loved from 20 years ago, is famous live, which has created a number of its outstanding group, of course, this work is not already issued a copy and re-master. Bowie of death, of you have been HD re-broadcast version, which broadcast from earlier this year. In fact, the sound of this work is the difference between both the lid taste homeopathic and old-fashioned air check products, of deterioration zero master quality. Of course it is not a course of “official-class sound board”, but the high-quality panel of preeminent among them.
Moreover, the global authority in Bowie study of this work was supervised. Our shop is, so far, but also we have been large quantities introduce the sound board album of Bowie, things that most of them has been pressed the hallmark as “Korezo Best Master” by this researcher. When you try to enumerate in the title, “HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1973 (Wardour-185),” “ROTTERDAM 1976 (Wardour-186),” “GLASTONSTONBURY FESTIVAL 2000 (Wardour-184),” “MONTREUX 2002 (Wardour-193)”. If the person who was to listen to even one of these, super quality to sheer “deep knowledge” and “solid choice eye” I think we have some of it has been realize. This work is a thing that turned into CD the researchers is “This is what is best,” “Let forever board specification,” said the recommendation to have a master to direct.
Such expert “OUTSIDE TOUR” world transcendence is drawn by the sound board of the jewel, splendor that revives the vivid also memories of the Japan tour. In fact, this work is also in the “OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996”, hit immediately after the Japan number luck. Here, let’s bird’s-eye view an overview of the entire tour.

– September 14, 1995 – October 31, 2011: North American tour (27 performances)
– 1995, November 14 – 1996 February 20, 2011: European Tour # 1 (40 performances)
“After three and a half months”
– 1996 June 4 – 13, 2011: Japan tour (7 performances)
– 1996, June 18 – July 21 :: European tour # 2 (20 performances)

In this way “OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996” is divided into two large, members also also different set list. The second half of the schedule is to start from Japan, and cross to Europe immediately after that, however, the present work is 3 performances eyes of the “European tour # 2”. Only because we do not have passed 9 days from the last day of the Japan tour, I course of memories that revives also. Of course, there is no exactly the same as Japan also said that after three performances. The second half of the schedule, also entitled “OUTSIDE SUMMER FESTIVALS TOUR”, the main starring to the summer festival. This day is also a performer of the “Lorelei Festival 1996”, also set a jerk and tight.
And what more, intense thing is hard “1.OUTSIDE” era. Bombarded continue to beat, guitar of aggressive Reeves-Gaburerusu, Bowie to roar even hotter while Dandy on it. Since the expiration of TIN MACHINE waged a tense sound world of what is at once opened by the large impression of “All The Young Dudes” ……. Exactly what the world of that “OUTSIDE TOUR” unique to listen to Katsuaki in transcendence sound board.

After TIN MACHINE end, he has taken to the new world back to the solo “OUTSIDE TOUR”. TIN MACHINE of “OY VEY, BABY” and, in the live album, such as “LIVEANDWELL.COM,” “VH1 STORYTELLERS” solo is left in the official, that is Between “OUTSIDE TOUR” is after all, had been ignored by the official . This work, large classic sound board should be left in the original official, is the ultimate board. The sound that researchers had hoped, “I want to leave forever”, a gem that was sealed in the press 2CD remain in that wish. Best “OUTSIDE experience” history, Please enjoy to the full extent.

盟友ブライアン・イーノと創り上げた『1.OUTSIDE』時代の極上ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。ベルリン三部作も彷彿とさせる『1.OUTSIDE』時代ですが、その大定番と言えば「1996年6月22日ローレライ公演(ドイツ)」。テレビ番組『ROCKPALAST』でも放送されたコンサートで、当時から「“OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996”のベスト」として広く愛されてきたもの。本作は、その最上級バージョンなのです。
しかも、本作を監修したのはボウイ研究で世界的な権威。当店は、これまでもボウイのサウンドボード・アルバムを大量にご紹介して参りましたが、そのほとんどがこの研究家によって「これぞベスト・マスター」と太鼓判を押された物。タイトルで列挙してみますと、『HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1973(Wardour-185)』『ROTTERDAM 1976(Wardour-186)』『GLASTONSTONBURY FESTIVAL 2000(Wardour-184)』『MONTREUX 2002(Wardour-193)』。この中の1本でもお聴きになった方なら、スーパー・クオリティに透ける“深い知識”と“確かな選択眼”を実感されたことがあるのではないでしょうか。本作は、その研究家が「これこそがベスト」「永久盤仕様にしなさい」と推薦してきたマスターをダイレクトにCD化したものなのです。
そんな研究家イチオシの超絶サウンドボードで描かれる“OUTSIDE TOUR”世界は、日本公演の想い出も鮮やかに蘇る素晴らしさ。実際、本作は“OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996”の中でも、日本個運の直後にあたる。ここでツアー全体の概要を俯瞰してみましょう。


このように“OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996”は、大きく2つに分かれており、メンバーもセットリストも違う。後半日程は日本からスタートしており、その直後にヨーロッパへと渡りますが、本作はその「欧州ツアー#2」の3公演目。日本公演の最終日から9日しか経っていないのですから、想い出が蘇るのも当然なのです。もちろん、3公演後とは言っても日本とまったく同じでもない。この後半日程は“OUTSIDE SUMMER FESTIVALS TOUR”とも題されており、夏フェスへの出演がメイン。この日も“ローレライ・フェスティバル1996”への出演であり、セットもグッとタイト。もちろん、単に短くなっているわけではなく、先日ご紹介した武道館公演の極上盤『OUTSIDE OF BUDOKAN 1996(Wardour-196)』では聴けない『EARTHLING』の「Telling Lies」も披露しています。
そして何より、強烈なのは『1.OUTSIDE』時代のハードさ。攻め立て続けるビート、アグレッシヴなリーヴス・ガブレルスのギター、その上にダンディながらも熱く咆哮するボウイ。TIN MACHINEを経過したからこその緊迫した音世界が繰り広げられ、「All The Young Dudes」の大感動によって一気に開放される……。まさに、あの“OUTSIDE TOUR”ならではの世界が超絶サウンドボードで克明に聴けるのです。

TIN MACHINE終了後、ソロに戻って新たな世界に踏み出した“OUTSIDE TOUR”。TIN MACHINEの『OY VEY, BABY』や、ソロの『LIVEANDWELL.COM』『VH1 STORYTELLERS』といったライヴ盤がオフィシャルで残される中、その狭間である“OUTSIDE TOUR”は結局、公式から無視されてしまった。本作は、本来オフィシャルで残されるべき大定番サウンドボード、その究極盤です。研究家が「永久に残したい」と願ったサウンドを、その願いのままにプレス2CDに封じ込めた逸品。史上最高の“OUTSIDE体験”、どうぞ存分にお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (47:43)
1. Intro 2. Look Back In Anger 3. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 4. Diamond Dogs
5. The Hearts Filthy Lesson 6. Outside 7. Aladdin Sane 8. Andy Warhol
9. The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) 10. The Man Who Sold The World 11. Telling Lies

Disc 2 (52:25)
1. Baby Universal 2. Hallo Spaceboy 3. Breaking Glass 4. We Prick You 5. Jump They Say
6. Lust For Life 7. Under Pressure 8.“Heroes” 9. Member Introductions 10. White Light/White Heat
11. Moonage Daydream 12. All The Young Dudes 13. Outro


David Bowie – vocals Reeves Gabrels – guitar, backing vocals
Gail Ann Dorsey – bass guitar, vocals Zachary Alford – drums
Mike Garson – keyboards, backing vocals

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