David Bowie / Dublin 1995 / 2CDR

David Bowie / Dublin 1995 / 2CDR / Uxbridge
Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland 24th November 1995 STEREO SBD Speed/Pitch-adjusted Edition

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A dark bowie created by a reunion with Brian Eno ally, “1.OUTSIDE” era. That masterpiece stereo sound board album is appearing.
What is contained in this work is “Dublin Concert November 24, 1995”. “OUTSIDE TOUR” It is a live album that you can enjoy in the first half with a wonderful close sound board. Actually, this “first half” is the point. In order to explain the meaning, let’s first check the position of the show from the whole view of the world tour.

● 1995
“September 25” 1.OUTSIDE “release”
· September 14 – October 31: North America # 1 (27 performances)
· November 14 – December 13: Britain (16 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
● 1996
· January 17 – February 20: Europe # 1 (23 performances)
– Three and a half months later –
· June 4th – 13th: Japan (7 performances)
· June 18 – July 21: European # 2 (20 performances)

This is the whole picture of “OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996”. The tour has about three and a half months off in the early spring of 1996, which can be divided into the first half and the second half. In the first half and the second half, if the members are different, the set is also different. In the latter half of the tour from the Japanese performance was a five person formation, the first half is a large household with eight people formation. Besides ally Carlos Aromer, George Sims and Peter Schwartz also participated in the keyboard as a big ensemble. Speaking of “OUTSIDE TOUR” live album, the finest sound board “LORELEY 1996 (Wardour – 195)” and the Japanese performance “OUTSIDE OF BUDOKAN 1996 (Wardour – 196)” are popular as decision boards, Latter half. In contrast, this work is a stereo sound board album that you can taste the big show in the first half in detail.
In fact, the sound of this work may not be amusing even if it is in the official bonus track. The undulation of the great cheers is a hard-to-feel desk table, but the sense of synchronism that makes the vivid stereo feel close to the band is also enormous as much. Especially the singing voice of the Bowie whispers in my ear as if my head became a microphone and I sing it. Although there was already the episode only for that masterpiece sound board, this work is the highest peak. In our shop we have delivered many soundboard works supervised by overseas Bowie researchers, but this work is the latest bullet. Using a master who was pushed for “Kolor best” at the end of the deep study, precisely the pitch which was greatly mad at the departure is accurate. It is exactly one of the highest peaks ever.
However, there are many good demons. There is a reason also to be introduced as an introduction from the Uxbridge label though it is of such quality. It feels like a chilli in the second half. The sound begins to rough from “We Prick You” in the last disc, and it does not recover as it is to the performance. It seems that this zara is like recording at the time, perhaps the fate of Dublin 95. Of course, in this work I applied treatment with full mastering, finished much more beautifully than I had already. However, it was still not completely indispensable, but unfortunately it did not reach the permanent preservation press. Basically the quality is missing just because it is regrettable! It is a masterpiece.
The show drawn with such sounds is full of umami in the first half of the tour, and famous songs that can not be heard even at “LORELEY 1996” representing the latter half of the tour are heaped. New songs of “1.OUTSIDE” “The Motel” “I Have Not Been to Oxford Town” “A Small Plot of Land” “Strangers When We Meet” are also played, but more than that is the past revival repertoire. “Boys Keep Swinging” “DJ” of “LODGER” and “Teenage Wildlife” of “SCARY MONSTERS” are shown, and it jumps out to “My Death” and “Nite Flights” for the first time in 23 years. Moreover, “The Motel” was played until 2004, but the other songs are at most until 1997. It is a repertoire unique to this period, especially the two songs “A Small Plot of Land” and “Teenage Wildlife” can not be heard even at masterpiece rehearsal album “SLINKY SECRETS (Wardour-230)”. It can be enjoyed plentifully with the ear sound board.
In addition to such a main part, this work also recorded a bonus superb sound board. It is about two weeks before the main part “Paris performances on November 12, 1995”. Although it is 6 songs, it is a stereo sound board of MTV broadcast, of course, the highest peak master of the supervisor supervised. It is a masterpiece sound source of the official class which approaches with the sense of direct-blowing which is also able to communicate in the first half of the main performance of Dublin in the main part, and also without roughness.

It is a masterpiece stereo sound board recording which can enjoy the singing voice of Bowie with the ear, enjoying the ensemble of the first half “OUTSIDE TOUR” which was an organization of eight people, with the ear. Unfortunately it was not a perfection without water, but a wonderful live album that will update the record high. Please enjoy it carefully.

本作に収められているのは「1995年11月24日ダブリン公演」。“OUTSIDE TOUR”前半を素晴らしい密着サウンドボードで楽しめるライヴアルバムです。実は、この“前半”というのがポイント。その意味をご説明するためにも、まずはワールド・ツアーの全景からショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。


これが“OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996”の全体像。ツアーは1996年の春先に約3ヶ月半のオフがあり、これを境に前半・後半に分けられます。前後半ではメンバーも異なれば、セットも違う。日本公演からのツアー後半は5人編成でしたが、前半は8人編成の大所帯。盟友カルロス・アロマーの他、キーボードにジョージ・シムズ、ピーター・シュワルツも参加したビッグなアンサンブルでした。“OUTSIDE TOUR”のライヴアルバムと言えば、極上サウンドボード『LORELEY 1996(Wardour-195)』や日本公演『OUTSIDE OF BUDOKAN 1996(Wardour-196)』が決定盤として人気ですが、それらはいずれもツアー後半。それに対し、本作は前半のビッグなショウを詳細に味わえるステレオサウンドボード・アルバムなのです。
しかし、好事魔多し。それだけのクオリティでありながらUxbridgeレーベルからのご紹介となったのにも理由がある。それは後半のチリチリとした感触。ディスク1ラストの「We Prick You」から音がザラつき始め、そのまま終演まで回復しないのです。このザラつきはどうも録音時のものらしく、恐らくダブリン95の宿命。もちろん、本作では全力マスタリングでトリートメントを施し、既発よりも遙かに美しく仕上げました。しかし、それでも完全無欠とはいかず、残念ながら永久保存プレスまでは到達しなかった。基本のクオリティはズバ抜けているだけに、実に惜しい!大傑作なのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるショウはツアー前半の旨みたっぷりで、ツアー後半を代表する『LORELEY 1996』でも聴けなかった名曲が山盛り。『1.OUTSIDE』の新曲「The Motel」「I Have Not Been to Oxford Town」「A Small Plot of Land」「Strangers When We Meet」も演奏されますが、それ以上なのが過去の復活レパートリー。『LODGER』の「Boys Keep Swinging」「D.J.」や『SCARY MONSTERS』の「Teenage Wildlife」が披露され、23年ぶりとなる「My Death」、「Nite Flights」まで飛び出す。しかも、「The Motel」こそ2004年まで演奏されましたが、それ以外の曲はせいぜい1997年まで。この時期ならではのレパートリーであり、特に「A Small Plot of Land」「Teenage Wildlife」の2曲は、傑作リハーサル・アルバム『SLINKY SECRETS(Wardour-230)』でも聴けなかった。それを耳元サウンドボードでたっぷりと楽しめるのです。

8人編成だった“OUTSIDE TOUR”前半のアンサンブルを細部まで楽しめ、ボウイの歌声を耳元で感じられる傑作ステレオ・サウンドボード録音です。残念ながら水も漏らさぬ完成度とはいきませんでしたが、過去最高を更新する素晴らしいライヴアルバム。どうぞ、じっくりとお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (69:45)
1. The Motel 2. Look Back In Anger 3. The Heart’s Filthy Lesson
4. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 5. The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
6. I Have Not Been to Oxford Town 7. Outside 8. Andy Warhol 9. The Man Who Sold the World
10. A Small Plot of Land 11. Boys Keep Swinging 12. Strangers When We Meet
13. Jump They Say 14. Hallo Spaceboy 15. We Prick You

Disc 2 (64:52)
1. Band Introductions 2. Nite Flights 3. My Death 4. DJ 5. Teenage Wildlife
6. Under Pressure 7. Moonage Daydream

Opera Le Bastille, Paris, France 12th November 1995

8. Look Back In Anger 9. The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) 10. Under Pressure
11. The Man Who Sold The World 12. Hallo Spaceboy 13. Strangers When We Meet


David Bowie: Vocals / Saxophone Carlos Alomar: Guitar Gail Ann Dorsey: Bass / Vocals
George Simms: Backing Vocals / Keyboards Mike Garson: Keyboards
Peter Schwartz: Keyboards Reeves Gabrels: Lead Guitar Zachary Alford: Drums

Uxbridge 934

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