David Bowie / Sound Vision Tour Rehearsal 1990 / 1CD

David Bowie / Sound Vision Tour Rehearsal 1990 / 1CD / Wardour
Translated Text:
Rehearsals in New York, NY. USA February 1990 STEREO SBD


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Another one, the top quality quality board of the stereo sound board album shining in the history of Bowie is appearing.
A year after he left us, we have assembled tags with the worldwide authority of Bowie research in our shop, we have kept permanently a number of superb sound boards left in his career. In addition to merely digging up famous sound sources, the master of this “vertex” was selected by a certain eyes selected by researchers’ deep knowledge, and furthermore the musicality was finished with the mastering at the research viewpoint which was familiar with the value of music Name recorded people. I will give you a bit of that lineup, “HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1973 (Wardour-185)” “ROTTERDAM 1976 (Wardour-186)” “MILTON KEYNES BOWL 1990 2ND NIGHT (Wardour-198)” “LORELEY 1996 (Wardour-195)” “GLASTONSTONBURY FESTIVAL 2000 (Wardour-184)”, “MONTREUX 2002 (Wardour-193)”, and so forth. While it is mostly a large classic sound source, there are many people who are surprised that this is why “There was such a good version!” This work is a rehearsal album of its latest bullet, 1990’s Great Hit Parade Tour “SOUND + VISION TOUR”.
Speaking of the rehearsal album, “DALLAS REHARSALS 1983 (Wardour-208)” which was released the other day was also very popular, but if last time was Stevie Ray Vaughan, this time Adrian Brew. It is a sound source that the Direct Recording that the Adrian recorded as memoranda leaked out. As a matter of fact, this recording itself has been famous since then and has produced countless early leads, including “OVERTURE & BEGINNERS”, “REHARSING SOUND & VISION”, but this work is somewhat different from that. Of course, the performance / recording itself is the same, but it is called “DAT version” between the core and collector, and it is an exceptional treatment which makes a distinction from the bootleg sound source.
In fact, its quality is a wonderful thing that does not compare any previous episode. There is not any deterioration in the beautiful sound made CD directly from the DAT master, and there is no hiss or yore at all either. Direct sound direct sound unique to spill sound board is steadily flowed into brain miso from both ears. Not to mention Adrian’s guitar, especially Bowie’s vocal is great. Sometimes it is a rehearsal that is not real, and that relaxed singing voice is a feeling of privacy that is quite different from a concert. No matter how many live clubs on the desk directly connected to this world there are no recordings overflowing in “feeling of singing” “feeling coming” as closely as this work. Moreover, it is not a shredded practice parts collection, but a confirmation stage where almost all arrangements were completed. The 1990 version of the super masterpieces group is a superb sound and you can taste plenty.
It is wonderful because it is not only that but it is just that sense of direct connection. To tell the truth, the desk direct soundboard is incredible to remember the taste of too much direct feeling, but this work is different. While “firmly connected vivid feeling” is firmly held, the musical tone can also have a rich “ringing”. Perhaps it is the sound of the rehearsal studio to check the details of the ensemble. While extremely delicate, it is also very beautiful at the same time. Although the appearance of the audience also came to the back of the Bowie’s mind, the five senses that were sharpened are rehearsals that have focused only on music. It is an album that can be completely immersed in the beauty space.

Of course, I can not expect the completion degree as the final form concert, but it is one that can be touched with a superb sound on a precious “reheat expression”. “Work” One page of a musician Bowie’s life, unlike a studio studio album or stage that is strange. It is colored by intimacy and quality, the melodies of masterpieces dance … …. Even the career of Bowie is the ultimate form of special stereo sound board album. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.
彼が私たちの元を去ってから1年、当店ではボウイ研究の世界的権威とタッグを組み、彼のキャリアに残された極上サウンドボードの数々を永久保存してまいりました。単に有名音源を掘り起こすだけでなく、研究家の深い知識に裏打ちされた確かな選択眼によって「これぞ頂点」のマスターが選び抜かれ、さらに音楽性も価値も熟知した研究視点でのマスタリングで仕上げられた名録音たち。そのラインナップをちょっと挙げてみますと『HAMMERSMITH ODEON 1973(Wardour-185)』『ROTTERDAM 1976(Wardour-186)』『MILTON KEYNES BOWL 1990 2ND NIGHT(Wardour-198)』『LORELEY 1996(Wardour-195)』『GLASTONSTONBURY FESTIVAL 2000(Wardour-184)』『MONTREUX 2002(Wardour-193)』等々など。大定番音源がほとんどでありながら、だからこそ「こんなに良いバージョンがあったのか!」と驚かれた方も多いのではないでしょうか。本作はその最新弾、1990年の大ヒットパレード・ツアー“SOUND + VISION TOUR”のリハーサル・アルバムです。
リハーサル・アルバムと言えば、先日リリースされた『DALLAS REHEARSALS 1983(Wardour-208)』も大好評を賜りましたが、前回がスティーヴィ・レイ・ヴォーンなら、今回はエイドリアン・ブリュー。どうもエイドリアンがメモ的に記録していたという卓直結録音が流出した音源なのです。実のところ、この録音自体は当時から有名で『OVERTURE & BEGINNERS』『REHEARSING SOUND & VISION』を筆頭に無数の既発を生んできましたが、本作はそれとはちょっと違う。もちろん、演奏/録音自体は同じですが、コア・コレクターの間では“DATバージョン”と呼ばれ、ブートレッグ音源とは一線を画す別格扱いのものなのです。


1. Space Oddity 2. Changes 3. TVC15 4. Rebel Rebel 5. Golden Years 6. Be My Wife 7. Ashes To Ashes
8. John, I’m Only Dancing 9. Queen Bitch 10. Fashion 11. Life On Mars? 12. Blue Jean
13. Ziggy Stardust 14. Stay 15. Sound And Vision 16. Station To Station 17. Alabama Song
18. Pretty Pink Rose



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