David Bowie / Rock In Chile 1990 / 2CD

David Bowie / Rock In Chile 1990 / 2CD/ Wardour

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Estadio Nacional de Chile, Santiago, Chile 27th September 1990  STEREO SBD

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Century ‘s Greatest Hits Tour “SOUND + VISION”. A special class sound board album that can taste the final stage appears as a permanent preservation press 2CD. It is contained in such a work is “Live album representing the first South American tour of Bowie realized on the final stage of” SOUND + VISION TOUR 1990 “performed on September 27, 1990 in Santiago.
“SOUND + VISION” was made to seal hits as TIN MACHINE full-scale start. In the super luxury set playing the successive big hit songs and representative songs in one stroke, for seven months, we made all over the world boast about 108 performances. Although it was a truly extraordinary tour, unfortunately it did not become a live album officially. However, there were a number of superb sound boards to replace them. We delivered “TOKYO DOME 1990 (Wardour – 178)” and “MILTON KEYNES BOWL 1990 2ND NIGHT (Wardour – 198)” so far this week we released “MONTREAL 1990 (Wardour – 277)” at the same time. You can see the world tour with the finest sound board. First of all, let’s check the position of each album with the whole picture of the tour.

· March 4th – 15th: North America # 1 (7 performances)
→ “MONTREAL 1990”
· March 19 – April 22: Europe # 1 (22 performances)
· April 27 – May 9: North America # 2 (7 performances)
· May 15 + 16: Japan (2 shows)
· May 20 – July 29: North America # 3 (40 shows)
· August 4 – September 16: Europe # 2 (24 shows)
· September 20 – 29: South America (6 shows)
→ 【this work】

Overall, 108 performances. “MONTREAL 1990” is the beginning of tour tour, “COMPLETE VISION IN DOME” is middle stage, “MILTON KEYNES BOWL 1990 2ND NIGHT” is the second half’s main work. In contrast, the Santiago performance of this work is “South America” ​​at the end of the tour. It is the live album of the final stage which is also the second performance from the end. It is possible to hold down the total world tour with these four works.
Such a work is what is known as the No. 1 sound board in South America. There are four soundboards left from this South American tour, but most of them are excerpted broadcasts. Even if it is long known as “ROCK IN RIO 1990 (Uxbridge 354)”, the last “Gloria” has ended with a fadeout, and only this work can enjoy the full show.
Of course, this work is not only long. Quality is also wonderful. Although it is somewhat dry as an official regular work, it is completely different from the sound imaged in the so-called “South American quality”. It is a superb item that can be released more than enough in the fashionable Deluxe Edition nowadays. However, it does not mean there is nothing like South America. It mixes. In Europe and the United States, there are many mixes that are playing official boards, but this work is (fairly good) raw. The guitar, the keyboard, the rhythm squad, and the musical tone directly connected with the desk are combined while keeping the core naked, and the real enthusiasm of South America crouchs along there. Especially the vocal of Bowie is as fresh as if you just thrust Mike’s cord into your ear, and you can feel breath sound ultra real.
It is super gray test hits inspired by the first South America that is drawn with that sound. Although mostly in line with other South American shows, the volume of full show is overwhelming. Fashion “” Panic In Detroit “” White Light, White Heat “which can not be heard even by masterpiece” ROCK IN RIO 1990 “. Regarding music, not necessarily the big doubles as a small, but if it becomes a Greatest Hits / Show, more masterpieces will be luxurious and it will be generalized. And this work is the decision board with the greatest number of songs on many South American sound boards.
And that performance is wonderful. Ensemble is ripe for only the second show from the last in this long day of the world tour, and Adrienne Brew’s virtue is also perfect form. And above anything, the first time I’m faced with South America is wonderful. Although it is not amusing even in the tired mode on the final stage of the world tour usually, it feels plenty of momentum that exceeds it.

Century luxury entertainment tour “SOUND + VISION TOUR 1990”. It is a commodity that tells the final board with a full sound board. Even this single work is a wonderful live album, but in addition to “MONTREAL 1990”, “COMPLETE VISION IN DOME”, “MILTON KEYNES BOWL 1990 2ND NIGHT”, the whole world can feel the total “SOUND + VISION” enthusiastic. Please take this opportunity to collect with permanent preservation press 2CD by all means.

世紀のグレイテストヒッツ・ツアー“SOUND + VISION”。その最終盤を味わえる特級サウンドボード・アルバムが永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。そんな本作に収められているのは「1990年9月27日サンティアゴ公演。“SOUND + VISION TOUR 1990”最終盤に実現したボウイ初の南米ツアーを代表するライヴアルバムです。
“SOUND + VISION”はTIN MACHINE本格始動に伴い、ヒット曲の封印するために行われたもの。歴代の大ヒット曲・代表曲を一気に演奏する超豪華セットで7ヶ月間、全108公演で世界各国を沸かせました。まさに極めつけのツアーだったものの、残念ながらオフィシャルにライヴアルバムにはならなかった。しかし、その代わりとなる極上サウンドボードがいくつも残されました。当店ではこれまで『TOKYO DOME 1990(Wardour-178)』や『MILTON KEYNES BOWL 1990 2ND NIGHT(Wardour-198)』をお届けし、今週は『MONTREAL 1990(Wardour-277)』も同時リリース。ワールドツアーを極上サウンドボードで一望できるようになりました。まずは、ツアーの全体像で各アルバムのポジションを確認してみましょう。

→『MONTREAL 1990』

以上、全108公演。『MONTREAL 1990』はツアー極初期、『COMPLETE VISION IN DOME』は中盤、『MILTON KEYNES BOWL 1990 2ND NIGHT』は後半の代表作です。それに対し、本作のサンティアゴ公演はツアー最後の「南米」。それも最後から2公演目という最終盤のライヴアルバム。この4作でワールドツアーをトータルで押さえられるわけです。
そんな本作は、南米No.1のサウンドボードとして知られるもの。この南米ツアーからは4公演分のサウンドボードが残されていますが、そのほとんどが抜粋放送。長尺で知られる『ROCK IN RIO 1990(Uxbridge 354)』にしてもラストの「Gloria」がフェイドアウトで終わっており、フルショウを楽しめるのは本作だけです。
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、初の南米に発奮した超グレイテスト・ヒッツ。大筋で他の南米ショウに準じているものの、やはりフルショウのボリュームは圧倒的。名作『ROCK IN RIO 1990』でも聴けない「Fashion」「Panic In Detroit」「White Light, White Heat」まで披露される。こと音楽に関しては必ずしも大が小を兼ねるわけではないのですが、グレイテストヒッツ・ショウとなれば、名曲が多ければ多いほど豪華であり、総括的になる。そして、本作こそが数ある南米サウンドボードで最も曲数の多い決定盤なのです。

世紀の豪華エンターテインメント・ツアー“SOUND+VISION TOUR 1990”。その最終盤をフル・サウンドボードで伝える銘品です。本作1本でも素晴らしいライヴアルバムですが、さらに『MONTREAL 1990』『COMPLETE VISION IN DOME』『MILTON KEYNES BOWL 1990 2ND NIGHT』と併せれば、全世界が熱狂した“SOUND + VISION”をトータルで味わえる。この機会に、ぜひ永久保存プレス2CDでコレクトしてください。


Disc 1 (71:42)
1. Space Oddity 2. Life On Mars? 3. Rebel Rebel 4. Ashes To Ashes 5. Stay
6. Band Introductions 7. Pretty Pink Rose 8. Blue Jean 9. Let’s Dance 10. Sound And Vision
11. Ziggy Stardust 12. China Girl 13. Panic In Detroit 14. Young Americans
15. Suffragette City 16. Fame 17. “Heroes”

Disc 2 (25:51)
1. Audience 2. Changes 3. White Light, White Heat 4. The Jean Genie / Gloria
5. Fashion 6. Modern Love


David Bowie – Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar Adrian Belew – Guitar, Vocal Erdel Kizilcay – Bass
Rick Fox – Keyboards Michael Hodges – Drums


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