David Bowie / Ottawa 1987 / 3CDR

David Bowie / Ottawa 1987 / 3CDR / Uxbridge

Live at Landsdown Park, Ottawa, ON. Canada 28th August 1987 STEREO SBD

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“GLASS SPIDER TOUR 1987” will be the most pros and cons in Bowie history. The best soundboard album is here. A tour that thoroughly pursued the pop star route and attracted attention with its ultra-luxurious stage set and surrealistic productions. For that reason, it was far from the traditional image of Bowie, and for many years fans had different tastes. However, the performance was amazing because the show was thorough. This work is one that reveals the truth with the best sound.

The official video “GLASS SPIDER” reigns over this tour, but of course this work is a separate performance. This is a stereo sound board album of “August 28, 1987 Ottawa Performance (Canada)”. “GLASS SPIDER TOUR 1987” has few opportunities to look back, but it is a good opportunity, so let’s take a look at the outline of the tour.

・ March 17-30: Promo show (9 times)
・ May 29-July 18: Europe (27 performances)
・ July 30-October 14: North America (44 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ October 29-November 28: Oceania (15 performances) Official “GLASS SPIDER”

The above is the outline of the tour. The official video “GLASS SPIDER” was “Oceania Leg”, but this work is the show that corresponds to the 17th performance of “North America Leg” before that. The site, “TD Place Stadium (commonly known as Landsdown Park),” is an outdoor stadium with a capacity of about 30,000 people, but on this day it was a big breakthrough in the concert mobilization record of the city of Ottawa.

This work, which contains such a great success concert, is a superb stereo sound board that is so vivid that you can wake up. The feeling of being recorded and the distant and small cheers are different from the “official class”, but the freshness of the muki is just the umami of the sound board. The vividness that cannot be experienced in the official work is vivid, and you can experience the immersive feeling that the brain miso has become the CD player itself. In particular, Bowie’s singing voice, which is essential, is intense. Even the effect of vocals is vivid, and you can feel the breathing feeling that is poured into the microphone, which is as if your ears became the microphone itself. It’s a strange ear sound that you don’t feel sighing.

Because of such a sound, the truth of “GLASS SPIDER TOUR 1987” becomes naked. To be honest, the official video “GLASS SPIDER” conveys the true value of the tour, which was the biggest selling point for luxurious sets and productions. However, the “music” that was hidden in the dazzling “scene” is now exposed.

In fact, the performance is really wonderful. The biggest point is Peter Frampton, who is also a junior in high school. Although the image of a pop tournament was strong, the guitar played on the directly connected sound board is unexpectedly hard. Incorporate Peter-like phrases into Bowie’s masterpieces. Of course, even so, “GLASS SPIDER TOUR”. From the new work “NEVER LET ME DOWN” at that time, 7 out of 11 songs will be shown, and the past repertoire has been boldly arranged. For example, “Big Brother”. It is a masterpiece that was revived for the first time in 13 years at this time, but the keyboard accent is light. From a long arrangement including a drum solo, the new song “87 And Cry” will fall into the snow. Is “All The Madmen” even more bold? Despite being “THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD”, this tour was the only one that was regularly performed. Moreover, it has changed to a dance number with a light rhythm that is completely different from the muddy original. Similarly, “Sons Of The Silent Age” of “HEROES” is a rare performance only for this tour.

In addition to these “All The Madmen”, “Big Brother” and “87 And Cry”, “Scary Monsters”, “Time Will Crawl” and “Beat Of Your Drum” were not included in the official video “GLASS SPIDER”. The booked version is an album that you can listen to on a super vivid direct sound board.

A precious stereo sound board of a precious era. I feel uncomfortable with the light and danceable Bowie, but that is also because Bowie “does more thoroughly than I do”. And because he was such a man, his music and performance were thoroughly refined. The true face of a perfectionist that emerges only after stripping off the gorgeous stage set and production. A 3-disc set that lets you enjoy the music world with a sound that is directly connected to the table. We bring this masterpiece to you this weekend.

ボウイ史上でももっとも賛否を分けるであろう“GLASS SPIDER TOUR 1987”。その極上サウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。徹底的にポップスター路線を追及し、超豪華なステージセットとシュールな演出の数々で話題をさらったツアー。それだけに、従来のボウイのイメージとあまりにかけ離れ、長年ファンにとっては好みの分かれるところでした。しかし、そのショウは徹底的だからこそ、演奏も凄かった。本作は、その真実を極上サウンドで暴き出す1本なのです。

このツアーの模様はオフィシャル映像『GLASS SPIDER』が君臨していますが、もちろん本作は別公演。「1987年8月28日オタワ公演(カナダ)」のステレオサウンドボード・アルバムです。あまり振り返る機会の少ない“GLASS SPIDER TOUR 1987”ですが、良い機会ですのでツアーの概要から見てみましょう。

・10月29日-11月28日:オセアニア(15公演) 公式『GLASS SPIDER』

以上がツアーの概要です。公式映像『GLASS SPIDER』は「オセアニア・レッグ」でしたが、本作はその前にあたる「北米レッグ」17公演目にあたるショウ。現場となった“TDプレイス・スタジアム(通称ランズダウン・パーク)”は約3万人収容の野外競技場なのですが、この日はオタワ市のコンサート動員記録を塗り替える大入りとなりました。


そんなサウンドだからこそ、“GLASS SPIDER TOUR 1987”の真実が丸裸になる。正直なところ、豪華なセットや演出が最大の売りだったツアーだけに、公式映像『GLASS SPIDER』こそが真価を伝えている。しかし、その目も眩むような“光景”に隠されていた“音楽”がムキ出しになっているのです。

実際、その演奏は実に素晴らしい。最大のポイントは高校時代の後輩でもあるピーター・フランプトン。ポップ大会のイメージが強かったものの、こうして直結サウンドボードで流し込まれるギターは思いの外ハード。ボウイの名曲群に、ピーターらしいフレーズを盛り込んでいくのです。もちろん、そうは言っても“GLASS SPIDER TOUR”。当時の新作『NEVER LET ME DOWN』からは全11曲中7曲が披露されますし、過去のレパートリーも大胆にアレンジされている。例えば、「Big Brother」。この時13年ぶりに復活した名曲ですが、キーボードのアクセントが軽やか。ドラムソロも含めた長尺アレンジから新曲「87 And Cry」と雪崩れ込んでいくのです。さらに大胆なのが「All The Madmen」でしょうか。『THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD』でありながら、レギュラー演奏されたのはこのツアーだけ。しかも、泥臭いオリジナルとはまるで違う軽快なリズムのダンスナンバーに様変わりしているのです。同じように『”HEROES”』の「Sons Of The Silent Age」もこのツアーだけのレア・パフォーマンス。

こうした「All The Madmen」「Big Brother」「87 And Cry」の他、「Scary Monsters」「Time Will Crawl」「Beat Of Your Drum」は、公式映像『GLASS SPIDER』には収められなかった。その記帳バージョンが超ビビッドな直結サウンドボードで聴けるアルバムなのです。


Disc 1(45:49)
1. Intro/Up The Hill Backwards 2. Glass Spider 3. Day In Day Out 4. Bang Bang 5. Absolute Beginners
6. Loving The Alien 7. China Girl 8. Rebel Rebel 9. Fashion

Disc 2(40:55)
1. Scary Monsters 2. All The Madmen 3. Never Let Me Down 4. Big Brother 5. 87 And Cry 6. Heroes
7. Sons Of The Silent Age 8. Time Will Crawl

Disc 3(40:14)
1. Young Americans 2. Beat Of Your Drum 3. The Jean Genie 4. Let’s Dance 5. Fame 6. Time
7. Blue Jean 8. Modern Love


David Bowie – vocals, guitar Peter Frampton – guitar, vocals Carlos Alomar – guitar
Carmine Rojas – bass guitar Alan Childs – drums Erdal Kizilcay – keyboards, trumpet, congas, violin
Richard Cottle – keyboards, saxophone
Tour dancers:
Melissa Hurley Constance Marie Spazz Attack (Craig Allen Rothwell) Viktor Manoel
Stephen Nichols Toni Basil (choreography)

Uxbridge 621

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