David Bowie / Serious Moonlight Nagoya 1983 / 2CD

David Bowie / Serious Moonlight Nagoya 1983 / 2CD / Helden

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Nagoya International Exhibition Hall Aichi Japan October 29, 1983.  Digitally Remastered

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The times are always flowing like a muddy stream. Four years after arriving in Japan in 1979 who showed a strict stage with short hair, the Bowie who transformed into a stage showy showed up gorgeously was coming to Japan again. The era came in the middle of the 1980s. There must be a distinct line between the ’70s and’ 80s. From 1980 it turns the rudder towards a more popular era, the bowie seems to get on the agility quickly.

The Serious Moonlight Tour, which began in Brussels on May 18, 1983, was eventually the largest and longest and most successful tour in Bowie’s tour history. It was a famous Bowie for rock fans until then, but it was not this time that you became popular with the general public. Tour number actually counted 96 performances. Originally planned to tour around medium sized venues of around 10000 people, but with the sales far exceeding the expectation of the album “Let’s Dance”, tickets became a battlefield, so a large stadium and Outdoor venues will be organized on schedule. Also in Japan, venues of various sizes ranging from arenas to stadiums were chosen. The schedule of the Japanese performance of the Serious Moonlight Tour in 1983 is as follows.

October 20, 1983 Tokyo Nippon Budokan
October 21, 1983 Tokyo Nippon Budokan
October 22, 1983 Tokyo Nippon Budokan
October 24, 1983 Tokyo Nippon Budokan
Yokohama Stadium October 25, 1983
October 26, 1983 Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
October 27, 1983 Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
October 29, 1983 Nagoya International Exhibition Hall
October 30, 1983 Osaka Expo Memorial Park
October 31, 1983 Kyoto Prefectural Gymnasium

As a scale, it is a large scale not existing in the conventional Bowie, including Yokohama 4 consecutive times, Yokohama is the largest number and mobilization number, reflecting the popularity of the time including the stadium performances. And this work is complete collection of Nagoya performance with high sound quality on October 29, 1983. Many songs played for the first time in the live, the songs included in the album “Scary Monsters” are the first live version of this tour and there is also an important number such as “Ashes To Ashes” which is indispensable on the Bowie stage later . Brighter air that covers the whole than that, arranging is not a big change, but makes the atmosphere of the song different from the traditional one. Is it because the band including the horn is luxurious and big in number compared with the past as it gets this kind of impression? Fashionable and handsome, blonde hair Bowie sings on a gorgeous stage. There is no doubt that it is a fun stage that the cheeriness of the 80’s will be transmitted more than enough.

October 29, 1983 Completely recorded Nagoya performance with high sound quality. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press.



1983年10月20日 東京日本武道館
1983年10月21日 東京日本武道館
1983年10月22日 東京日本武道館
1983年10月24日 東京日本武道館
1983年10月25日 横浜スタジアム
1983年10月26日 大阪府立体育館
1983年10月27日 大阪府立体育館
1983年10月29日 名古屋国際展示場
1983年10月30日 大阪万博記念公園
1983年10月31日 京都府立体育館

規模としては従来のボウイにない大規模なもので、武道館4連続を含め、横浜はスタジアム公演など、当時の人気を反映して本数や動員数ともに最大のものとなっている。そして本作は1983年10月29日名古屋公演を高音質で完全収録している。ライヴで初めて演奏する曲も多く、アルバム『スケアリー・モンスターズ』収録曲などはこのツアーが初めてのライヴ・バージョンであるし、後にボウイのステージでは欠かせない「Ashes To Ashes」など重要なナンバーもある。それよりも全体を覆う明るい空気が、アレンジこそ大幅なチェンジがないものの、曲の雰囲気を従来のものと異なるものにしている。このような印象を受けるのはホーンを含めたバンドが従来に比べて豪華で大人数だからであろうか。オシャレでイケメン、ブロンド髪のボウイが華やかな舞台で歌う。80年代の陽気さが十二分に伝わってくる楽しいステージであることは間違いない。


01. Introduction
02. Look Back In Anger
03. “Heroes”
04. What In The World
05. Golden Years
06. Fashion
07. Let’s Dance
08. Breaking Glass
09. Life On Mars?
10. Sorrow
11. Cat People
12. China Girl
13. Scary Monsters
14. Rebel Rebel
15. White Light White Heat

01. Station To Station
02. Cracked Actor
03. Ashes To Ashes
04. Space Oddity
05. Member Introductions
06. Young Americans
07. Fame
08. Star
09. Stay
10. The Jean Genie
11. Modern Love

Helden. DEN  088/089

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