David Bowie / Detroit Joe Louise Arena 1983 / 2CD

David Bowie / Detroit Joe Louise Arena 1983 / 2CD / Helden

Joe Louis Arena Detroit MI July 30, 1983. Digitally Remasterd

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Times are always flowing like turbid flow. Four years after his visit to Japan in 1979, when he showed me a cool stage with short hair and cool stage, Bowie, who was transformed into a stage that was made up with blond hair, came to Japan again. The era was in the middle of the 1980s. I do not feel that a clear line is drawn between the 70’s and 80’s. It seems that Bowie got on the stream in a hurry to turn the direction to be more pop since 1980’s.

The Serious Moonlight Tour, launched in Brussels on May 18, 1983, resulted in Bowie’s largest, longest, and most successful tour ever. Until then, it was a famous Bowie for Rock Fans, but wasn’t it at this time that it became generally popular? The number of tours counted 96 performances. Originally planned to tour around a medium-sized venue of around 10000 people, but with sales that greatly exceeded the assumption of the album “Let’s Dance”, the ticket was a battle, so a large-scale venue was It was decided to be put together in the center.

Speaking of Bowie’s Serious Moonlight Tour, there will be an image starting with the official “Look Back In Anger,” as it is seen in the official, but the Detroit performances that included this film are “The Jean Genie It is an anomalous thing that starts with “Star” from the intro of “”. This pattern was shown in a few regular shows during the tour, one of which is the Detroit show. In many performances, “Star” was always played alongside “Stay” in the first encore, but on this day “Star” is the opening and in the first encore “I Can ‘ It is also worth noting that t Explain is played.

And not only the contents but also the sound quality is very excellent, the vocals are close, and there is no artificial feeling like processing with equalizing, and the sound quality is very mellow. It is high-quality sound located in the high rank among the audience recording of 1983 year.

July 30, 1983 Detroit performances complete recording with high sound quality. If the opening is a rare pattern called “The Jean Genie-Star”, Encore is a rare day playing “I Can’t Explain”. A permanent press with beautiful picture and disc specifications.



ボウイのシリアス・ムーンライト・ツアーといえば、公式で見られるように疾走感あふるる「Look Back In Anger」で開幕するイメージがあろうが、なんと本作が収録されたデトロイト公演は「The Jean Genie」のイントロから「Star」で始まるという変則的なものである。このパターンはツアー中にイレギュラーで何公演かで披露されたものであり、このデトロイト公演もその中のひとつである。多くの公演において「Star」は第一アンコールで「Stay」と並んで演奏されるのが常であったが、この日は「Star」がオープニングとなり、第一アンコールではその代替として「I Can’t Explain」が演奏されているのも注目すべき点である。


1983年7月30日デトロイト公演を高音質で完全収録。オープニングが「The Jean Genie – Star」という珍しいパターンであるならば、アンコールでは「I Can’t Explain」を演奏するというレアな日である。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。

01. Introduction
02. Star
03. Heroes
04. What In The World
05. Golden Years
06. Fashion
07. Let’s Dance
08. Breaking Glass
09. Life On Mars?
10. Sorrow
11. Cat People
12. China Girl
13. Scary Monsters
14. Rebel Rebel
15. White Light, White Heat

01. Station To Station
02. Cracked Actor
03. Ashes To Ashes
04. Space Oddity
05. band introduction
06. Young Americans
07. Fame
08. TVC15
09. Stay
10. Jean Genie
11. I can’t Explain
12. Modern Love

Helden. DEN-119/120

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