David Bowie / Definitive Nagoya 1983 / 2CD+1Bonus CDR

David Bowie / Definitive Nagoya 1983 / 2CD+1Bonus CDR / Wardour

Translated Text:
Live at Nagoya International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan 29th October 1983 plus Bonus CDR “His Favourite Songs On Sound Street”

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The other day, the world first public “YOKOHAMA STADIUM 1983 (Wardour – 253)” shocked the “1983 Kinney recording” shocked. No way, Suicide’s sequel appears. This time again, it is the world’s first public super-best album!
It is recorded in this work that will be the second miracle “October 29, 1983: Nagoya City International Exhibition Center” performance. Of course, it is a scene of “SERIOUS MOONLIGHT JAPAN TOUR” which was exploring popularity in movies “Merry Christmas on the Battlefield” and “LET’S DANCE”. In addition to “Yokohama Stadium 1983” of the other day, we have reported with many live albums so far at our shop. Especially this week is also a simultaneous release with “DEFINITIVE BUDOKAN 1983 FINAL NIGHT (Wardour-254)”, so let’s organize the masterpieces by schedule.

· October 20: Nippon Budokan
· October 21: Nippon Budokan “MOONLIGHT SHADOW”
· October 22: Nippon Budokan “THIRD NIGHT AT BUDOKAN”
· October 24: Nippon Budokan “DEFINITIVE BUDOKAN 1983 FINAL NIGHT” ★
· October 25: Yokohama Stadium “Yokohama Stadium 1983” ★
· October 26: Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
· October 27: Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
· October 29: Nagoya City International Exhibition Hall 【this work】 ★
· October 30: Osaka Expo Commemoration Stadium “OSAKA 1983 FINAL NIGHT”
· October 31: Kyoto Prefectural Gymnasium “KYOTO 1983” ★
※ Note: Only for masterpieces on each day. ★ Mark is a kiny recording.

All the ten shows that are the largest in the history of Bowie’s arrival in Japan. The Nagoya performance of this work corresponds to the eight performances which came near the end of it. A variety of recordings were discovered from that time only to popularity, but the Nagoya performance was not blessed. Although the recording itself has been known for a long time, only the ones that were traded were of levels not tolerable to listen to. Although it was told that “It was a delightful enthusiasm … it seems to be …”, but for many years “like” was not removed. It was about a talk entitled “Good recording for the first time has come out for the first time!” At the gift board “NAGOYA 1983” which was unearthed from our store about a year ago!
Of course, this work is another dimension that is completely different from such a gift board! I can not compare it any more. Anyway, the original recording of super superior Kinney that can be said to be synonymous with boot history. As mentioned above, a number of Kinnie recordings are pressed from this tour, but none are super class. This work also does not leak to that example, its vividness, direct feeling, crystal clear air feeling …… All is phenomenal. Bowie’s singing voice of the breathing level, as well as bones and thick performances are caught super delicately, and the balance where the great charm of “CAR!” Swirls far in the distance is brilliant. It is exactly “Keene Magic” is a fully opened item.
The show drawn with that sound is “evidence of sound” which proves the long-time urban legend “The enthusiastic entertainment”. On this tour, Osaka performance which was interrupted by too much enthusiasm is also famous (its document can be enjoyed at “OSAKA 1983 FINAL NIGHT”), but the Nagoya performance of this work is the day before that. While stirring enthusiasm for whispering swirls, hot air that stops the show penetrates the whole story. Of course, the bowie’s enthusiasm, inspired by its enthusiasm, is not a humpa but a pulling voice with a singing voice.
Also, listen to that “premonition”. Unlike the gift board ‘NAGOYA 1983’, singing voices / performances are not blocked, but an unusual mood still feels like that. Not only the yellow sea of ​​the above-mentioned ocean, but also did you hit the real voice such as “I’m sorry” “I am down now!” Apologize, “Do not sit in front … …” Sounds surely. Like the Osaka World Expo Commemorative Stadium, the flame of anger does not burn and spread, but the fire species was certainly also in Nagoya.

Performing enthusiasm for enthusiasm, enthusiasm draws enthusiasm. Nagoya performance of a miracle that had been raised to the point just before the hot air deviated from the “sound” range. It is a kinnie recording that puts all the details in a super clear. No way, there was such a famous record · name recording. What has not been published so far. Following “Yokohama Stadium 1983”, a miracle excavation board. Even as a wonderful music album, it is also the best gem as a document of “1983”. Please enjoy this beautifully and rich “Kaoru of 1983” full of hearts.

先日、全世界初公開盤『YOKOHAMA STADIUM 1983(Wardour-253)』で衝撃を振りまいた“1983年のキニー録音”。まさか、まさかの続編が登場です。今回もまた、全世界初公開の超・極上ライヴアルバムです!
二度目の奇跡となる本作に記録されているのは「1983年10月29日:名古屋市国際展示場」公演。もちろん、映画『戦場のメリークリスマス』や『LET’S DANCE』で人気絶頂を究めていた“SERIOUS MOONLIGHT JAPAN TOUR”の一幕です。先日の『YOKOHAMA STADIUM 1983』をはじめ、当店ではこれまで何作ものライヴアルバムでレポートしてきました。特に今週は『DEFINITIVE BUDOKAN 1983 FINAL NIGHT(Wardour-254)』との同時リリースでもありますので、日程で代表作を整理しておきましょう。

・10月21日:日本武道館 『MOONLIGHT SHADOW』
・10月22日:日本武道館 『THIRD NIGHT AT BUDOKAN』
・10月25日:横浜スタジアム 『YOKOHAMA STADIUM 1983』★
・10月29日:名古屋市国際展示場 【本作】★
・10月30日:大阪万博記念競技場 『OSAKA 1983 FINAL NIGHT』
・10月31日:京都府立体育館 『KYOTO 1983』★

以上、ボウイの来日史上、最大規模となる全10公演。本作の名古屋公演は、その終盤に差し掛かってきた8公演目にあたります。人気絶頂だけに、当時からさまざまな録音が発掘されてきましたが、名古屋公演は恵まれていなかった。録音自体は以前から存在こそ知られてはいたものの、トレードされていたのは聴くに耐えないレベルのものばかり。「気合いの入った熱演だった……らしい」と言われ続けてきたものの、長年「らしい」が外されなかった。1年ほど前に当店から発掘されたギフト盤『NAGOYA 1983』で「初めて良い録音が出てきた!」と話題になったくらいなのです。
もちろん、本作はそんなギフト盤とはまったくの別次元! もう全っ然、比較になりません。何しろ、ブート史と同義とさえ言える超名門キニーのオリジナル録音。上記した通り、このツアーからは何作ものキニー録音がプレス化されておりますが、どれもが超一流。本作もその例に漏れず、その鮮やかさ、ダイレクト感、クリスタル・クリアな空気感……すべてが驚異的。息づかいレベルのボウイの歌声はもちろん、骨太・肉厚な演奏も超繊細に捉えられ、「キャー!」の大嬌声が遠くの彼方で渦巻くバランスも見事。まさに“キニー・マジック”全開の銘品なのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウは、長年の都市伝説「気合いの入った熱演」を証明する“音の証拠”。このツアーでは、あまりの熱狂に中断された大阪公演も有名(そのドキュメントは『OSAKA 1983 FINAL NIGHT』でお楽しみ頂けます)ですが、本作の名古屋公演はその前日。その予兆となる熱狂が渦巻きながら、ショウを止める寸止めの熱気が全編を貫く。もちろん、その熱気に煽られたボウイの気合いもハンパではなく、力のこもった歌声でグイグイと引っ張っていくのです。
また、その“予兆”も聴きどころ。ギフト盤『NAGOYA 1983』とは違って歌声/演奏を遮りはしませんが、それでも異様なムードはそこかしこに感じられる。先述した黄色い嬌声の海だけでなく、ぶつかりでもしたのか「ごめんなさい」「今、降ろします!」という謝り声、「前の方が座ってくれない……」といったリアルな声が(小さくても、確実に)聞こえる。大阪万博記念競技場のように怒りの炎が燃え広がりはしませんが、火種は名古屋にも確実にあったのです。

熱演が熱狂を煽り、熱狂が熱演を引き出す。熱気が“健全”の域を逸脱する寸前にまで高められていた奇跡の名古屋公演。その一部始終を超クリアに収めるキニー録音です。まさか、こんな名盤・名録音が存在していたとは。これまで公開されなかったとは。『YOKOHAMA STADIUM 1983』に続く、奇跡の発掘盤。素晴らしい音楽アルバムとしても、“1983年”のドキュメントとしても最高の逸品。この美しくも濃厚な“1983年の薫り”、どうぞ胸いっぱいにお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (57:10)
1. Pre-Show Music 2. Intro 3. Look Back In Anger 4. Heroes 5. What In The World?
6. Golden Years 7. Fashion 8. Let’s Dance 9. Breaking Glass 10. Life On Mars?
11. Sorrow 12. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) 13. China Girl 14. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
15. Rebel Rebel 16. White Light/White Heat

Disc 2 (56:43)
1. Station To Station 2. Cracked Actor 3. Ashes To Ashes 4. Space Oddity
5. Band Introduction 6. Young Americans 7. Fame 8. Star 9. Stay 10. The Jean Genie
11. Modern Love



David Bowie / His Favourite Songs On Sound Street /1Single CDR / Non Label

Translated text:
Broadcast: 22nd November 1983


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The main press 2CD is a superb live album flowing out of the world’s first appearance of Kinney cassette. To that bonus, we have prepared a radio album that approaches the “1983 Bowie”.
This work contains Japanese radio program “SOUND STREET”. Bowie who had been visiting Japan at “SERIOUS MOONLIGHT JAPAN TOUR 1983” appeared on the day of the professor who co-starred in the movie “Battlefield Christmas”. A special number called “Bowie ‘s favorite song” is broadcasted. This work is its air check · tape.
The program is progressed by three professors of DJ, Bowie, and British music critic familiar as interpreter. I will talk with Bowie’s selection. It’s 6 songs, P.I.L., ALAN FREED & HIS ROCK, VELVET UNDERGROUND, JACKIE WILSON, YMO, LITTLE RICHARD. Most of all, the bowie’s comment that talks about his feelings to the song is really good. “LITTLE RICHARD is the reason to challenge music.” “I wanted to blow sax with ALAN FREED & HIS ROCK that I listened to when I was a little, so I’m opening the tour now.” “JACKIE WILSON is a number I fell down on the stage a year ago and I am still in critical condition (I die two months after this broadcast) I am sorrowful “etc., the thoughts to his roots are spoken in real voice.
I also thought that it would be filled with such roots music, P.I.L. and VELVET UNDERGROUND of synchronized debut also selected. There are great music talks with professors and critics through the New Wave and genuine talks between friends. “It’s monotonously stupid, but that’s going well, it’s about this song I love in PIL.” “Velbets, listening after the New Wave storm has ended, feels brilliant originality of the original,” YMO told the strip It also goes well (laugh) “and so on. Furthermore, the story spreads to the antenna to other genres, how it sees classical music and pops, and Bowie says, “When my vision for music narrows my music is limited, it is a sad thing.” It is a time when I tried to transform into a pop star through Bowie himself, Berlin era, New Wave, it is a very heavy word.
Three music talks did not know where to stop and it seems to have been exciting while playing songs. It is supposed to have been talking about songs before JACKIE WILSON, but it is a story of sound making around the end. Even so, “I was doing a lot of equipment on my own at” STATION TO STATION “and” LOW “, but recently I am aiming for a simple and easy-to-understand sound,” LOW “was overkilling, etc.” Comments are interesting.

Anyway, there are many thin things like “the entertainment world” in Japan, but this work is quite different in dimension. Even for the entertainer reporter, even for the question “What do you think of Japan for the first time in 5 years?”, Bowie returns from the viewpoint of music and art, and the other two are taken from directly in front. Not only talking about music lovers but also three people talking about choosing music as a way of life as a work. Separately there is no talk of small difficult music theory, but it does not appear at all, but it is a deep world where the feeling of the shoes oozes out, up to one joke, one of the harmonies. Because it is a music companion, because “friends” are friends, “The real face of a musician Bowie” floats. Similarly to you, a moment to talk with him as “a person who loves music”.

本作は日本のラジオ番組『SOUND STREET』を収めたもの。“SERIOUS MOONLIGHT JAPAN TOUR 1983”で日本を訪れていたボウイは、映画『戦場のクリスマス』でも共演した教授の担当日にゲスト出演。“ボウイの好きな曲をかける”という特番が放送されました。本作は、そのエアチェック・テープなのです。
番組はDJの教授、ボウイ、そして通訳としてお馴染みのイギリス人音楽評論家の3人で進行。ボウイの選曲をかけながら語り合っていきます。その選曲とはP.I.L.、ALAN FREED & HIS ROCK、VELVET UNDERGROUND、JACKIE WILSON、YMO、LITTLE RICHARDの6曲。なにより、それ曲に対して想いを語るボウイのコメントが実に良い。「LITTLE RICHARDは、音楽を志すきっかけなんだよ」「小さい頃に聴いたALAN FREED & HIS ROCKでサックスを吹きたくなったんだ。それで今のツアーでもオープニングしてるんだよ」「JACKIE WILSONは数年前にステージで倒れて、今でも危篤状態なんだ(この放送の2ヶ月後に死去)。哀しいよ」等々、彼のルーツへの想いが肉声で語られる。
そんなルーツ・ミュージックで埋め尽くされるかとも思いきや、P.I.L.や同期デビューのVELVET UNDERGROUNDも選曲。そこでは教授や評論家も交えてニューウェーヴを経た音楽家同士、友人同士の本音トークが凄い。「バカバカしいほど単調だけど、それが上手くいってるよね。P.I.L.で好きなのはこの曲くらいなもんだよ」「ニューウェーヴの嵐が終わってから聴くヴェルベッツは、元祖の輝くオリジナリティを感じる」「YMOはストリップにも合うんだよ(笑)」等々。さらに話はクラシックやポップスをどう捉えているか、他ジャンルへのアンテナへと広がり、ボウイは「音楽への視野が狭くなると自分の音楽も限られてしまう。それは悲しいことだ」と語る。思えばボウイ自身、ベルリン時代、ニューウェーヴを通過してポップスターへ転身を図った時期であり、実に重い言葉です。
3人の音楽談義は止まるところを知らず、曲をかけている間も盛り上がっていた模様。JACKIE WILSONの前には曲の話をしていたはずなのに、終わった頃には音づくりの話になっている。そこでも「『STATION TO STATION』や『LOW』では自分でいろんな機材をイジってたけど、最近はシンプルで分かりやすいサウンドを目指してる。『LOW』でやりすぎたよ」など、本人ならではの実感のこもったコメントが面白いのです。


Public Image Ltd – (This is Not a) Love Song / Alan Freed & His Rock – Right Now, Right Now
Velvet Underground – Here She Comes Now / Jackie Wilson – Lonely Teardrops
Little Richard – True Fine Mama

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