David Bowie / The Truth Unveiled 1978 / 3CD

David Bowie / The Truth Unveiled 1978 / 3CD / Helden

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Koseinenkin Kaikan Osaka Japan December 6, 1978. Digitally Remastered


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Bowie from finishing the tour due to the STATION TO STATION in 1976, probably to spend the time that was the toughest and enhancement in the music life. Because Bowie of drug dependence will reach severe, it was supposed to carry out the rehabilitation in a foreign country to change the environment. It was Berlin. Quote-unquote is the beginning of Bowie in Berlin era. To violent era of the Cold War still, Bowie to the Cold War front line that has been split into East and West were to set up a home. And in parallel with the rehabilitation of drug dependence it is was launched in the new album making.

Another mental state of Bowie, the musical was very fruitful Berlin era. It was chosen as the musical partner of this time Bowie is Brian Eno. Eno originally avant-garde contemporary music, with musicians that specializes in ambient music, but it seems likely the common point is at first glance the name of the Bowie, something strange because of this fusion produces a stunning masterpiece. Album made in collaboration recording of Bowie and Eno is a three-installment of the “low”, “hero Yumegatari” “TENANTS”, collectively are referred to as the trilogy Berlin. Both counts as name board, in particular the preceding two installment and the like should also referred to as a masterpiece of Bowie. “Wax” in which half were clearly reflected the impact of Eno that installation song, but were those far removed from the conventional Bowie of the image, profound and profound atmosphere that covers the whole album and admirably Bowie of music matched, we have succeeded in raising the wonderful effect. Punk suggests the attitude that does not pander dare to easily era of Bowie in a place that has hit such music in the era of the golden.

Followed by “hero Yumegatari” is while under the influence in the lock of Germany, the ratio is installation song idea is reflected in the previous same Eno but decreased plays an important role. To the title song “Heroes” has been passed down to sing as a representative song of Bowie, would be music hard to forget, “Moss Garden” for the Japanese. The famous album cover was further held up a hand to the forehead is due to the hands of Sukita justice is a Japanese photographer.

Although commonly referred to as the Berlin trilogy in that collaborated with Eno, Bowie this two works after the release is out on tour. It was entitled THE ISOLAR II, it is the so-called wax & Heroes Tour. San Diego the Beginning March 29, 1978, around the United States, Europe, Oceania, all 77 performances in the schedule that finishes last in Japan has been organized. This work than Japan tour that became the land of the tour final, has recorded the Osaka Welfare Pension Hall performances that have been made in two consecutive days, on December 6 and 7, 1978. Tour dates are as follows in the Japan Tour.

December 6, 1978 Osaka Welfare Pension Hall
December 7, 1978 in Osaka Welfare Pension Hall
1978 December 9, Osaka Expo Hall
Tokyo, December 11, 1978 Nippon Budokan
December 12, 1978 Tokyo NHK Hall

Budokan is only one day, Tokyo is an interesting place where NHK Hall performances have been organized otherwise. Also Osaka is also not at the same venue three consecutive, after the two were carried out in succession in the employees’ pension hall, was something atypical that carried out in the same Osaka elsewhere in the city not so much far. In particular, the last day of NHK Hall, where a TV recording is performed only on NHK, are those of the familiar for the full also of Japan fan the appearance of live was broadcast although at the Young Music Show is not a recording. Of this work has been recorded is a two performances of the first at the beginning of the Japan Tour. Oddly enough, NHK Hall performances and video, sound board sound source from the video has been on CD, Budokan also audience recording is on CD. But Osaka performances this work is the first time that being on CD except for the small ones up to now. Of course, it is the first appearance sound source.

It is the first performance in the land of the World Tour final. Set list is believed that it was both days common. Solemn concert in the “illusion of Warsaw” kicked off, a concert in the center at the time of the new album “wax” the song of the “hero Yumegatari” is constructed. The first half in the installation song was born at the end of the collaboration with Eno is the main, the second half has a two-part that familiar hit songs is played. Although it where the is why selection of music from “Ziggy Stardust” is often anxious, and the last three songs from the “station-to-station”, and the last will be concluded with a “beloved rebellious”. Although this tour was released under the title is at that time live recording “STAGE”, the second half before the concert had been turned over the configuration of the actual concert in turnover. But was intended to feel uncomfortable for the realistic fan in concert at that time, it has been re-released is Kuminaosa to the actual song order after.

Now and is in the and “Heroes” has become Bowie Classics “Be My Wife”, such as “broken mirror” is not only to have been unveiled as the new song, “Beauty and the Beast” and “of silence such as the children of the age “, such as songs that are no longer able to play in a concert later, an attractive set list to draw the attention of the unique 1978 tour. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.

1976年にSTATION TO STATIONに伴うツアーを終えてからのボウイは、おそらく音楽人生の中で最も過酷かつ充実した時期を過ごすことになる。というのもボウイの薬物依存は重度に達し、そのリハビリを環境を変え異国の地で行なう事になったのである。それがベルリンであった。俗に言うボウイのベルリン時代の幕開けである。まだ東西冷戦の激しい時代に、東西に分裂していた冷戦の最前線にボウイは居を構えるのであった。そして薬物依存のリハビリと平行して新しいアルバム作りにも着手したのである。



イーノとの共作という点で一般にベルリン三部作と呼ばれているが、この2作をリリース後にボウイはツアーに出ている。それがTHE ISOLAR IIと題された、いわゆるロウ&ヒーローズ・ツアーである。1978年3月29日サンディエゴを皮切りに、アメリカ、ヨーロッパ、オセアニアを回り、最後を日本で終えるという日程で全77公演が組まれた。本作はそのツアー最終の地となった日本公演より、1978年12月6日と7日に二日間連続で行なわれた大阪厚生年金会館公演を収録している。日本公演のツアー日程は以下の通り。

1978年12月6日 大阪厚生年金会館
1978年12月7日 大阪厚生年金会館
1978年12月9日 大阪万博会館
1978年12月11日 東京日本武道館
1978年12月12日 東京NHKホール





01. Warszawa
02. Heroes
03. What In The World
04. Be My Wife
05. The Jean Genie
06. Blackout
07. Sense Of Doubt
08. Breaking Glass
09. Fame
10. Beauty And The Beast
11. Band Introduction
12. Five Years
13. Soul Love
14. Star
15. Hang On To Yourself
16. Ziggy Stardust
17. Suffragette City
18. Art Decade
19. Alabama Song

01. Station To Station
02. TVC 15
03. Stay
04. Rebel Rebel


05. Warszawa
06. Heroes
07. What In The World

01. Be My Wife
02. The Jean Genie
03. Blackout
04. Sense Of Doubt
05. Breaking Glass
06. Fame
07. Beauty And The Beast
08. Band Introduction
09. Five Years
10. Soul Love
11. Star
12. Hang On To Yourself
13. Ziggy Stardust
14. Suffragette City
15. Art Decade
16. Alabama Song

December 6, 1978 Osaka Japan Koseinenkin Kaikan
December 7, 1978 Osaka Japan Koseinenkin Kaikan
December 9, 1978 Banpaku Kaikan
December 11, 1978 Tokyo Budokan Arena
December 12, 1978 NHK Hall
Helden. Den 035/036/037

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