David Bowie / Transmission Musikladen 1978 / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR

David Bowie / Transmission Musikladen 1978 / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR / Wardour

Translated Text:
Musikladen TV Extra / Studio 3, Radio Bremen, Norddeutscher Rundfunk TV, Bremen, Germany 30th May 1978 (Best Quality) plus Bonus DVDR “Musikladen TV Extra HD Rebrocast”

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The official box “A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN (1977? 1982)” has also been released, attracting more attention “Berlin era”. A superb sound board album that should be said as complementary version of such an official box appears.
Three sorts of sound boards and lives included in this work are “30 May 1978 Bremen (9 songs)” “16 May 1978 Berlin (3 songs)” “April 10, 1978 Dallas (6 Songs) “. There are also familiar shows to maniacs, but it is the decision board which used the super best master to update the highest peak ever. Although our shop has delivered the top board of the sound board supervised by the world authority of the Bowie study for some time, this work is its latest bullet. Every master is a carefully selected item backed by deep understanding and knowledge, and even though the live itself is familiar, the sound is not familiar. Let’s quickly introduce each sound source in detail.

【30 May 1978 Bremen “MUSIKLADEN TV EXTRA”】
First of all, “MUSIKLADEN TV EXTRA” familiar to fans is to appear. It is the longest and highest peak version.
Speaking of “MUSIKLADEN”, ​​it is a famous program boasted by ZDF (second German television) which was broadcasted from 1972 to 1984. Bowie appeared in the “May 30, 1978” that was in the middle of the European leg of “ISOLAR II TOUR” and was broadcast on August 4 of the same year. It is a famous program that has produced many masterpieces of bands / artists, and Bowie is a name recording that has caused many episodes without failing in that example.
This work is its highest peak version. Its main point is broadcasting time, it is a digital rebroadcast version of 2016 instead of the main broadcast of the 1980s. Originally it was a superb broadcast known at the official level, but this work is a digital degradation zero sound that is unique to digital. A super beautiful sound board of Omoto master itself will flow, which would be sleeping at the broadcasting station.
Not only the quality but also the contents are wonderful. Although it does not write in detail only in the traditional name broadcast, the manner in which the band runs only for the performance in the middle of the tour is different from the TV appearance of Megumi. Currently, expansion board of “STAGES” recorded in the official box “A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN” is a hot topic, but we will still play “Rebel Rebel” which can not be heard. Furthermore, this work is the longest as well as the best. In the television broadcast, “What In The World” cut was also recorded. This take has quality poor pro shots, but this work is not that sound drop. Best version FM radio broadcast in the 1980s. As expected it will not fit in the main edition of the rebroadcast version of 2016, but you can enjoy it with the highest existing sound.

【BERLIN 1978 EP on May 16, 1978 Berlin performance】
It will be followed by a genuine official record. It is EP “BERLIN 1978”. This EP was produced in accordance with the release of “A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN”, and it is released with streaming limited only for 24 hours rather than CD. “ISOLAR II TOUR” Three songs “Be My Wife”, “Sense Of Doubt”, “Breaking Glass” were delivered from the Berlin performance of the European leg 3 public performance (34 performances throughout the tour). In particular, famous songs “Be My Wife” “Breaking Glass” of “LOW” can not be listened to by the other two sound boards of this work recording
That quality is truly the latest official. It is a superb sound board even more brilliant than “MUSIKLADEN”, ​​mix and mastering are perfect. As a matter of fact, strictly speaking, the pitch is slightly misaligned, but it is also the official design that includes it. Even in the sense of permanently preserving the official work which disappeared for 24 hours only, it was recorded as it is official.

【April 10, 1978 Dallas Show “ON STAGE”】
Lastly the fan is familiar sound board, the Dallas show (“ISOLAR II TOUR” 9 performances eyes) broadcasted on the American program “ON STAGE”. This has been loved since long ago, but in this work it is recorded from pre-broadcast version before broadcasting. Here also the master sound with a different dimension from the air check vivid. It is a superb sound board that compares favorably even if it continues from the genuine official EP.
Although it can be said in the Berlin performance above, the performance of the actual concert is still hot. The great cheers are also mixed, but Bowie’s spirit who witnessed the “enthusiasm of real fans” different from the crowds of broadcasting stations is also a wonderful live.

From the historical name program to the latest official work. “1978” is also one piece packed with top-quality soundboard with the highest quality. Although this work alone is the Official-grade best live album, it is a sufficient stock as a supplement to the official box “A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN”. Please enjoy the treasure of the shining “Berlin era” to its fullest.

オフィシャルボックス『A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN (1977?1982)』もリリースされ、一段と注目を集めている“ベルリン時代”。そんな公式ボックスの補完編とも言うべき極上サウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。

【1978年5月30日ブレーメン“MUSIKLADEN TV EXTRA”】
まず登場するのは、ファンにはお馴染みの“MUSIKLADEN TV EXTRA”。その最長・最高峰バージョンです。
“MUSIKLADEN”と言えば、1972年から1984年にかけて放送されていたZDF(第2ドイツテレビ)が誇る名物番組。ボウイは“ISOLAR II TOUR”のヨーロッパレッグの最中であった「1978年5月30日」に出演し、同年の8月4日に放送されました。数々のバンド/アーティストの名作を生み出してきた名物番組であり、ボウイもその例に漏れず、幾多の既発を生み出してきた名録音です。
クオリティだけでなく、中身も素晴らしい。伝統の名放送だけに詳しくは書きませんが、ツアー真っ最中の出演だけにバンドのこなれ方は凡百のテレビ出演とはワケが違う。現在、公式ボックス『A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN』に収録された『STAGES』の拡張盤が話題となっておりますが、それでも聴けない「Rebel Rebel」も演奏してくれます。さらに、本作は最良なだけでなく最長。テレビ放送ではカットされた「What In The World」も追加収録しています。このテイクは質の良くないプロショットも存在するのですが、本作はその音落としではありません。80年代にFMラジオ放送されたベストバージョン。さすがに2016年再放送バージョンの本編には及びませんが、現存する最高のサウンドでお楽しみいただけます。

【1978年5月16日ベルリン公演『BERLIN 1978』EP】
続いて登場するのは、正真正銘のオフィシャル記録。EP『BERLIN 1978』です。このEPは『A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN』のリリースに合わせて制作されたもので、CDではなく24時間限定のストリーミングで公開。“ISOLAR II TOUR”欧州レッグ3公演目のベルリン公演(ツアー全体では34公演目)から「Be My Wife」「Sense Of Doubt」「Breaking Glass」の3曲が配信されました。特に『LOW』の名曲「Be My Wife」「Breaking Glass」は、本作収録の他2つのサウンドボードでも聴けない

【1978年4月10日ダラス公演“ON STAGE”】
最後もファンにはお馴染みのサウンドボード、アメリカの番組“ON STAGE”で放送されたダラス公演(“ISOLAR II TOUR”9公演目)です。これも古くから愛されてきましたが、本作では放送前のプリ・ブロードキャスト・ヴァージョンから収録。こちらもエアチェックとは次元の違うマスター・サウンドが鮮烈。正真正銘のオフィシャルEPから続けて聴いても遜色のない極上サウンドボードです。

以上、歴史的名番組から最新オフィシャル作品まで。“1978年”でも頂点的なサウンドボードを最高峰クオリティでパックした1枚です。本作だけでもオフィシャル級の極上ライヴアルバムではありますが、公式ボックス『A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN』の補足編としても十二分な銘品。輝ける“ベルリン時代”の秘宝、どうぞ存分にお楽しみください。

Musikladen TV Extra / Studio 3, Radio Bremen, Norddeutscher Rundfunk TV, Bremen, Germany
Recorded: 30th May 1978
First Transmission: 4th August 1978

1. Sense of Doubt 2. Beauty and The Beast 3. “Heroes” 4. Stay 5. The Jean Genie
6. TVC 15 7. Alabama Song 8. Rebel Rebel

Bonus Tracks

Musikladen TV Extra / FM Broadcast
9. What In The World

‘Berlin 1978’ EP
Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany 16th May 1978

10. Be My Wife 11. Sense Of Doubt 12. Breaking Glass

‘David Bowie On Stage’
Dallas Convention Center Arena, Dallas, Texas, USA
Recorded: 10th April 1978
First Transmission: 7th November 1978

13. What In The World 14. Blackout 15. Sense of Doubt 16. Speed of Life
17. Hang Onto Yourself 18. Ziggy Stardust

David Bowie – Vocals, Keyboards Adrian Belew – Guitar Carlos Alomar – Guitar
George Murray – Bass Simon House – Violin Sean Mayes – Piano Roger Powell – Keyboards
Dennis Davis – Drums



David Bowie / Musikladen TV Extra HD Rebrocast / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:

Studio 3, Radio Bremen, Norddeutscher Rundfunk TV, Bremen, Germany 30th May 1978 (Highest Quality Ever)

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The main press CD is a decision board which compiled the highest peak sound board of “Berlin era” from the familiar traditional program to the latest limited official sound source. However, its main “May 30, 1978” MUSIKLADEN TV EXTRA “” and “April 10, 1978” ON STAGE “was originally a Pro Shot with video. So, we prepared video footage as a bonus.

【30 May 1978 Bremen “MUSIKLADEN TV EXTRA”】
For that reason, what is recorded in this work is the highest peak version of “MUSIKLADEN”. It is the latest digital broadcast version. This program has been rebroadcast several times in the NDR (Northern German broadcasting), and has received great popularity even in the gift title “1978”. However, it is a rebroadcast version of NDR-HD which goes further on this work.
From the previous “1978” to the complete official grade quality, I can not find any faults. I thought that it could not be more than that, but it certainly was an upgrade no claim. It is the beginning part of this work that you can feel the difference. Actually, the NDR-HD version of this time was shorter than the previous one minute and half compared to the NDR version in the past. I supplement that part with the previous version, but as the logo changes to “NDR” → “NDR – HD”, the quality is improved at the same time. Especially intense is the sound, the Hiss that was in a snuff has disappeared and the beautiful synth sound emerges as a clean … …. This hiss is also extremely small, and it seemed to be only perfect until now, but if you listen to the master’s own digital sound in this way, you can not go back to it. Of course, the picture is also the highest peak ever in question without question. Far away from the official class, you can enjoy plenty of superb picture quality beautifully not at official.

【April 10, 1978 Dallas Show “ON STAGE”】
Continuing “ON STAGE” is also a large standard pro shot from ancient times, but this work is the highest peak version ever. As you can see from the fact that time counters appeared suddenly when playing, it was digitized directly from the pre-broadcast master of the local store rather than the air check of the television broadcasting.
Although there is analog feeling peculiar to film photography as expected though it is compared with “MUSIKLADEN TV EXTRA” of the latest digital broadcasting, there is no white line noise nor distortion at all. The power of the production stage concert is over “MUSIKLADEN” and Bowie’s “Berlin era” that created the classic masterpieces “LOW” “HEROES” “is drawn with multi camera camera shots.

Two major classic pro shots representing the “Berlin era”, the highest peak ever. The song to be sucked is also “Sense of Doubt” alone, it is a super / elegant item that you can enjoy plentifully over the whole 15 hours of an hour or more. Originally, it is a gift in a gorgeous item to make it a bonus. In addition to this press press CD, please spend late night autumn nightlife.
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本編プレスCDは、お馴染みの伝統番組から最新の限定オフィシャル音源まで、“ベルリン時代”の最高峰サウンドボードをコンパイルした決定盤です。しかし、そのメインとなる「1978年5月30日“MUSIKLADEN TV EXTRA”」と「1978年4月10日“ON STAGE”」は、本来映像付きのプロショット。そこで、ボーナスとして映像編もご用意いたしました。

【1978年5月30日ブレーメン“MUSIKLADEN TV EXTRA”】

【1978年4月10日ダラス公演“ON STAGE”】
続く“ON STAGE”も古くからの大定番プロショットですが、本作こそが史上最高峰バージョン。再生するといきなりタイムカウンターが現れることからも分かる通り、テレビ放送のエアチェックなどではなく、局所蔵の放送前マスターからダイレクトにデジタル化されたものです。
さすがに最新デジタル放送の“MUSIKLADEN TV EXTRA”に比べるとフィルム撮影特有のアナログ感があるものの、白線ノイズも歪みも一切なし。本番ステージ・コンサートの迫力は“MUSIKLADEN”以上で、希代の名作『LOW』『”HEROES”』を創り上げたボウイの“ベルリン時代”がマルチカメラ・プロショットで描かれるのです。

“ベルリン時代”を代表する2つの大定番プロショット、その史上最高峰版。被る曲も「Sense of Doubt」だけで、全15テイク1時間以上に渡ってたっぷりと楽しめる超・極上品です。本来であれば、ボーナスにするには豪華すぎる銘品中の銘品。本編プレスCDと併せ、秋の夜長を贅沢にお過ごしください。

Musikladen TV Extra
Studio 3, Radio Bremen, Norddeutscher Rundfunk TV, Bremen, Germany 30th May 1978

1. Sense of Doubt 2. Beauty and The Beast 3. “Heroes” 4. Stay 5. The Jean Genie
6. TVC 15 7. Alabama Song 8. Rebel Rebel

David Bowie On Stage
Dallas Convention Center Arena. Dallas, Texas, USA 10th April 1978

9. Intro 10. What In The World 11. Blackout 12. Sense of Doubt 13. Speed of Life
14. Hang Onto Yourself 15. Ziggy Stardust

David Bowie – Vocals, Keyboards Adrian Belew – Guitar Carlos Alomar – Guitar
George Murray – Bass Simon House – Violin Sean Mayes – Piano Roger Powell – Keyboards
Dennis Davis – Drums


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