David Bowie / Tokyo 1978 / 1CD+1DVD

David Bowie / Tokyo 1978 / 1CD+1DVD / Wardour

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Live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 12th December 1978 PRO-SHOT/SBD


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Regardless of the official / unofficial, etc. any live recording is the number of David Bowie, so much of the important work is not in the other. No, not just Bowie. I have been dealing with a myriad of items of many of the band, but there was no one about this. It is a revival in the quality that so decisive important professional shot to update the all-time high. This work, “Berlin era Bowie” television broadcast video of the Japan tour certain public broadcasting station is housed in. Japan’s just not “LOW AND HEROES TOUR 1978” pro-shot video that contains the “NHK Hall concert on Dec. 12, 1978,” which was also the final day of the whole world.
In the video, which is known as a large masterpiece representing the Berlin era from ancient times, in 2002 appeared the highest peak “TOKYO 1978 (MDM-001)”, ran a shock to all of Bowie fans at a phenomenal quality It was. After the thing that was also extremely well received as a press DVD to, but this work is that once again digitized at state-of-the-art technology the original master, it is still the large Ketteiban was master deteriorated even repair that was just in the remastered. I think whether you know if the person who became the “TOKYO 1978” of its outstanding to look at, but, of this original master quality is abnormal levels. Overwhelming image quality of vividness, depth and smoothness of the pixel,. Where the very, are you full of intensely clear visual beauty that does not seem to approximate 70s of the video.
That should be it, this original master, not an ordinary air check. Although the already video deck had appeared at the time, age can not be said so and are popular still in general. TV broadcasting is in the time it was obvious that it can not be seen twice, this also broadcast nationwide fan has stared at the preparedness of Forrest Gump as well as the production stage. In this era, we person were being recorded in state-of-the-art business for the deck at that time. That person is a enthusiastic Bowie fan, at that time and know the broadcast brought a video tape was expensive, we seem to beg the recording to where there is work for the deck rely acquaintances. Of course, it does not seen immediately in was recorded, but still, I wanted to leave anyway. As long as it is their own, I could not help but try the best way you can think. Because there was the thought’s the master obtained leave what.
Took over it only a miracle from master recordings in person, it of this work was to re-digitized. Unlike at the time 2002, re-digitization of entrusted to a specialized manufacturer of overseas this time. In recent years, Japanese edition laser disk reprinted series but has gained great popularity, you upgrade of the full advantage of the analog reprinted know-how of the manufacturer. Then not only pull out the quality that has been blown into the original master to the limit, and even in the latest and meticulous digital mastering this time, also repair master degradation. Mainly one one carefully modify the there were several places of noise in voice. The we finished in the best ever version that has taken any and all means possible in 2016.
Then reborn quality is just the ultimate. Of course, it does not become a thing of another round Kkiri because it is the same master, vividly is apparently coloring than the previous version, texture is also gaining a jerk and depth. Wrinkle one shirt, one of the guitar strings, a clear to a single hair dishevel, and it will Yureugoko to violent action, blurring also disturbed also portrayed without. I no noise and bubble wrap that was worrisome in its outstanding.
Therefore much of the sound, this time we have decided to press CD also included the raised sound. Of course, there is a full form of what is seen in the eyes of the best of the visual beauty, precisely because it is the highest peak, wanted me to enjoy, even when any at any time. In fact,’s the best of the live album just voice. In particular, “Ziggy Stardust” in the second half of the highlight of the six barrage. This tour is in addition to the “LOW”, “” HEROES “” in Berlin era, masterpiece “Ziggy Stardust” is also one of the main pillars. In Japan tour but “Five Years,” “Soul Love”, “Star,” “Hang On To Yourself,” “Ziggy Stardust,” “Suffragette City” has been showing off, all of which has been recorded in this work. In particular, “Suffragette City” is, in the only official album “STAGE” has continued to be omitted even after repeated augmented, is exceptional for the time of performance is listen to the official quality. This program is not not a complete version of the show, but still this six songs had never remove even one. Thing that you Wakaro Do broadcasting staff at the time was how capture the feeling of Bowie fans.

Bowie-loving Japan, also remain in Japan after this live, it is so enjoyed Christmas in 1978. Sing to the dandy in the Hadake the breast iridescent shirt he, Bowie spell world of Ziggy dressed in coat of beige. Masterpiece in the masterpiece that hand down the NHK Hall concert that became the whole world final day of his exceptionally bright even in career “Berlin era” in modern times. Of course, to visit the DVD in your home TV, you can enjoy a live CD while still is in the car and walk now.
Passion of the fans who recorded this work of the master, feelings to Bowie that “anything I want to do is that he can be the” left behind this video in 2016. That is why “is that can do anything doing” is also our 2016 aimed at quality to update the world’s best. Beyond the century, the figure of Bowie which was shining in Japan, one to commit to the future of the voice in the best possible way. 38 years ago from the recording boxes of fan, this great masterpiece was revived. Now, please by all means tell to future generations from your record shelf.


公式/非公式を問わず、デヴィッド・ボウイのライヴ記録は数あれど、これほどの重要作は他にない。いえ、ボウイだけではありません。幾多のバンドの無数のアイテムを扱って参りましたが、これほどの1本はなかった。それほど決定的な重要プロショットが史上最高を更新するクオリティで復活です。本作は、“ベルリン時代ボウイ”のジャパンツアーを某公共放送局が収めたテレビ放送映像。日本だけでなく“LOW AND HEROES TOUR 1978”の全世界千秋楽でもあった「1978年12月12日NHKホール公演」を収めたプロショット映像です。
古くからベルリン時代を代表する大傑作として知られる映像で、2002年にはその最高峰「TOKYO 1978(MDM-001)」が登場し、驚異的なクオリティですべてのボウイ・ファンに衝撃を走らせました。後にプレスDVDとしても大好評を博したものですが、本作はそのオリジナル・マスターを最新技術で再度デジタル化、さらにリマスターで僅かにあったマスター劣化もリペアした大決定盤なのです。既発の「TOKYO 1978」をご覧になった方ならご存じかと思いますが、このオリジナル・マスターのクオリティは異常なレベル。圧倒的な画質の鮮やかさ、深み、そして画素の滑らかさ。どこをとっても、おおよそ70年代の映像とは思えない強烈にクリアな映像美に充ち満ちているのです。
それほどのサウンド故に、今回は音起こしのプレスCDも同梱することにいたしました。もちろん、極上の映像美を目で見てこその完全形ではありますが、最高峰だからこそ、いつでもどんな時でも楽しんでいただきたかった。実際、音声だけでも極上のライヴアルバムなのです。特に圧巻なのは後半の「ジギー・スターダスト」6連発。このツアーはベルリン時代の「LOW」「”HEROES”」に加え、名作「ジギー・スターダスト」も大きな柱の1つ。日本公演では「Five Years」「Soul Love」「Star」「Hang On To Yourself」「Ziggy Stardust」「Suffragette City」が披露されましたが、本作にはそのすべてが収録されている。特に「Suffragette City」は、オフィシャル盤「STAGE」が増補を繰り返しても省かれ続けているだけに、当時のパフォーマンスがオフィシャル・クオリティで聴けるのは格別です。この番組はショウの完全版ではないわけですが、それでもこの6曲は1つも外すことがなかった。当時の放送スタッフがいかにボウイ・ファンの気持ちを捉えていたかが分かろうというものです。



DVD (59:35)
1. Warszawa 2. “Heroes” 3. Fame 4. Beauty And The Beast 5. Five Years 6. Soul Love
7. Star 8. Hang On To Yourself 9. Ziggy Stardust 10. Suffragette City 11. Station To Station
12. TVC 15


CD (59:41)
1. Warszawa 2. “Heroes” 3. Fame 4. Beauty And The Beast 5. Five Years 6. Soul Love
7. Star 8. Hang On To Yourself 9. Ziggy Stardust 10. Suffragette City 11. Station To Station
12. TVC 15

David Bowie – Vocals, Keyboards Adrian Belew – Guitar Carlos Alomar – Guitar
George Murray – Bass Simon House – Violin Sean Mayes – Piano Roger Powell – Keyboards
Dennis Davis – Drums


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