David Bowie / Budokan 1978 / 2CD

David Bowie / Budokan 1978 / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 11th December 1978


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“Berlin era Bowie” 1978 Japan tour with us to deliver the world to Japan. Its worldwide unpublished recording is the excavation of a miracle. Of this work has been recording, Bowie stepped on for the first time Nippon Budokan of the stage, “11 December 1978”. I direct CD phased audience album from the original cassette, which ceded its pattern from the recording artist himself. And say the 1978 Japan tour, the video by certain public broadcasting station but is too famous, another live with it. Here once, let’s organize the tour dates.

– December 5: Nagoya City Auditorium
– December 6: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall
– Dec. 7: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall
– December 9: Osaka Expo Memorial Hall
– December 11: Nippon Budokan [this work] – December 12: NHK Hall ※ television broadcasting “TOKYO 1978”

In this way, the NHK Hall on the last day there was a television broadcast. The pattern can be seen in “TOKYO 1978 (Wardour-176)” of this week release, but this work is of its just before the live album. Although this tour has been delayed excavation in because there was a television broadcast of the NHK Hall, it also improved in recent years. Such as “BEAUTY” of this day MASTERPORT label also, but there are some of its outstanding, this work is different from that which the also. Of course, it is the original master of the complete first appearance that are not floating around in trade also to the net. The recording person and is, the person who is known as the name recording artist of Japan’s premier and 1980s from the late 70s. The shop also until now Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, THE ROLLING STONES and so on, has been dealing with a myriad of title, or would not be likely to come with the pin customers often.
This work also, inscription products arm of such name taper was dull to dull. The sound is quite clear, beautiful unbelievably Budokan in the 1970s. Honestly I would have, it is enough to even beyond blockbuster drew rave reviews “from the trade sound clear” and “ultra-high-quality sound,” “BEAUTY”. Although not a direct feeling of enough is referred to as a “like sound board”, there is no blurring or bleeding in the contour of the musical tone is not sheer Kiritsu. Even if A surge is Force called “augh”, it has been regarded as whisper far, I do not interfere with the musical sound at all. From the PA in the field until the home of the speaker, you sound like a come in straight jumped like a singing voice with the laser beyond the playing time and space beam. Recording technology of the name taper fit in this quality is what is also considerable, but the presence of the original cassette is large continued to leave it up to modern times. Continued sleep remains sucked the site of the air, freshness of precisely because was finally discharged after ’38 is brilliant too. This is another, instead of “this day”, “the 1978 Tour” number 1 would be recording.
What vividness of the sound revives in “of the Berlin era Bowie”, this work a maximum of charm. TV footage of the NHK Hall is a historical masterpiece, but there was not only a scale far from the show full-length in relation to airtime. In contrast, this work is complete recording of the show. Recording leakage of about 1 minute to the end of “Beauty And The Beast,” but (the musical tone part is about 30 seconds) there was, there is supplemented with its outstanding. It sounds source is changed in 4 min after Zoletile injection Atari of the track, but connected as naturally do not know it is said that “I’m here”, and finished to enjoy the show in the seamless.
And, full show is exactly excellent to be drawn “Berlin era” in their sound. As tour title “LOW AND HEROES TOUR 1978”, the first half to volley the masterpiece “LOW”, “” HEROES “” (disc 1), while swallowing a sharp sensation of krautrock catchy melody spread beautifully. And, stunning even the second half of the contrast to boil to boil in turn to “Ziggy Stardust” 6 barrage. Although officials name board “STAGE” But of each of the world had been segregated clearly, this 100 percent raw flow is more natural. After it has changed in augmented version of “STAGE” even this work the same flow, but I listen to where continues to be cut also “Jean Gene,” “Suffragette City,” “Rebel Rebel”.

Conspicuous in Bowie career “Berlin era”. The general public is referred to as a trilogy including “LODGER,” but was a strictly speaking Berlin production is only the “LOW”, “” HEROES “”. Moreover, after “LODGER” does not perform the tour, did after next World Tour I was almost changed the world of “LET’S DANCE”. In other words, “Berlin era” to was summarized in a live performance is no difference in the “LOW AND HEROES TOUR 1978”, the culmination was the Japan of the final leg. Such Japan tour of the highest recording, it is what’s the true character of this work. This work, there is no difference in the memorable stage for the Japanese fans, it’s also a single even at Bowie ever shoot a special shine. 2016 Bowie had left, just because now the attention is gathered in his footsteps than ever before, we would like to introduce the one and only live album. Even alone to many people, I would like you to know this dazzling shine. Historical large excavation that put the determined purpose. As long as that remains the name of “DAVID BOWIE”, as long as the “Berlin era” is handed down with the special, it is the birth of a masterpiece that will remain forever. By all means, you also please become a witness of this historic moment.



・12月11日:日本武道館  【本作】
・12月12日:NHKホール  ※テレビ放送「TOKYO 1978」

このように、テレビ放送があったのは最終日のNHKホール。その模様は今週リリースの「TOKYO 1978(Wardour-176)」で見ることができますが、本作はその直前のライヴアルバムなのです。このツアーはNHKホールのテレビ放送があったために発掘が遅れてきたものの、それも近年になって改善。この日もMASTERPORTレーベルの「BEAUTY」など、いくつかの既発がありますが、本作はそのどれとも違う。もちろん、ネットにもトレードでも出回っていない完全初登場のオリジナル・マスターです。その録音者とは、70年代後半から80年代にかけて日本随一の名録音家として知られた人物。当店では今までもエリック・クラプトンやジェフ・ベック、THE ROLLING STONES等々、無数のタイトルを扱ってきており、恐らくピンと来るお客様も多いのではないでしょうか。
そのサウンドで蘇る“ベルリン時代のボウイ”の鮮やかさこそ、本作最大の魅力。NHKホールのテレビ映像は歴史的な大傑作ですが、あちらは放送枠の関係でショウ全編とはほど遠いスケールでしかありませんでした。それに対し、本作はショウの完全録音。「Beauty And The Beast」の終盤に1分ほどの録音漏れ(楽音部分は約30秒)がありましたが、そこは既発で補填。トラックの4分目辺りで音源が変わるのですが、「ここだよ」と言われても分からないほど自然に繋がれ、ショウをシームレスで楽しめるように仕上がっています。
そして、そのサウンドで描かれる“ベルリン時代”のフルショウは、まさに絶品。ツアータイトル“LOW AND HEROES TOUR 1978”の通り、傑作「LOW」「”HEROES”」を連発する前半(ディスク1)は、クラウトロックの先鋭的な感覚を飲み込みながらもキャッチーなメロディが美しく広がる。そして、一転して「ジギー・スターダスト」6連発で沸きに沸かせる後半のコントラストも見事。オフィシャルの名盤「STAGE」でもそれぞれの世界は明確に棲み分けられていたものの、本生100%の流れはさらに自然。後の増補版「STAGE」でも本作同様の流れに変わりましたが、そこでも削られ続けている「Jean Gene」「Suffragette City」「Rebel Rebel」まで聴けるのです。

ボウイのキャリアでも異彩を放つ“ベルリン時代”。世間一般には「LODGER」も含めて三部作と呼ばれますが、厳密に言えばベルリン制作だったのは「LOW」「”HEROES”」だけ。しかも、「LODGER」の後にはツアーを行わず、次なるワールドツアーはまるで世界観の変わった「LET’S DANCE」の後でした。つまり、“ベルリン時代”を生演奏で総括したのは“LOW AND HEROES TOUR 1978”に違いなく、集大成は最終レッグの日本だった。そんな日本ツアーの最高峰録音、それこそが本作の正体なのです。本作は、日本のファンにとって思い出深いステージに違いありませんが、ボウイ史上でも特別な輝きを放つ1本でもあるのです。ボウイが去ってしまった2016年、これまでになく彼の足跡に注目が集まる今だからこそ、この唯一無二のライヴアルバムをご紹介したい。ひとりでも多くの方に、この目映い輝きを知っていただきたい。その一念を込めた歴史的大発掘。「DAVID BOWIE」の名が残る限り、“ベルリン時代”が特別と語り継がれる限り、永遠に残るであろう大傑作の誕生です。ぜひ、あなたもこの歴史的な瞬間の立会人になってください。

Disc 1 (47:52)
1. Warsawa 2. Heroes 3. What In The World 4. Be My Wife 5. Jean Gene 6. Blackout
7. Sense Of Doubt 8. Breaking Glass 9. Fame 10. Beauty And The Beast

Disc 2 (66:17)
1. Five Years 2. Soul Love 3. Star 4. Hang On To Yourself 5. Ziggy Stardust 6. Suffragette City
7. Art Decade 8. Alabama Song 9. Station To Station 10. TVC 15 11. Stay 12. Rebel Rebel

David Bowie – Vocals, Keyboards Adrian Belew – Guitar Carlos Alomar – Guitar
George Murray – Bass Simon House – Violin Sean Mayes – Piano Roger Powell – Keyboards
Dennis Davis – Drums


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