David Bowie / San Diego 1974  / 2CD

David Bowie / San Diego 1974  / 2CD / David Bowie Archive Series

San Diego Sports Arena , San Diego , CA , USA 11th September 1974

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Jon Wizardo Master Cassettes / Previously Uncirculated

Bowie in 1974, which will be released at the same time, is San Diego on September 11th. If you’re wondering, “Yes … are you going to release San Diego?”, You’re a considerable “DIAMOND DOGS” tour freak. Audience recordings have been around for a long time on this day, and now you can easily listen to them on YouTube. You can understand it by picking it up, but the sound is bad anyway. A sound source that would have been shunned unless it was a freak, due to the swaying of the rough textured tape and the distant sound image. The description of “rough sound source” fits perfectly, and it was a sound quality that made me want to even call it a stepping stone for fans.
However, this time it was released from The David Bowie Archive Series, so we released a sound source that was incomparably easier to hear. “Have you found another master?” No, it’s not. This is also provided by a British Bowie researcher and is only available among core traders. Actually, this is the same as the sound source that has been on the market. However, unlike that, it is a digitized version from the master cassette. In addition, it was John Wizard who recorded it. It was recorded from the master, which he had divided only into core traders. No wonder the level of sound quality is too different.

However, there was no evidence that he released this sound source in Wizardo and subsequent activities, and it was stored as it was recorded. It happened to be copied, and it was the conventional version that was repeatedly dubbed and circulated innumerably. It is true that the master this time also has a sound image with a sense of distance at the beginning of the concert, but the difference is too big that the unstable element that made it even harder to hear was wiped out. Even at this early stage, I can hear it well.
The original sound source was so easy to hear, wasn’t it? Moreover, the sound image is getting closer to the rising edge, and it is finally easier to hear by the end of the first part. I think there were many enthusiasts who couldn’t reach that point because the previous version was so hard to hear.

There was such a problem. Even the conventional version was called “a very fine concert” among the freaks who listened patiently, and the performance content was superb. It will remind you that it was a masterpiece that was overwhelming thanks to this large upper version. LA’s next performance after digesting the week-long schedule at the Universal Amphitheater was this time in San Diego, but due to the hard schedule in LA, Greg was a rhythm section only in September. Jericho and Doug Rauch are familiar with the band and are playing freely.
“Sweet Thing” is a performance that makes the best use of their characteristics. Loose and powerful tone compared to LA. Bowie sings to his heart’s content, supported by this performance. Even if you take this one song, it is vividly captured that Bowie was in a particularly good condition in September. Furthermore, the slow ballad “It’s Gonna Be Me”, which has been performed as a repertoire since September, has evolved again compared to the time of LA, and Bowie stretches the ending and sings it.
And in “Time”, Mike Garson’s piano judgment escalated, and it is also interesting to hear that the band has begun to incorporate quite free play. I wonder if this is also the result of training the band that was reassembled in the continuous performances in LA.

Above all, Bowie’s enthusiasm stands out throughout the show. After all, it was probably because I broke up with the “DIAMOND DOGS” set at the end of the LA continuous performance. Last year, CBS’s San Diego bureau surprised enthusiasts with a video of the day’s stage shot for news, but it certainly doesn’t have the “DIAMOND DOGS” set. The fact that I was able to sing to the fullest without worrying about that large-scale but hampered set is also a sign of the good performance of the day.
If this sound source had been released by Wizardo at that time, it would definitely have been one of the representatives of the 1974 tour. However, Wizardo rarely releases a two-disc album due to cost issues, and as a result, it is presumed that it is a sad thing to store. Certainly it may not be of a quality for everyone, and in that respect, “ANAHEIM 1974 MIKE MILLARD ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES”, a week after San Diego, which was an early recording of Mike Millard, is suitable.
However, for enthusiasts, this texture, which is typical of a vintage audience, should look attractive. The monaural and laid-back texture and the naturalness of the master cassette clearly convey the performance of the day. Generally speaking, September is a LA performance, but rather the peak of this month on the “DIAMOND DOGS” tour was this day or Anaheim. Enjoy a heart-throbbing performance with John Wizard’s treasured master to your heart’s content!


今回同時にリリースされる1974年のボウイ、それは9月11日のサンディエゴ。「ええ…サンディエゴ出すの?」と思われた方、貴方は相当な「DIAMOND DOGS」ツアー・フリークかと。この日は以前からオーディエンス録音が出回っており、現在ではYouTube上で簡単に聞くことが出来る。そこでつまみ聞きしてもらえば解りますが、とにかく音が悪い。ざらついた質感のテープに生じるよれ、おまけに遠めな音像が相まって、よほどフリークでなければ敬遠されていた音源。「荒くれ音源」という形容がぴったり当てはまる、それこそファンにとっての踏み絵とすら言ってしまいたくなるような音質でした。
しかし今回はThe David Bowie Archive Seriesからのリリースということで、それとは比べ物にならないほど聞きやすくなった音源をリリース。「別マスターが発掘されたの?」いいえ違うんです。こちらも英国のボウイ研究家が提供してくれた、コア・トレーダー間のみに出回っているもの。実はコレ、従来から出回っていた音源と同じ。ところが、それと違ってマスターカセットからデジタル化されたバージョン。おまけに録音してくれたのはこれまたジョン・ウィザード。彼がコア・トレーダーのみに分けてくれていたマスターからの収録ということ。どうりで音質のレベルが違い過ぎる訳だ。


そんな問題大有り従来のバージョンですら辛抱強く聞き通したフリークの間で「a very fine concert」と称されていただけあって、演奏内容は極上。それが今回の大幅なアッパー版のおかげで打ちのめされるほどの名演だったのだと再認識させられることでしょう。LAはユニバーサル・アンフィシアターでの一週間ぶっ続けのスケジュールを消化した次の公演が今回のサンディエゴだったのですが、LAでのハードなスケジュールを経験したことで9月オンリーのリズム隊だったグレッグ・エリコとダグ・ローチがバンドになじみ、のびのびと演奏をしている。
彼らの持ち味を生かした演奏が「Sweet Thing」。LAの時と比べてよりルーズ、なおかつ力強い調子。この演奏に支えられる形でボウイが思う存分に歌い上げる。これ一曲をとってみてもボウイが9月の中では格別の絶好調ぶりであったことが生々しく捉えられているのです。さらに9月からレパートリーとして演奏されるようになったスローバラード「It’s Gonna Be Me」がまたLAの時と比べて進化しており、エンディングをボウイがたっぷり引き延ばして歌い上げる。

何よりショー全体を通して際立つボウイの熱唱ぶり。やはりLA連続公演を最後に「DIAMOND DOGS」セットと決別してせいせいしたのでしょう。昨年CBSのサンディエゴ支局がこの日のステージをニュース用に撮影した映像が現れてマニアを驚かせましたが、確かに「DIAMOND DOGS」セットがない。あの大掛かりだが足かせとなったセットを気にすることなく存分に歌えたこともこの日の好調ぶりの証かと。
もしこの音源が当時Wizardoからリリースされていれば間違いなく74年ツアーを代表する一枚となっていたことでしょう。しかしWizardoはコストの問題から二枚組のアルバムをリリースすることが少なく、結果としてお蔵入りの憂き目のだと推測されます。確かに万人向けなクオリティではないかもしれない、その点ではマイク・ミラード初期の録音であったサンディエゴから一週間後の「ANAHEIM 1974 MIKE MILLARD ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES」が向いている。
しかしマニアからすればビンテージ・オーディエンスの典型たる今回の質感は魅力的に映るはず。モノラルで腰の据わった質感とマスターカセットならではのナチュラルさがこの日の名演ぶりを克明に伝えてくれる。一般的には9月といえばLA公演な訳ですが、むしろ「DIAMOND DOGS」ツアーこの月のピークはこの日やアナハイムだったのでは?と思えるほど胸のすくような快演をジョン・ウィザード秘蔵マスターで心ゆくまでお楽しみください!


Disc 1 (56:27)
1. 1984
2. Rebel Rebel
3. Moonage Daydream
4. Sweet Thing / Candidate / Sweet Thing (Reprise)
5. Changes
6. Suffragette City
7. Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197?)
8. All The Young Dudes *
9. Cracked Actor
10. Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me
11. Knock on Wood
12. It’s Gonna Be Me

Disc 2 (41:31)
1. Space Oddity
2. Future Legend
3. Diamond Dogs
4. Big Brother / Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family
5. Time
6. The Jean Genie
7. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide
8. band introductions
9. John, I’m Only Dancing (Again)

The David Bowie Archive Series / DBAS06

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