David Bowie / Detroit 1974 / 2CDR

David Bowie / Detroit 1974 / 2CDR / Uxbridge

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Live At Michigan Place Theater, Detroit, Michigan, USA 18th October 1974.

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Bowie who gradually began to talk to soul music at the end of “DIAMOND DOGS” era. New excavation master who recorded that moment appears.
It is engraved on such a work “October 18, 1974 + 20 Detroit Performance”. It is a 2-pack set which arranged each special-grade audience recording for each disk one by one. Speaking of 1974, “DIAMOND DOGS” was announced, but the tour is a bit complicated. First of all, let’s review the situation from the schedule of the time and check the position of the show.

“May” DIAMOND DOGS “release”
· June 14 – July 20: North America # 1 (32 performances)
“August” YOUNG AMERICANS “production started”
· September 2 – 16: North America # 2 (12 performances)

· October 5 – December 1: North America # 3 (34 performances) ← ★ Coco ★

This is the live schedule of 1974. “North America # 1-2” is “DIAMOND DOGS TOUR”, “North America # 3” is also called “THE SOUL / PHILLY DOGS TOUR”, and its contents have changed. In addition to showing new songs of “YOUNG AMERICANS” that started production, we introduced a lot of arrangements that are conscious of soul music. Members are also different, in addition to the above-mentioned Carlos, the rhythm team has been replaced by Willie Weeks and Dennis Davis. In the back vocal also “YOUNG AMERICANS” members participated in the majority such as lovers of those days lovers Ava · Cherry, Robin · Clarke, Luther · Vandross etc. It is facing a large household of 14 people in all.
The Detroit performance of this work is “North America # 3” 9 performances and eleven performances. In this Michigan · Palace · Theater there were 5 consecutive performances, but this work corresponds to the 3 performances and 5 performances.
This work which recorded such a show is a newly discovered vintage master recently. Speaking of the record of Detroit 5 shows, some of “October 16 (first day)” has been known, but of course this work is different. Besides, it is a long recording of about 80 minutes each. Moreover, the quality is also wonderful. After all, it was the prestigious “JEMS” who invented excavation. “October 18 (Disk 1)” “October 20 (Disk 2)” is the same person’s recording (sound is also very similar), both digitized from the grand master. Its freshness is ultimate, and of course neither diving traces nor aged deterioration are seen. To tell the truth, both are recordings that are somewhat distant, but neat ringing is fresh and fresh, and the site at that time is revived to a splendid point.
The show drawn with that sound is also wonderful. We also introduce the masterpiece of “THE SOUL / PHILLY DOGS TOUR” “PHILADELPHIA 1974 (Wardour – 234)” “BOSTON NOVEMBER 1974 (Wardour – 284)” with press CD, but they are progressing tour 11 Month recording. In contrast, this work is set different for October recording. Although it is common in general, I am playing “It’s Gonna Be Me” and “Panic In Detroit” instead of “Footstompin ‘” yet. Especially “It’s Gonna Be Me” which was an outtake of “YOUNG AMERICANS” is precious. It is played only in 1974, and it is almost the number of “North America # 2-3” only. Of course, other repertoire is also important. Anyway, this tour is the moment I meet with my friend Carlos Armor, and I’m in the midst of getting to know the soul music day by day. I can not miss listening to the change in that performance.

“THE SOUL / PHILLY DOGS TOUR” was a bowie turning point but only for 2 months. It is a marvelous new excavation master that will convey the first half term “October of 1974”. Archive of the ultimate quality by the prestigious “JEMS”. Please, enjoy the 2 shows together.

『DIAMOND DOGS』時代の最終盤、ソウル・ミュージックに傾倒していったボウイ。その刹那を記録した新発掘マスターが登場です。
そんな本作に刻まれているのは「1974年10月18日+20日デトロイト公演」。それぞれの特級オーディエンス録音をディスク1枚ずつに配した2枚組です。1974年と言えば、『DIAMOND DOGS』の発表年ですが、ツアーは少し複雑。まずは、その事情を当時のスケジュールから振り返り、ショウのポジションを確認しておきましょう。

《5月『DIAMOND DOGS』リリース》


これが1974年のライヴ・スケジュール。「北米#1-2」は“DIAMOND DOGS TOUR”ですが、「北米#3」は“THE SOUL/PHILLY DOGS TOUR”とも呼ばれ、内容も様変わり。制作を始めた『YOUNG AMERICANS』の新曲が披露されるだけでなく、ソウル・ミュージックを意識したアレンジを大量に導入。メンバーも異なり、先述のカルロスに加えてリズム隊はウィリー・ウィークスやデニス・デイビスに交代。バックヴォーカルにも当時の恋人アヴァ・チェリーやロビン・クラーク、ルーサー・ヴァンドロスなど、『YOUNG AMERICANS』メンバーが大挙参加。総勢14名に及ぶ大所帯で臨んでいるのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウがまた、素晴らしい。当店では“THE SOUL/PHILLY DOGS TOUR”の代表作『PHILADELPHIA 1974(Wardour-234)』『BOSTON NOVEMBER 1974(Wardour-284)』もプレスCDでご紹介しておりますが、それらはツアーの進んだ11月録音。それに対し、本作は10月録音なためにセットが異なる。大筋では共通していますが、まだ「Footstompin’」が登場していない代わりに「It’s Gonna Be Me」や「Panic In Detroit」を演奏しているのです。特に『YOUNG AMERICANS』のアウトテイクだった「It’s Gonna Be Me」は貴重。1974年にしか演奏されず、ほぼ「北米#2-3」限定のナンバーなのです。もちろん、他のレパートリーも重要。何しろ、このツアーは盟友カルロス・アルマーと出会い、日増しにソウル・ミュージックへ傾倒していく真っ最中。その演奏ぶりの変化も聴き逃せないのです。

ボウイのターニング・ポイントでありながら、わずか2ヶ月間だけだった“THE SOUL/PHILLY DOGS TOUR”。その前半期たる“1974年の10月”を伝えてくれる驚異の新発掘マスターです。名門「JEMS」による究極クオリティのアーカイヴ。どうぞ、2公演まとめてご堪能ください。

Disc 1(79:38)
Live at Michigan Palace Theater, Detroit, Michigan, USA 18th October 1974

1. Memory Of A Free Festival 2. Rebel Rebel 3. John, I’m Only Dancing 4. Sorrow 5. Changes
6. 1984 7. Moonage Daydream 8. Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me 9. Love Me Do / The Jean Genie
10. Diamond Dogs 11. Young Americans 12. Can You Hear Me 13. It’s Gonna Be Me
14. Somebody Up There Likes Me 15. Suffragette City 16. Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide

Disc 2(79:48)
Live at Michigan Palace Theater, Detroit, Michigan, USA 20th October 1974

1. Rebel Rebel 2. John, I’m Only Dancing 3. Sorrow 4. Changes 5. 1984 6. Moonage Daydream
7. Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me 8. Love Me Do / The Jean Genie 9. Diamond Dogs 10. Young Americans
11. Can You Hear Me 12. It’s Gonna Be Me 13. Somebody Up There Likes Me 14. Suffragette City
15. Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide 16. Panic In Detroit

David Bowie – Vocals, Guitar Earl Slick – Lead Guitar Carlos Alomar – Rhythm Guitar
Mike Garson – Piano, Mellotron David Sanborn – Alto Saxophone, Flute Emir Kassan – Bass
Dennis Davis – Drums Pablo Rosario – Percussion Warren Peace – Backing Vocals
Ava Cherry – Backing Vocals Robin Clark – Backing Vocals Anthony Hinton – Backing Vocals
Diane Sumler – Backing Vocals Luther Vandross – Backing Vocals

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