David Bowie / Bowie 74 Live / 1CD 

David Bowie/ 74 Live / 1CD / DBAS05

Universal Amphitheatre , Universal City Los Angeles , CA , USA 7TH September 1974

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Jon Wizardo Master Cassette / Previously Uncirculated

After a long time, The David Bowie Archive Series released two titles of super valuable audience recordings of the 1974 “DIAMOND DOGS” tour! First of all, we will introduce the pattern of the 7th from the continuous performance at the Universal Amphitheater in LA in September. Speaking of this series of performances, the official recording on the 5th has long been a staple of “STRANGE FASCINATION”, and now it has been officially released as “CRACKED ACTOR (Live Los Angeles ’74)”.
However, despite the fact that it was a continuous performance (it has been held for exactly one week), there are no items that record patterns from other days. That’s because the excavation of leaked sound boards, which was rare at that time, was enormous from the early days of CDs. Still, if you’re a maniac, it’s natural that you’ll want to hear the performances of other days. If it’s a “DIAMOND DOGS” tour where the concept of the band members and the tour itself has changed, let alone the set list throughout the year, you’ll want to hear more.

Therefore, the sound source released this time is the sound source on the 7th, but unfortunately the recording is an incomplete version from the second part. Nevertheless, there is of course a reason for it to be released by DBA. The only item that gave us a glimpse of a series of LA patterns in the analog boot era was the EP “BOWIE 74 LIVE” released by the famous label Wizardo. Of the many Wizardo items, this is the only one released in EP format later and earlier. What is released this time is a super valuable version called the master cassette of the sound source recorded by John Wizard who was the main label for this EP.
Ken Douglas of TMOQ, a pioneer of bootlegs, looked back on his trajectory 10 years ago, but unlike adult Ken, John’s half-life, who has been running Wizardo since adolescence, is full of ups and downs. He was like a rocker, having become a drug addict after stopping the release in the late 80’s. But in 2020, when the world was frightened by the threat of Corona, ironically, John, who had been silent for many years, began to tell his story in public. It is.
Receiving such benefits, this sound source was only available among Bowie’s core traders. Unfortunately, it seems that the first half of the show was not left edited by John at the time of EP production. Fortunately, it was unfortunate that the latter half still existed. I hope this will help you understand why incomplete recordings will be released on limited press CDs as part of the DBA series.

Although the existence of the sound source itself was known, it was the British Bowie researcher who has supervised the DBA series so far that provided John’s master sound source, which was only allowed to be owned by a very limited number of enthusiasts. .. The exquisite vintage feel of the recording, which is unique to the master cassette. The sound quality is monaural and solid, and the freshness is also wonderful. The listening comfort created by the sound image with a moderate sense of distance is also wonderful. The recording started from “Space Oddity”, but even before the performance started, the excitement of the surroundings was tremendous, and John himself warned that it was “noisy”. Maybe because of this excitement, John gave up on album-by-album releases and dared to choose the EP form.
The pattern of “Space Oddity”, in which Bowie rides on a gondola and sings to the receiver, can also be seen from the excitement. As you can see from this, the series of performances in LA was the last time we used that legendary “DIAMOND DOGS” set. Initially, it was a stage set introduced by Bowie with great ambition, but while it was too grand, it had the problem that the technology at that time could not catch up. Thanks to that, there are few days when everything works in one show.
Therefore, although it was suggested not to use the set when resuming the tour from September, it was decided to use the “DIAMOND DOGS” set only for the LA serial performances that were persuaded by the management and attracted attention from the media. The result was the BBC documentary “CRACKED ACTOR”.
On the other hand, the band’s rhythm section changed from Harvey Flowers & Tony Newman’s British rock combination until July to Doug Rauch who was in Santana and Greg Errico who was the back of Sly, and Bowie at that time. John’s recording clearly shows how he has evolved into a deeper black sound that he would have been looking for. In particular, the flow of “Big Brother –Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family” has a straightforward charm that is different from the light performance until July heard on the official “DAVID LIVE”.
And after the end of the main story, “BOWIE 74 LIVE” where there is no master is carefully recorded from the EP. Releases of this era were often of poor quality due to inconsistent press factories in order to escape the pursuit of the authorities. Recorded in a clean state with the scratch noise of such a board suppressed as much as possible. This alone should be an epoch-making release for enthusiasts, but Bowie sings with a laugh in “All The Young Dudes” heard here, and the peaceful atmosphere is very fun. A super-precious sound source with a vintage feel and natural depth of sound quality by John Wizard, which is perfect for release from DBA, this is the sound that enthusiasts wanted to hear!


久々のThe David Bowie Archive Seriesは1974年「DIAMOND DOGS」ツアーの超貴重オーディエンス録音を一挙二タイトルリリース!最初に紹介しますは9月のLA、ユニバーサル・アンフィシアターでの連続公演から7日の模様を収録。この一連の公演と言えば何とっても5日の公式録音が昔から「STRANGE FASCINATION」として定番であり、今や「CRACKED ACTOR (Live Los Angeles ’74)」として晴れてオフィシャルリリースされています。
ところが連続公演だった割に(きっかり一週間行われています)、他の日の模様を収録したアイテムというのがまったく存在しない。それは一重にCD初期の時代から当時としては稀な流出サウンドボードの発掘が絶大だったから。それでもマニアであれば他の日の演奏を聞いてみたいと思うのは当然のこと。それが一年を通してセットリストはおろか、バンドメンバーやツアーのコンセプトそのものが変わってしまった「DIAMOND DOGS」ツアーであればもっともっと聞いてみたくなってしまう。

そこで今回リリースされるのが7日の音源なのですが、残念ながら録音が第二部からという不完全版。それにもかかわらずDBAからリリースされるにはもちろん訳がある。アナログブート時代で一連のLAの模様を垣間見させてくれた唯一のアイテム、それは名レーベルWizardoがリリースした「BOWIE 74 LIVE」というEPでした。数あるWizardoのアイテムの中でもEPというフォーマットでリリースされたのは後にも先にもこれだけ。今回リリースされるのは、何とこのEP用にレーベルの主だったジョン・ウィザードが録音した音源のマスターカセットという超貴重なバージョン。

音源の存在自体は知られていたものの、極めて限られたマニアにしか所有が許されなかったジョンのマスター音源を提供してくれたのは、これまでDBAシリーズを監修してきた英国のボウイ研究家。その録音の絶妙なビンテージ感、これまさにマスターカセットならではもの。モノラルでどっしりとした音質で鮮度も素晴らしい。程よく距離感のある音像が生み出す聞き心地も素晴らしい。録音は「Space Oddity」からスタートしていますが、演奏が始まる前から周囲の盛り上がりが凄まじく、何とジョン自身が「うるさいよ」と注意するという。この盛り上がりのせいでジョンがアルバム単位でのリリースを諦め、あえてEPという形を選んだのでは?
ボウイがゴンドラに乗って受話器に向かって歌う「Space Oddity」の模様もまた、その盛り上がりから窺い知ることが出来ます。このことからも解るように、LAでの一連の公演は、あの伝説的な「DIAMOND DOGS」セットを使用した最後の時期だったのです。当初はボウイが大きな野心を持って導入したステージセットでしたが、あまりに壮大であった一方で当時のテクノロジーが追い付けないという問題を抱えていました。おかげで一回のショーですべてが作動してくれた日が少ないというありさま。
そこで9月からのツアー再開に際してはセットを使わないと提言したものの、マネージメントから説き伏せられてメディアに注目されていたLA連続公演だけは「DIAMOND DOGS」セットを使うことにしたという。その成果がBBCドキュメンタリー「CRACKED ACTOR」でした。
一方バンドのリズム隊が7月までのハービー・フラワーズ&トニー・ニューマンのブリティッシュ・ロック・コンビからサンタナにいたダグ・ローチとスライのバックだったグレッグ・エリコというコンビに交代したことで、当時のボウイが求めていたであろうブラック寄りのディープなサウンドへと進化している様子もジョンの録音からしっかり伝わってきます。特に「Big Brother – Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family」の流れはオフィシャル「DAVID LIVE」で聞かれる7月までの軽快な演奏とはまた違ったストレートな魅力がある。
そして本編終了後にはマスターが存在しない「BOWIE 74 LIVE」をEPから丁寧に収録。この時代のリリースは当局の追及から逃れるためにプレス工場が一定せず盤質が悪いことが多かった。そんな盤のスクラッチノイズを極力抑えたクリーンな状態で収録。これだけでもマニアには画期的なリリースとなるはずですが、ここで聞かれる「All The Young Dudes」ではボウイが笑いながら歌っており、その和やかな雰囲気がとても楽しい。正にDBAからのリリースに打ってつけなジョン・ウィザードによるビンテージ感とナチュラルな奥行きたっぷりな音質が魅力の超貴重音源、これぞマニアが聞きたかった音!


1. Intro
2. Space Oddity
3. Future Legend
4. Diamond Dogs
5. Big Brother
6. Time
7. The Jean Genie
8. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide
9. John, I’m Only Dancing (Again)

‘Bowie 74 Live’ Wizardo EP
Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, Los Angeles, CA, USA 7th September 1974

10. All The Young Dudes
11. Cracked Actor
12. It’s Gonna Be Me

The David Bowie Archive Series. DBAS05


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