David Bowie / Live Footage 1972 / 1DVDR

David Bowie / Live Footage 1972 / 1DVDR / Non label

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Live At The Rainbow Theatre London And Friars Aylesbury 1972. Pro-Shot

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A legendary charisma that transcends even the existence of Bowie himself, “Ziggy Stardust”. A gifts release decision is a video work that spells his appearance on the stage with exceptional quality.
What is contained in this work is Ziggy ‘s live image. It is a professional shot of five songs that overseas mania created using the existing video and sound. The images used are “19 August 19 20 + 20 Rainbow Theater” and “Aisleberry July 15, 1972”, “19 June 21 Dance Tubble”, backstage footage, various Such as 8 mm film. Although it is a picture familiar with each, the sound is vintage or silent. In this work, after assembling such images, we are synchronizing the official live board “LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72” and the best sound board of the BBC session.
Amazingly, its quality. Of course, since it is a completely different video and audio of a show, it can not be synchronized as it is. Therefore, this mania decomposes each picture into a detailed scene. It is fitting to the live voice by rearranging it. Speaking lyrics Jiggy’s mouth, the timing of picking up the guitar … … The degree of synchronization is like a real live image.
In addition, depending on the song, some missing parts will come out, but it also connects with the makeup scene of Bowie, the video of the venue, slow motion of another part etc. The selected eyes, the sense of the assembly is almost “the live clip of the official production” level …… No, it more. It’s not on a commercial base, but “I like Bowie” “I want to stare at Ziggy” is blurred and it synches to our hearts that I am watching. Of course, the quality of each image is also a special grade. I am using the existing best master and I am finished in the finest image beauty even if I see it with the modern eye of digital prime.
Even though only 6 songs of such fanside are wonderful, this work has recorded 7 more bonus videos that are more delicious. This is a collection of pro shots from 1972 to 1974, including genuine promotional clips and TV appearance performances. The breakdown is …. Promo clip × 2 songs, 2 appearances of “OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST” × 2 songs, “TOP OF THE POPS” × 2 appearances and “TOP POP” appeared × 1 song, recorded in time series . Although only the last “Rebel Rebel” is not a Ziggy era, it is a superb valuable picture that also understands the enthusiasm of mania who could not have been included in recording.

Fans’ affection, seven songs of superb quality bonus · pro shot for 6 songs live plenty of mania soul. There are things called “valuable just to make it move” when saying precious images of the 70’s, but this work is not so. You can enjoy it even if you know only about official album, core mania is overwhelmed by the completeness and master freshness. That is the ultra high-quality one that can flow normally in common cafes and restaurants.

本作に収められているのは、ジギーのライヴ映像。海外マニアが現存する映像と音声を駆使して創り上げた5曲分のプロショットです。使用されている映像は「1972年8月19日+20日レインボー・シアター」や「1972年7月15日アイルズベリー」をメインに、「1972年6月21日ダンスタブル」、バックステージ映像、さまざまな8ミリフィルムなど。それぞれお馴染みの映像ではありますが、音声はヴィンテージ感覚だったり、無声だったりしました。本作では、そうした映像を組み上げた上で、公式ライヴ盤『LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72』やBBCセッションの極上サウンドボードをシンクロさせているのです。
そんなファンメイドの傑作6曲だけでも素晴らしいのですが、本作はさらに美味しいボーナス映像も7曲収録しました。こちらは正真正銘のプロモクリップやテレビ出演パフォーマンスなど、1972年から1974年のプロショットを集成しました。その内訳は……プロモクリップ×2曲、“OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST”出演×2曲、“TOP OF THE POPS”×出演2曲、“TOP POP”出演×1曲で、時系列に収録しています。最後の「Rebel Rebel」のみジギー時代ではありませんが、それでも収録せずにはいられなかったマニアの心境も分かる極上の貴重映像です。


1972 Live Footage

1. Ode To Joy 2. Hang On To Yourself 3. Ziggy Stardust 4. Starman 5. Lady Stardust
6. Suffragette City

Bonus Tracks
7. Soul Love (Promo 1972) 8. Oh, You Pretty Things (OGWT 1972) 9. Queen Bitch (OGWT 1972)
10. Starman (Top Of The Pops 1972) 11. The Jean Genie (Top Of The Pops 1973)
12. The Jean Genie (Promo 1973) 13. Rebel Rebel (Top Pop, 1974)


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