David Bowie / Boston 1972 / 2CD

David Bowie / Boston 1972 / 2CD / Wardour
Translated text:
Live at Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA. USA 1st October 1972

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Legend recording praised as “The Ultimate Board of History of Bowie”, “Boston Performance on October 1, 1972”. It is a daimyo recording representing “ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR” that shines brilliantly in the history of rock, but the legend is empty no way, it is a complete board of Noise.
This show has been announced on an official basis. “My Death” to “RAREST ONE BOWIE”, “John, I’m Only Dancing”, “Changes” “The Supermen” to “SOUND + VISION”, “Life” in the 30th anniversary of “ALADDIN SANE” On Mars? “Has been recorded. The wonderful performance that gave me a glimpse of the glimpse there was only a desire for “I want to hear full”. Healing such dryness is Joe Maloney who is a historical name recordingist. He was turning the tape with this show and he was able to record with a superb sound. The pattern is also reported at our shop as a press CD “ZIGGY IN BOSTON (Wardour – 015)”. In the historical show drawn with that beautiful sound, maniacs all over the world are noisy. Even in the professional magazine of the time “The quality of this sound is prominent, it is considerably higher in all Bowie’s boot legs” “Enjoy the atmosphere of stunning live” “The ultimate in which you can enjoy the jiggy period of any bowie anything more than anything Items “and praised the word was done.
This work is also such “Legendary Maloney Recording”, but it is not a remastered such as the previous episode. Its identity was finally released “original master” itself. The master who appeared from the same route as the shock work “CLEVELAND 1972 1ST NIGHT (Wardour – 218)” which was given a great reputation the other day is entitled “UNPROCESSED (raw) STEREO MASTER” and it is shaking the whole world perfectly It is a board.
More than anything, it is completely different from the recording time. “ZIGGY IN BOSTON” was just a gruelly “78: 56” that fits on one CD, but this work is greatly expanded. It is as long as 11 minutes and a half. When I try to play it, the sound that I have never heard suddenly flows out. The episode started from the “Hang Onto Yourself” intro’s fade-out, “I thought that I started to record from the first song”, but in reality the tape was running ahead of time. It is recorded from a bass synth like a beat of “Ode To Joy” telling the opening. Another great difference is Encore. I am doing a tape change while waiting, but the cheers that had been cut were also recorded for a long time, and “Ode To Joy” at the time of the show was also recorded. Until now, it seems that someone wanted to somewhere in one CD to cut it, but here the shock of the audience who witnessed the ancient charisma “jiggy” is contained as it is. The atmosphere of the historic venue, the air feeling blows out as it is from the speaker.
Of course, the essential sound of the concert itself is “UNPROCESSED (raw)” so the real sound. It was legendary from the previous episode, but its master master sound is beautifully drawn. However, this work has also mastering as the last claw. As it seems to be scolded that “Do not care for the original sounds at all!” Of course, we are not doing an intact mane like changing the original sound. Rather, the reverse. I reverted a few “changes” that would have occurred probably when digitizing the original master. Removed minor analog playback noise carefully one by one carefully, adjusted the balance of the left and right channels, corrected the pitch which was about 25% faster as well as the place of the show. It focused only on the reproduction of “the sound itself inhaled by the recorder on the spot” rather than the prestigious powerfulness, but it finished it into a single book to investigate its highest peak.
“Legendary night” revived with that sound … …. It is a wonderful thing that you can tell me more detailedly. A wonderful set list to showcase valuable “Lady Stardust”, an ensemble with SPIDERS with greasy, a story of “My Death” which became legendary legend, a 1972 novel symbolizing “The Width Of A Circle “… and the breath of the audience who witnessed it. All that existed in “1972”, which can exist only in “1972”, flows out of the speaker with the sound unique to the Omoto master, filling the room.

It is exactly “cultural heritage”. It is a treasure of mankind. “CLEVELAND 1972 1ST NIGHT” was also a masterpiece of shock, but the amazing taste of “complete form” which is longer than 11 minutes longer than the previous episode can not be met. The name recording which was even called “Ultimate” exceeded “Ultimate”. This shock, we will deliver to you at hand this weekend.

「ボウイ史上の究極盤」と激賛された伝説の録音、「1972年10月1日ボストン公演」。ロック史に燦然と輝く“ZIGGY STARDUST TOUR”を代表する大名録音ですが、その伝説がまさか、まさかの完全盤で登場です。
このショウは、オフィシャルでも細切れに発表されてきたもの。『RAREST ONE BOWIE』には「My Death」が、『SOUND + VISION』には「John, I’m Only Dancing」「Changes」「The Supermen」が、『ALADDIN SANE』の30周年盤には「Life on Mars?」が収録されてきました。そこから垣間見える素晴らしいパフォーマンスに“フルが聴きたい”の想いが募るばかりでした。そんな乾きを癒してくれたのが、かの歴史的名録音家ジョー・マロニー。彼はこのショウでテープを回しており、極上サウンドで記録しきっていたのです。その模様は当店でもプレスCD『ZIGGY IN BOSTON(Wardour-015)』としてレポート。その美麗サウンドで描かれた歴史的ショウには、全世界のマニアが騒然。当時の専門誌でも「この音のクオリティは突出しており、ボウイ全ブートレッグの中でもかなり上位」「見事なライブの雰囲気を楽しめる」「どこからどう切ってもボウイのジギー期を何よりも堪能できる究極のアイテム」と、言葉を尽くした激賛が寄せられたのです。
本作もまた、そんな“伝説のマロニー録音”なのですが、既発のリマスターなどではありません。その正体は、遂に公開された「オリジナル・マスターそのもの」。先日、大好評を賜った衝撃作『CLEVELAND 1972 1ST NIGHT(Wardour-218)』と同じルートから登場したマスターは、“UNPROCESSED(未加工) STEREO MASTER”と題され、全世界を震撼させている完全盤なのです。
何より、収録時間からしてまるで違う。『ZIGGY IN BOSTON』はCD1枚に収まるギリギリの「78:56」だったわけですが、本作は大幅に拡張。11分半も長いのです。再生してみると、いきなり聴いたことのない音が流れ出る。既発は「Hang Onto Yourself」イントロのフェイドアウトから始まっており、「さすが、1曲目から録り始めてる」と思いましたが、実はもっと前からテープが回っていた。開演を告げる「Ode To Joy」の鼓動のような低音シンセから収録されているのです。あと大きく違うのはアンコール。待ちの間にテープチェンジをしているのですが、既発ではカットされていた喝采も長く収録され、終演時の「Ode To Joy」も記録されている。今までは、どこかで誰かがCD1枚に収めたくてカットしたのでしょうが、ここには希代のカリスマ“ジギー”を目の当たりにした観客の衝撃がそっくりそのまま収められている。歴史的な会場の雰囲気、空気感がスピーカーからそのまま吹き出してくるのです。
そのサウンドで蘇った“伝説の夜”……。もう細々とお話しするのも憚られる素晴らしさ。貴重な「Lady Stardust」まで披露する見事なセットリスト、脂の乗ったSPIDERSとのアンサンブル、伝説の伝説たる所以ともなった「My Death」の絶唱、1972年の象徴とも言える圧巻の「The Width Of A Circle」……そして、それを目の当たりにする観客の息吹。“1972年”でしかあり得ない、“1972年”に実在した総てが大元マスターならではのサウンドでスピーカーから流れ出し、部屋中を満たすのです。

まさに“文化遺産”。人類の宝です。『CLEVELAND 1972 1ST NIGHT』も衝撃の大傑作でしたが、既発より11分以上も長い“完全形”の凄味は喩えようもない。「究極」とさえ称された名録音が「究極」を超えた。この衝撃、今週末あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。

Disc 1 (45:08)
1. Ode To Joy 2. Hang Onto Yourself 3. Ziggy Stardust 4. Changes 5. The Supermen
6. Life On Mars? 7. Lady Stardust 8. Queen Bitch 9. Five Years 10. Space Oddity
11. Andy Warhol 12. My Death

Disc 2 (45:35)
1. The Width Of A Circle 2. John, I’m Only Dancing 3. Starman 4. Moonage Daydream
5. I’m Waiting For The Man 6. White Light / White Heat 7. Suffragette City 8. Around And Around
9. Outro: Ode To Joy

David Bowie – Vocals, Guitar Mick Ronson – Guitar Mike Garson – Piano
Trevor Bolder – Bass Mick Woodmansey – Drums



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