David Bowie / Rest Of The BBC Radio Sessions 1967-1972 / 2CD

David Bowie / Rest Of The BBC Radio Sessions 1967-1972 / 2CD / Helden

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Johnnie Walker Lunchtime Show May 22, 1972. Digitally Remastered

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For artists active since the 1960s, radio appearances were a very important promotion at the time. Moreover, at the request of the record company so as not to influence the sales, it did not send the studio recording as it was, it was being broadcast in the studio live format. At that time there was no premise that it would commercialize it, but it was only on the spot, but in later years it got attention to its preciousness. Beatles, Stones, various artists began releasing live at the time of radio appearance.

And our bowie became 2000, and the studio live which appeared in the early 1968 to 1972 was released. However, due to restrictions on recording on 2 discs, of course it was not possible to record all the programs that appeared, as many artists did, it is best to avoid overlapping songs as much as possible Met. There was also a mistake that Ziggy Styduast recorded the same take twice. This work complements the 2000 release released “BOWIE AT THE BEEB”, which includes officially omitted programs, takes, “BOWIE AT THE BEEB” with this work, from 1967 Bowie It is a content covering the radio studio live until 1972 completely.

I want you to refer to the back jacket for detailed program data and set list. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press.


そして我らがボウイも2000年になり、1968年から1972年の初期に出演したスタジオ・ライブがリリースされたのである。しかしディスク2枚に収録する制約上、もちろん出演した番組を全て収録するというわけにいかず、多くのアーティストがそうであったように、重複する曲をなるべく避けつつベストな選曲になるような構成であった。(ジギースターダストが同テイクを2度収録するというミスもあった)。本作は、その2000年リリースの『BOWIE AT THE BEEB』を補完するもので、公式には割愛された番組、テイクを収録し、『BOWIE AT THE BEEB』と本作で、ボウイの1967年から1972年までのラジオ出演スタジオ・ライブを完全に網羅する内容となっている。


TOP GEAR December 18, 1967
01. Love You Till Tuesday
02. When I Live My Dream
03. Little Bombardier
04. Silly Boy Blue
05. In The Heat Of The Morning

TOP GEAR May 13, 1968
06. When I’m Five

DAVE LEE TRAVIS SHOW October 20, 1969
07. Interview
08. Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed

THE SUNDAY SHOW February 5, 1970
09. Buzz The Fuzz
10. Karma Man
11. London Bye Ta Ta
12. An Occasional Dream
13. Janine
14. The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
15. Fill Your Heart
16. The Prettiest Star

SOUNDS OF THE 70s March 25, 1970
17. I’m Waiting For The Man
18. The Width Of A Circle
19. The Supermen

IN CONCERT June 3, 1971
01. Queen Bitch
02. The Supermen
03. Song For Bob Dylan (Vo. George Underwood)
04. Andy Warhol (Vo. Dana Gillespie)

SOUNDS OF THE 70s September 21, 1971
05. Kooks
06. Fill Your Heart
07. Amsterdam
08. Andy Warhol

SOUNDS OF THE 70s January 11, 1972
09. Ziggy Stardust
10. Queen Bitch
11. I’m Waiting For The Man
12. Lady Stardust

13. Starman
14. Space Oddity

SOUNDS OF THE 70s May 23, 1972
15. White Light / White Heat

Helden. DEN-093/94

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