David Bowie / 1971 / 2CD

David Bowie / 1971 / 2CD / Wardour
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In Concert / BOWPROMO1 / Hunky Dory Outtakes / Sound Of The 70s

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A studio album that compiled the secret sound board of the era of 1971’s “HUNKY DORY” era appears. There are 4 kinds of sound sources contained in this work. It is a 2-sheet set with two kinds of discs on one disc. When we summarize the outline to easy, …
· First half of DISC 1: BBC session “IN CONCERT”
· DISC 1 latter half: Rare program “BOWPROMO 1”
· First half of DISC 2: “HUNKY DORY” out take
· DISC 2 latter half: BBC session “SOUND OF THE 70s”
…… and it looks like this. Both are known from the past, but carefully selected and unearthed the master who updates “highest peak quality”. Let’s quickly introduce each of them in detail.

【First half of disc 1: BBC session “IN CONCERT”】
First of all, BBC’s special program “IN CONCERT” appears. It is a studio session of “Jun. 5, 1971 – Broadcast June 20”. Just around the time I started making ‘HUNKY DORY’, I was led by Mick Ronson, Trevor Boulder and Mick Woodmann who also participated in the album. In addition, George Underwood and Jeffrey · Alexander (Jeff · McCormack) who took charge of cover art of “Duna Gillespie” and “HUNKY DORY” who is also a guest at “Ziggy Stardust” participate. It is also a rare item and a session called Jiggy Eve.
This session is also included in the official board “BOWIE AT THE BEEB”, but this work is different in content and sound. Whereas the official board was a monaural rebroadcast version, this work was digitized directly from BBC’s transcription LP “BBC PICK OF THE POPS”. There is no “Bombers” “Almost Grown” because the broadcasting itself is different from the official board, but on the contrary here is “Queen Bitch” “The Supermen” “Song For Bob Dylan” “Andy Warhol” which is not on the official board, Including the moderator by John Peel, it is recorded with the uncut.
It is sound that is bigger than that. This transcription LP is known as “the only stereo version”, and this work is a rare board which the collector desires to get out of his throat. You can taste a completely different stereo space from the monaural official board.

【Disk 1 latter half: Rare program “BOWPROMO 1″】
Following is a rare Promo record for viewing “BOWPROMO 1”. This promotion is a rare thing that only 500 sheets were pressed, a split called Bowie on the A side and Dana Gillespie on the B side. Dana is a female singer who was dating a bowie when he was in his teens, and both sides are reprinted in this work.
The important Bowie side can listen to 7 early versions of “HUNKY DORY”. In contemporary style it is “Rough Mix”, all the songs have different effects such as chorus, guitar effects, balance of instruments, strings and so on. Especially different are “Eight Lines Poem” and “Quicksand”. The former is a different take of vocals by temporary lyrics and the latter is a full stereo mix from the beginning, unlike the century version which becomes stereo from the middle. “It Is not Easy” of the next work “Ziggy Stardust” is also included and you can see that it has already been completed.
Although this promo is also circulating in the boot leg of overseas press, the vintage sound of the preciousness was distorted with a strange equalizing. This work has been reprinted from the record actual in a perfect preservation state, you can taste with the natural sound as original record.

【Disk 2 first half: “HUNKY DORY” OUT TAKE】
On behalf of Disk 2 It is decorating the beginning, the famous board “HUNKY DORY” outtake collection. Outtake was also recorded in “HUNKY DORY” recurred from Rykodisc in 1990, but this work is totally different. You can enjoy 6 songs / 7 takes that do not suffer from 1 song.
Besides, its content is quite amazing. Even if the rarity is not included in the album, every song has plenty of potential in the “HUNKY DORY” era. Moreover, it is completed not firmly, it is completed, sound quality is also the same as the official album. It is exactly 6 treasures of gems / gems / 7 takes.

【Disk 2 Latter Half: BBC Session “SOUND OF THE 70s”】
Finally, the BBC’s secret sound source again. It is a pattern when I appeared on the famous program “SOUND OF THE 70s” hosted by Bob Harris. Although Bowie has appeared six times in the 70’s, this work shows off an acoustic live with Mick Ronson and only two at “The September 21, 1971 Broadcasting October 4” broadcast. It is a session that has been acknowledged that it is “the most brilliant” even among a number of BBCs from maniacious sources.
This session is also included in the official edition “BOWIE AT THE BEEB”, but there are only three songs there. This work is a complete session of 7 songs. And that sound is also wonderful. Although it feels slightly different stereo feeling from the official board, this work is more natural. Furthermore, the natural “ringing” of the analog feeling is wonderful, the whole body is enveloped in the investigation and singing voice of the acoustic spinning by Mick and Bowie. It can be immersed in exquisite sound space.

A BBC session that was reprinted on a scale exceeding the official and precious outtakes. Both of them created the “HUNKY DORY” and are full of the glow of the Bowie who headed towards “Ziggy Stardust”. A studio recording album of a gem that contains plenty of the highest peak quality of such treasures ever. That is the 2-piece set you want to love forever, between “HUNKY DORY” and “Ziggy · Stardust”.

1971年の名盤『HUNKY DORY』時代の秘蔵サウンドボードをコンパイルしたスタジオ・アルバムが登場です。本作に収められている音源は4種類。ディスク1枚に2種類ずつを配した2枚組です。その概要をカンタンに整理しますと……
・DISC 1後半:レアプロモ『BOWPROMO1』
・DISC 2前半:『HUNKY DORY』アウトテイク
・DISC 2後半:BBCセッション“SOUND OF THE 70s”

【ディスク1前半:BBCセッション“IN CONCERT”】
まず登場するのは、BBCの名物番組“IN CONCERT”。「1971年6月5日収録・6月20日放送」のスタジオ・セッションです。ちょうど『HUNKY DORY』の制作を始めた頃で、アルバムにも参加したミック・ロンソン、トレバー・ボルダー、ミック・ウッドマンジーを率いての出演でした。さらにゲストとして『ジギー・スターダスト』でコーラスも務めるダナ・ギレスピーや『HUNKY DORY』のカバーアートを担当したジョージ・アンダーウッド、ジェフリー・アレキサンダー(ジェフ・マコーマック)も参加。珍品ともジギー前夜とも言われるセッションです。
このセッションはオフィシャル盤『BOWIE AT THE BEEB』にも収録されていますが、本作は内容もサウンドも違う。公式盤はモノラルの再放送版だったのに対し、本作はBBCのトランスクリプションLP『BBC PICK OF THE POPS』からダイレクトにデジタル化したもの。公式盤とは放送自体が異なるので「Bombers」「Almost Grown」はありませんが、逆にコチラは公式盤にはない「Queen Bitch」「The Supermen」「Song For Bob Dylan」「Andy Warhol」があり、ジョン・ピールによる司会も含めてノーカットで収録しています。

肝心のボウイ・サイドは、『HUNKY DORY』の初期バージョン7曲が聴ける。現代風に言えば“ラフ・ミックス”でして、全曲ともコーラスやギター等のエフェクト、各楽器のバランス、ストリングスなどの装飾も異なっています。特に違うのは「Eight Lines Poem」と「Quicksand」でしょうか。前者はヴォーカルが仮歌詞の別テイクですし、後者は途中からステレオになる世紀バージョンとは異なり、最初から全編ステレオ・ミックスになっている。次作『ジギー・スターダスト』の「It Ain’t Easy」も収録されており、すでに完成したことが分かります。

【ディスク2前半:『HUNKY DORY』アウトテイク】
代わってのディスク2冒頭を飾るのは、名盤『HUNKY DORY』アウトテイク集。1990年にRykodiscから再発された『HUNKY DORY』にもアウトテイクが収録されましたが、本作はまったく別。1曲も被らない6曲/7テイクがお楽しみいただけます。
しかも、その内容がすこぶる素晴らしい。アルバム未収録のレア度をさておいても、どの曲も『HUNKY DORY』時代のポテンシャルがたっぷりと詰まっている。しかも、習作・作りかけではなくしっかりと完成しており、音質もオフィシャル・アルバムと同様の極上サウンド。まさに至宝・珠玉の6曲/7テイクです。

【ディスク2後半:BBCセッション“SOUND OF THE 70s”】
最後は、再びBBCの秘蔵音源。ボブ・ハリスが司会を務める名物番組“SOUND OF THE 70s”に出演した際の模様です。ボウイは70年代に6度出演していますが、本作は「1971年9月21日収録・10月4日放送」の回で、ミック・ロンソンと2人だけでアコースティック・ライヴを披露。マニア筋から数あるBBCでも「もっとも光り輝いている」と絶賛されているセッションです。
このセッションもオフィシャル盤『BOWIE AT THE BEEB』に収録されていますが、そちらはわずか3曲。本作は7曲のセッション完全版なのです。そして、そのサウンドがまた素晴らしい。オフィシャル盤とはややステレオ感が異なる感じですが、本作の方が一層自然。さらにアナログ感覚のナチュラルな“鳴り”が素晴らしく、ミックとボウイが紡ぐアコースティックの調べと歌声に全身が包まれる。まさに極上の音空間に浸りきれるのです。

オフィシャルを超えるスケールで復刻したBBCセッションと、貴重なアウトテイクたち。いずれも『HUNKY DORY』を創り上げ、『ジギー・スターダスト』へと向かっていたボウイの輝きに充ち満ちています。そんな秘宝たちの史上最高峰クオリティをたっぷりと封じ込めた珠玉のスタジオ録音アルバム。それこそ、『HUNKY DORY』と『ジギー・スターダスト』の間に差して永遠に愛していただきたい2枚組です。

Disc 1 (66:37)

Live at the Paris Theatre, London, UK 5th June 1971
Broadcast on 20th June 1971

Taken from the original BBC Transcription Services

1. Intro 2. Queen Bitch 3. Intro 4. The Supermen 5. Intro 6. Looking For A Friend
7. Intro 8. Kooks 9. Intro 10. Song For Bob Dylan 11. Intro 12. Andy Warhol (with Dana Gillespie)
13. Intro 14. It Ain’t Easy

David Bowie – vocals, piano, 12-string guitar Mark Carr-Pritchard – guitar
Mick Ronson – guitar Trevor Bolder – bass Mick Woodmansey – drums
Dana Gillespie – vocals George Underwood – vocals Geoffrey Alexander – vocals
Produced by Jeff Griffin

Recorded at Trident Studios, London, UK 1971

15. Oh! You Pretty Things 16. Eight Line Poem 17. Kooks 18. It Ain’t Easy
19. Queen Bitch 20. Quicksand 21. Bombers

Dana Gillespie
22. Mother Don’t Be Frightened 23. Andy Warhol 24. Never Knew 25. All Cut Up On You
26. Lavender Hill

Disc 2 (44:25)
These songs are from around the period of “Hunky Dory”, possibly unused songs from that album’s recording sessions

1. Tired of My Life 2. Shadow Man 3. How Lucky You Are 4. Ligtning Frightening
5. Looking For A Friend 6. Rupert The Riley #1 7. Rupert The Riley #2

Recorded on 21st September 1971
Broadcast on 4th October 1971

8. The Supermen 9. Oh! You Pretty Things 10. Eight Line Poem 11. Kooks
12. Fill Your Heart 13. Amsterdam 14. Andy Warhol

David Bowie – vocals, piano and guitar Mick Ronson – guitar, backing vocals and bass
Produced by John Muir


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