David Bowie / Toronto 2002 / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR

David Bowie / Toronto 2002 / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR / Wardour

Area 2 Festival, Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON. Canada 5th August 2002 Plus Bonus DVDR ‘ UK TV 2002 ‘. STEREO SBD


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“HEATHEN TOUR 2002” which let the “Bowie resurrection” be told in full weather. The ultra-super stereo sound board album is on its way. Is it a world tour that I realized for the first time in five years, is this time a great harvest of soundboard. We have also reported numerous, such as “Daihatsu 2002 (Wardour-227)” on Daimyo Board of Tour No.1, “MONTREUX 2002 (Wardour-193)”, “BBC LIVE 2002”, Gift board “BERLIN 2002” . This work is a live album that compiled a sound board that seems to explore the best while leaking to such a masterpiece group.

[Ultra superb sound board supervised by members] However, it is not just a “leftovers”, though. Actually, it was the band member at that time, Mark Platty who supervised this work. He is a producer / musician who participated from “EARTHLING” to “REALITY”, and also a gifted person who showed active performances of rhythm guitar / bass / keyboard / chorus and Hakuzaki Raku in “HEATHEN TOUR 2002”. It is different from just the stakeholders, it is the master selected by the person who entered the core nucleus and made it public.
Although three kinds of sound boards are recorded in such a work, the main thing to become the main is “12 Toronto performances 2002”, occupying 12 songs of all 17 songs of this work. Let’s confirm the position of the show from the whole picture of “HEATHEN TOUR 2002” here.

· June 11: Warm-up show (NY 1 performance)
· June 15: TV appearance performance
· June 29th: TOTAL MELTDOWN (London 1 performance)
· July 1 – 18: Europe # 1 (9 shows)
· July 28 – August 16: North America # 1 (12 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· September 22 – October 2: Europe # 2 (6 performances)
· October 11 – 23: North America # 2 (7 performances)

This is the summary of “HEATHEN TOUR 2002”. Although all of the sound board / pro shot groups mentioned above were all in Europe, this work is “North America # 1”. It is a concert which is the sixth performance of that. The highest taste of this sound board is the quality that is intense anyhow. Unfortunately it is an incomplete version of the broadcasting frame relationship or about half of the show, but the sound is a perfect official grade. Not only is it simply a deep ball sound board, but a precise mix is ​​given, and the perfection of each instrument is perfect, it is kneaded down to a slight echo on the vocal. Timing when the great cheers are entered is also fully calculated, and it should be said that it is truly supervised by a member, it is an ultra superb sound board perfectly “worked”. Although it was a quality that could be releasably officially released as it was, it was a further refinement in this work only for the high quality sounds at hand. We sort out the midrange which was slightly turbid, and finished it in a clearer and clearer sound.
The show drawn by that quality is also wonderful. This tour is famous for New York performances and London performances with the theme of “LOW” and “HEATHEN” complete reproduction, but from the “Europe # 1” it was usually set as a concert format. The Toronto performance of this work, when having performed the place number from there, the ensemble was also taken, when the band’s engine was fully opened. You can taste the show that exactly shows you.

【Overwhelming bonus to complement this story】
Following such a Toronto performance are two studio lives. Three songs “Slow Burn” “Fame” “I Took A Trip On”, two songs of BBC’s famous program “MICHAEL PARKINSON SHOW” “Everone Says” Hi “” “Life On Mars?” And “TOP OF THE POPS 2” A Gemini Spaceship “.
It was also supervised by Mark · Platy, and I wanted to say that it was a perfection degree … … but the master published on the net had very few scratches. The fundamental quality is ultimate for the Toronto performance as well, but the sound skip is left in several places, and the sound pressure of each sound source also falls apart. It was released as it was. Sound pressure may not be a problem for listening in a loudness-normalized environment, but sound skipping is severe. This work sticks to the live album as a “work” to the last, I pressed permanent preservation in a condition corrected perfectly.
It is actually the choice of the sound source that I feel the stature of members’ supervision over such quality. These two kinds of broadcasts do not suffer the Toronto performance and songs of this volume at all, and they are “complementary editions” beyond simple bonuses. Of course, although the mood is different from the stage only in the studio live at the broadcasting station, not many patterns of the same song come out through one piece. Particularly delicious is “Slow Burn” and “I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship” of “TOP OF THE POPS 2”. Both are new songs from “HEATHEN”, but the stage performance is very limited, it is a rare number that I could not even listen to the Daimyakai “OLYMPIA 2002” and “MONTREUX 2002”. As a result, this work includes 8 live versions of all 12 songs of “HEATHEN”, and because of the members who were working with Bowie at that time, “aesthetic” is felt.

It is not simply beautiful, it is super superb stereo sound board album which is not just gathering together. By Mark Supermarket supervision, there is an elegance that makes it a “work of art” both in sound and composition. HEATHEN TOUR 2002 “where official live albums were not left, it is one of the closest existing existence.
It is not a full show through, so it does not break the stronghold of “OLYMPIA 2002”. But I can not talk about “Bowie ‘s 2002” with that one. Including valuable “Slow Burn” “I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship”, it is the best live album as a single work and as a sub text. Please, enjoy it.

「ボウイ復活」を満天下に知らしめた“HEATHEN TOUR 2002”。その超極上ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムが登場です。5年ぶりに実現したワールドツアーということもあってか、この時代はサウンドボードの大豊作。当店でもツアーNo.1の大名盤『OLYMPIA 2002(Wardour-227)』をはじめ、『MONTREUX 2002(Wardour-193)』、『BBC LIVE 2002』、ギフト盤『BERLIN 2002』等々、多数レポートしてきました。本作は、そんな傑作群に漏れつつも、極上を究めるようなサウンドボードをコンパイルしたライヴアルバムです。

とは言え、ただの“残り物”でもありません。実は、本作を監修したのは当時のバンドメンバー、マーク・プラティ。彼は『EARTHLING』から『REALITY』まで参加したプロデューサー/ミュージシャンであり、“HEATHEN TOUR 2002”でもリズムギター/ベース/キーボード/コーラスと八面六臂の活躍を見せた才人。ただの関係者とはわけが違い、中心核に入り込んだ人物が選定し、公開したマスターなのです。
そんな本作には3種のサウンドボードが収録されていますが、まずメインになるのは「2002年8月5日トロント公演」で、本作の全17曲中12曲を占める。ここで“HEATHEN TOUR 2002”の全体像からショウのポジションを確認しておきましょう。

・6月29日:TOTAL MELTDOWN(ロンドン1公演)
・7月28日-8月16日:北米#1(12公演) ←★ココ★

以上が“HEATHEN TOUR 2002”の概要。先述したサウンドボード/プロショット群はすべてヨーロッパでしたが、本作は「北米#1」。その6公演目にあたるコンサートです。このサウンドボード最大の旨みは、とにかく強烈なのはクオリティ。残念ながら放送枠の関係かショウの約半分という不完全版なのですが、サウンドは完璧なオフィシャル級。単にド直球なサウンドボードというだけでなく、精緻なミックスが施され、各楽器のバランスも完璧ならヴォーカルにかかるわずかなエコーにいたるまで練り込まれた完成度。大歓声が入るタイミングも完全に計算されており、さすがメンバー監修と言うべきか、完璧に“作品然”とした超・極上のサウンドボードなのです。公開されたマスターそのままでも堂々とオフィシャル・リリースできるクオリティだったのですが、せっかくのハイクオリティ・サウンドだけに本作ではさらにひと磨き。わずかに濁り気味だった中音域を整理し、一層クリアに透き通るサウンドに仕上げました。

そんなトロント公演に続くのは、2種のスタジオライヴ。BBCの名物番組“MICHAEL PARKINSON SHOW”の2曲「Everone Says “Hi”」「Life On Mars?」と、“TOP OF THE POPS 2”の3曲「Slow Burn」「Fame」「I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship」です。
そんなクオリティも以上にメンバー監修の風格を感じるのは、実は音源のチョイス。この2種の放送は本編トロント公演と曲が一切被らず、単なるボーナス以上に“補完編”となっているのです。もちろん、放送局でのスタジオライヴだけにステージとはムードが違うものの、1枚を通して同じ曲を何パターンも出てくるわけではない。特に美味しいのは“TOP OF THE POPS 2”の「Slow Burn」と「I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship」。どちらも『HEATHEN』からの新曲ですが、ステージ演奏は非常に限られ、大名盤『OLYMPIA 2002』や『MONTREUX 2002』でも聴けなかったレアナンバー。結果として、本作には『HEATHEN』の全12曲中8曲のライヴバージョンが収録されており、当時ボウイと共に活動していたメンバーだからこその“美学”が感じられるのです。

単に美しいのではなく、単に寄せ集めでもない超極上のステレオサウンドボード・アルバム。マーク・プラティ監修によって、サウンドにも構成にも“作品然”とした気品が漂う。公式にライヴアルバムが残されなかった“HEATHEN TOUR 2002”で、最も公式に近い存在の1枚です。
通しのフルショウではありませんから『OLYMPIA 2002』の牙城を崩すわけではありません。しかし、あの1本で“ボウイの2002年”を語り尽くせるわけでもない。貴重な「Slow Burn」「I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship」も含め、1枚の作品としてもサブテキストとしても最高のライヴアルバム。どうぞ、存分にお楽しみください。


Area 2 Festival, Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON. Canada 5th August 2002
Taken from CBC Radio 3 broadcast mixed by Mark Plati

1. Introduction 2. Ashes To Ashes 3. Breaking Glass 4. Cactus 5. Slip Away
6. China Girl 7. I’ve Been Waiting For You 8. Band Introductions
9. 5:15 The Angels Have Gone 10. Heathen (The Rays) 11. Fashion
12. Let’s Dance 13. Ziggy Stardust

Michael Parkinson Show
(Broadcast on 21st September 2002)

14. Everone Says “Hi” 15. Life On Mars?

Top Of The Pops 2
(recorded at Kaufman Studios, New York, USA on 2nd June 2002)

16. Slow Burn (Broadcast on 7th June 2002)
17. Fame (Broadcast on 18th June 2002)
18. I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship (Broadcast on 19th June 2002)



David Bowie / UK TV 2002 /  1Single DVDR / Non label

Translated Text:
Top Of The Pops 2 / Parkinson / Live on Jools Holland

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The main press CD is super-superb sound board recording supervised by Mark Platty. Originally it is a music album unnecessary for bonuses, but among the live recorded there are also video versions for the two studio lives. This work is a live video that compiled 3 types of television appearance pro shots of 2002 mainly for the 2 kinds. Let’s introduce each picture in detail.

【TOP OF THE POPS 2 (3 songs)】
First of all, three songs “TOP OF THE POPS 2” that also became a bonus of the main press CD are appearing. All songs are included in “June 2, 2002” but the broadcasts are disjointed, “Slow Burn” is June 7, “Fame” is June 18th, “I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship “Was broadcast on June 19th. “TOP OF THE POPS” is often a mime, but this recording is a live performance with audiences in the stage style set.
Although I mentioned in the commentary of this volume, what is precious is “Slow Burn” and “I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship”. In particular, the latter number is said to have been hardly performed on the stage except New York performances and London performances which became a reproduction show “HEATHEN”. That rare song can be seen with BBC quality multi-camera pro shot.

The same pro shot is also the same as the main press press bonus “MICHAEL PARKINSON SHOW”. It was recorded in “September 19, 2002” and was broadcasted on “September 21”. Just like “TOP OF THE POPS 2”, live at an in-station studio, “Life On Mars?” Will sing with a piano only backing in duo with Mike Gerson.
The above “TOP OF THE POPS 2” was still a stage with the audience, but this is a complete set shot. The atmosphere is also relaxed quite well, Bowie is a gray trainer, and Stalin Campbell is also a mysterious T – shirt printed as “FALUN GONG Falun Dafa” (Chinese Qigong). A celebrating TV show studio cheer is also repeated, and a mood different from a fashionable stage can be seen with multiple cameras.
It is actually between songs that the mood is felt in particular. Although only two studio live songs were made on the main press CD, this work also includes an interview that was in between. Tom Hanks, who was the guest of the same time, was also present at the same time (by the way he was a movie “Road to Perdition” just released), a jokes full of Bowie’s exclusive place. You can enjoy the appearance of enjoying TV appearance in a really peaceful mood.

Lastly he appeared on television not related to the main press CD. This is also a pro shot when I appeared on BBC’s special program “LATER … WITH JOOLS HOLLAND”. Moderator Jules Holland is famous as a television program moderator, but also a keyboardist of SQUEEZE.
This image appeared on “September 20, 2002”, and performed three studio live “Rebel Rebel” “5.15 the Angels Have Gone” “Heathen”. This is also recorded in the local station set, but cheering between the songs, cheering between the songs, etc. The most live atmosphere in the three kinds of images (TV with anyone in front of the stage is really TV). By the way, the new version “Rebel Rebel” was the first show on television.

After all the attention is “TOP OF THE POPS 2” and “MICHAEL PARKINSON SHOW”. It is a multi camera · pro shot which can witness the sight of the “far side” of the top sound board of the main press CD. One piece that inflates the image of the press CD which was a music work which can also be called a semi-official, watching the Bowie at that time with eyes. Please enjoy plenty of “Bowie of 2002” together with “TORONTO 2002”.


まず登場するのは、本編プレスCDのボーナスにもなった“TOP OF THE POPS 2”の3曲。どの曲も「2002年6月2日」に収録されていますが、放送はバラバラで「Slow Burn」は6月7日、「Fame」は6月18日、「I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship」は6月19日に放送されました。“TOP OF THE POPS”というとマイムなことも多いのですが、この収録はステージ風セットに観客も入れた生演奏です。
本編の解説でも触れましたが、やはり貴重なのは「Slow Burn」と「I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship」。特に後者は『HEATHEN』再現ショウとなったニューヨーク公演やロンドン公演以外、ほとんどステージ演奏されなかった言われるナンバー。そんな激レア曲をBBCクオリティのマルチカメラ・プロショットで観られるわけです。

続くプロショットも本編プレスCDのボーナスと同じ“MICHAEL PARKINSON SHOW”。「2002年9月19日」に収録され、「9月21日」に放送されました。“TOP OF THE POPS 2”と同じように局内スタジオでのライヴで、「Life On Mars?」はマイク・ガーソンとのデュオでピアノだけをバックに切々と歌います。
上記の“TOP OF THE POPS 2”はそれでも観客も入れたステージ風でしたが、こちらは完全にセット撮影。雰囲気もグッとリラックスしており、ボウイはグレーのトレーナー姿ですし、スターリン・キャンベルも「FALUN GONG 法輪大法(中国の気功のこと)」と印刷された謎のTシャツ。いかにもテレビショウっぽいスタジオ歓声も重ねられ、ファッショナブルなステージとは違ったムードがマルチカメラで見られます。

最後は本編プレスCDとは関係ないテレビ出演。これまたBBCの名物番組“LATER… WITH JOOLS HOLLAND”に出演した際のプロショット。司会のジュールズ・ホランドはテレビ番組の司会者として有名ですが、SQUEEZEのキーボーディストでもあります。
この映像は「2002年9月20日」に出演したもので、スタジオライヴ3曲「Rebel Rebel」「5.15 the Angels Have Gone」「Heathen」を演奏。これまた局内セットでの収録ですが、曲間に声援が飛ぶなど、3種の映像では一番ライヴな雰囲気(ステージ脇に客席があるのがいかにもテレビ)です。ちなみに新録バージョンの「Rebel Rebel」はこれがテレビ初披露でした。

やはり注目は“TOP OF THE POPS 2”と“MICHAEL PARKINSON SHOW”。本編プレスCDの極上サウンドボードの“向こう側”の光景を目撃できるマルチカメラ・プロショットです。当時のボウイを目で観て、準公式とも言える音楽作品だったプレスCDのイメージを膨らませてくれる1枚。どうぞ、『TORONTO 2002』と併せて“2002年のボウイ”をたっぷりとお楽しみください。

Top Of The Pops 2
(recorded at Kaufman Studios, New York, USA on 2nd June 2002)

1. Slow Burn (Broadcast on 7th June 2002)
2. Fame (Broadcast on 18th June 2002)
3. I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship (Broadcast on 19th June 2002)

Michael Parkinson Show
(Broadcast on 21st September 2002)

4. Intro 5. Everone Says “Hi” 6. Interview 7. Life On Mars?

Live on Jools Holland
(Broadcast on 18th October 2002)
8. Rebel Rebel 9. 5.15 the Angels Have Gone 10. Heathen


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