David Bowie / Olympia 2002 / 2CD+DVD

David Bowie / Olympia 2002 / 2CD+DVD / Wardour
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Live at Olympia, Paris, France 1st July 2002 STEREO SBD/PRO-SHOT


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The best set of soundboard + pro shots that represent “David Bowie of the 21st Century” appears in the press title. It is contained in this work “July 1, 2002 Olympia Performance (Paris)”. It is a scene of the world tour “HEATHEN TOUR 2002” realized for the first time in 5 years.
Since “EARTHLING TOUR” in 1997, Bowie was only a variety of event live and mini tours of several performances, but it was a tour showing “Bowie resurrection” all over the world with “HEATHEN”. Such “HEATHEN TOUR 2002” has various sound boards and professional shots, our shop “MONTREUX 2002 (Wardour-193)” and its bonus “MONTREUX 2002 THE VIDEO”, “BBC LIVE 2002”, gift board “BERLIN 2002 “and so on, I have delivered many works. However, among such circumstances it is undoubtedly an Olympia performance that is known as a big staple and top of “Tour No.1”. It is an absolute record not drowning others on both sides of recording length and quality. This work is its highest peak version set. First of all, let’s check the position of that Olympia performance.

· June 11: Warm-up show (NY 1 performance)
· June 15: TV appearance performance
· June 29th: TOTAL MELTDOWN (London 1 performance)
· July 1 – 18: Europe # 1 (9 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· July 28 – August 16: North America # 1 (12 performances)
· September 22 – October 2: Europe # 2 (6 shows)
· October 11 – 23: North America # 2 (7 performances)

This is the summary of “HEATHEN TOUR 2002”. In June, she appeared in New York performances with the theme of “LOW” “HEATHEN” full reproduction, London performances, and TV request programs. The Olympia performance of this work was at the beginning of ‘Europe # 1’ that started shortly thereafter, was the first show by a set list. Such Olympia performances were recorded as professional shots and broadcast on television. A shortened version was also broadcasted in Japan at that time. This work is a triplet with its stereo soundboard album as disc 1-2 and pro shot on disc 3.
That quality is exquisite finest goods that we can call just “Official grade”. First, although it is a live album (Disc 1-2), even if recording is also iron wall, the mix is ​​perfect. While watching the straight line which is peculiar to the line, enthusiasm of the venue is carefully superimposed, and if the balance of each musical instrument and singing voice is refined, even each “ringing” finishes finely. ProShot broadcasting often makes rough mixes and incorrect sounds misleading in visual beauty, but this work can be used as an official live board more than just “sound” alone. Because of that super superior and superb sound, it was decided to press as a live album in this way.
And DVD of Disc 3. This is also outrageously beautiful. Although it is an image that can be seen on Youtube and other video sites, the master of this work was acquired on its own route, and the image beauty is different from what is being uploaded to such a video site. In 2002, digital broadcasts and DVD recordings have not yet spread, and analog was the mainstream era. Although this work also does not have the sharpness like a knife according to the original broadcast, it returns and has a natural texture. On that, beautiful coloring is a level that does not seem to be true even in modern times of digital prime. It is exactly the highest peak master ever.
A wonderful thing of “HEATHEN TOUR 2002” drawn with such vertex quality … …. First of all, the best selection of the royal road Bowie is wonderful from a set of rows lined up. “LOW” “HEATHEN” New York / London performances with the theme of showing all songs were somewhat cramped as a flow of show, although the feelings and impacts on the experiment were enormous. Although this work also has “HEATHEN” as the main, there is no tying “I have to sing everything”, there is a bowie freely singing Novgorovi and singing freely, picking up only the songs that complement the “show” itself. At the same time, however, the tension of being a TV recording, the kick-off performance of the long-time world tour is a positive influence, and the excitement made with millet is exhilarating.
Because it is a normal live that does not adhere to “album reproduction”, luxurious hit parade is also delicious. The latter half of the show is a rush of raging. From the new song ‘Afraid’ to ‘HUNKY DORY’ ‘Changes’,’ YOUNG AMERICANS ” Fame ‘, Berlin era’ s representative song ‘Heroes’, I will pull it with Guigui jumping over the years freely. In addition, if Angkor impresses “21st Century Bowie” intensely, “Everyone Says ‘Hi'” and “Hallo Spaceboy” are representative songs of the 1990s, the following “Let’s Dance” is a representative song of the 1980s, It is headed straight towards the big circle of “Ziggy Stardust”. Exactly the royal road, exactly the Bowie resurrection! It is a suitable show to declare.

Topic Priority album reproduction concert is conspicuous “HEATHEN TOUR 2002”, but it is an Olympia performance stuck to a different “show completion”. It is a masterpiece that wrote the full set with the iron wall official grade stereo sound board album and multi camera camera shot. Absolute work which it is no longer good to say that it is the same value as the album “HEATHEN”. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.

“21世紀のデヴィッド・ボウイ”を代表するサウンドボード+プロショットの極上セットがプレス・タイトルで登場です。本作に収められているのは「2002年7月1日オリンピア公演(パリ)」。5年ぶりに実現したワールドツアー“HEATHEN TOUR 2002”の一幕です。
1997年の“EARTHLING TOUR”以降、ボウイはさまざまなイベントライヴや数公演のミニツアーだけでしたが、『HEATHEN』と共に「ボウイ復活」を世界中に示すツアーでした。そんな“HEATHEN TOUR 2002”にはさまざまなサウンドボードやプロショットが存在し、当店でも『MONTREUX 2002(Wardour-193)』とそのボーナス『MONTREUX 2002 THE VIDEO』、『BBC LIVE 2002』、ギフト盤『BERLIN 2002』等、何作もお届けして参りました。しかし、そんな中でも“ツアーNo.1”の大定番・頂点として知られているのは、間違いなくオリンピア公演。収録の長さ、クオリティの両面で他を寄せ付けない絶対記録です。本作は、その最高峰バージョン・セットなのです。まずは、そのオリンピア公演のポジションを確認してみましょう。

・6月29日:TOTAL MELTDOWN(ロンドン1公演)
・7月1日-18日:欧州#1(9公演) ←★ココ★

以上が“HEATHEN TOUR 2002”の概要です。6月には『LOW』『HEATHEN』完全再現をテーマとしたニューヨーク公演やロンドン公演、さらにTVのリクエスト番組に出演。本作のオリンピア公演は、その直後に始まった「欧州#1」の冒頭にあたり、通常セットリストによる最初のショウでした。そんなオリンピア公演はプロショットで収録されてテレビでも放送。当時の日本でも短縮版が放送されてきました。本作は、そのステレオサウンドボード・アルバムをディスク1-2、プロショットをディスク3に配した3枚組なのです。
そんな頂点クオリティで描かれた“HEATHEN TOUR 2002”の素晴らしい事……。まず、王道ボウイのベストセレクションがずらりと並ぶセットからして素晴らしい。『LOW』『HEATHEN』全曲披露をテーマにしたニューヨーク/ロンドン公演は実験に対する気迫やインパクトは絶大だったものの、ショウの流れとしてはやや窮屈。本作も『HEATHEN』をメインに据えてはいるものの、“全部歌わねば”という縛りがなく、“ショウ”そのものを引き立たせる曲だけを選んで自在に組み上げ、自由でノビノビと歌うボウイがいる。それでいながら、テレビ収録であること、久々のワールドツアーのキックオフ公演であることの緊張感が良い影響になっており、キビキビとした気合いも爽快なのです。
“アルバム再現”にこだわらない通常ライヴだからこそ、豪華なヒットパレードも美味しい。ショウの後半は怒濤のラッシュ。新曲の「Afraid」から『HUNKY DORY』の「Changes」、『YOUNG AMERICANS』の「Fame」、ベルリン時代の代表曲「”Heroes”」へと、年代を自在に飛び越えてのグイグイと引っ張っていく。さらにアンコールは“21世紀ボウイ”を強烈に印象づける「Everyone Says ‘Hi’」、「Hallo Spaceboy」が90年代の代表曲なら、続く「Let’s Dance」は80年代の代表曲で、ラストに控える70年代「Ziggy Stardust」の大団円へ向けてまっしぐら。まさに王道、まさにボウイ復活!を宣言するのに相応しいショウなのです。

話題優先なアルバム再現コンサートが目立つ“HEATHEN TOUR 2002”ですが、それとは違う“ショウの完成度”にこだわったオリンピア公演。そのフルセットを鉄壁オフィシャル級のステレオサウンドボード・アルバムとマルチカメラ・プロショットで綴った大傑作です。もはやアルバム『HEATHEN』と同価値と言っても良い絶対作。今週末、あなたのお手元にお届けいたします。

Disc 1(54:24)
1. Stay 2. I’ve Been Waiting For You 3. Breaking Glass 4. Cactus 5. Slip Away 6. China Girl
7. Member Introduction 8. 5:15 The Angels Have Gone 9. Fashion 10. Be My Wife
11. Ashes To Ashes 12. Afraid 13. Changes

Disc 2(44:33)
1. Fame 2. “Heroes” 3. Heathen (The Rays) 4. Everyone Says ‘Hi’ 5. Hallo Spaceboy
6. Let’s Dance 7. I’m Afraid Of Americans 8. Ziggy Stardust

1. Stay 2. I’ve Been Waiting For You 3. Breaking Glass 4. Cactus 5. Slip Away 6. China Girl
7. 5:15 The Angels Have Gone 8. Fashion 9. Be My Wife 10. Ashes To Ashes 11. Afraid 12. Changes
13. Fame 14. “Heroes” 15. Heathen (The Rays) 16. Everyone Says ‘Hi’ 17. Hallo Spaceboy
18. Let’s Dance 19. I’m Afraid Of Americans 20. Ziggy Stardust


David Bowie – vocals, guitar, saxophone, harmonica, stylophone
Earl Slick – guitar Gerry Leonard – guitar, backing vocals
Mark Plati – rhythm guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Gail Ann Dorsey – bass guitar, backing vocals Sterling Campbell – drums
Mike Garson – keyboards Catherine Russell – keyboards, percussion, backing vocals



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