Daryl Hall & John Oates / Rock N Soul Live / 1DVD

Daryl Hall & John Oates / Rock N Soul Live / 1DVD / Non Label

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Live at The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada March 10-11, 1983 PRO-SHOT


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“Western” in …… the 1980s Japan was shining like magic, this word. Also it is unforgettable that sparkle now, is a former one that shines bright as never seen appeared!
This work, Hall & ultimate version of the official release has been live video “ROCK ‘N SOUL LIVE” in Oates heyday. Speaking of “ROCK ‘N SOUL LIVE”, put songs, in the early 80s that all records had been earnestly hit it out, it is a live video of matches and tours of large masterpiece “H2O”. This work, the “ROCK ‘N SOUL LIVE” that the laser disc master production process turned into DVD. That said “production process master”, the process is just completed just before. Cut split nor mix of sound is finished perfectly, from corner to corner and finished with full integrity. It seems unchanged to see a little when the official video, but actually the first song “Family Man” there is no member ticker should have entered in, it is just the production of the middle of the master!
You might think “ticker …… So? No,” said, but of course, such a thing, only it is not only in evidence. Main issue from here. Taste of the finished just before the master, in was the quality, I precisely before the image quality and sound quality of dubbing in goods for the master is amazing. Professional dubbing in the production site is, to say the higher the precision consumer machine and the dimensions are different, still analog era of the 1980s. It will greatly deteriorated even though dubbing once. It is only even enough terrible small, but more to the point that for a “laser disc master”. At the time, that I did not rare to use the laser disc was the media of up-and-coming into production, somehow Hall & Oates was not crowded grilled as for the master. That is why, there is no degradation to the present day which has undergone more than 30 years of time, traveling unevenness line noise also I had been saved in the state of “At that time as it is” not at all.
The master has been excavated in 2015, this also been digitized straight diving without degradation. That is the true character of this work. I think you understand even just talk about this program, in fact, astounding when its quality is, to witness. This video, has also been on DVD from the official video, but it is clearly different levels of image quality and sound quality. That freshness of the sound of course, was the visual beauty that jump into the surprised eyes in one shot, color also (very!) Beautifully, edge also natural. Far crab official, it’s beyond much!
It only of the that have been recorded in quality, that “H2O” another …… only of the Hall & Oates because of I was out, and Tsu anymore! “Kiss on My List,” “Private Eyes,” “I Can not Go for That (No Can Do),” “Maneater,” “One on One” will likely masterpieces jump over the brain space-time just by arranging …… Song Title but it jumped out one after another, the storage was raised roll up the sleeves of the shirt as it is Daryl sing in that step! Sing !! Tsu sing !!! course, dull to dull John and GE Smith of the guitar, singing voice of “Italian Girls” is also youthful. “You’ve Lost That Lovin ‘Feelin'” …… If you keep harmony of “She’s Gone”. In fact, since the large masterpiece best “ROCK ‘N SOUL PART 1” and the ultra-luxurious set of only different few songs of the time do they go to live showcase, where are Yara’s good if with a stingy!?

Playing both Te skillfully song, sense even very, let me hear the once listened After an unforgettable melody “Western”. Yourself know that goodness is, it was a little only Hokorashika~tsu “Western”. Among them, it was shone as one mag star mighty It was Hall & Oates. Their large heyday, such as such symbolism is, us came back in 2015 in the official or more of freshness.
And in the manner of dishes the eye is back from school had been marked in the program guide of FM information magazine, that room. Family errand attention to, I was watching the Best Hit USA of midnight in a small sound, that era. The day-to-day is’s the one that comes generally return at that time more than shine. Press the DVD on the planet most dazzling the “80s World” was permanent pack. The one to pull off that can not be Even in the time capsule and the time machine, this weekend, and will deliver to your home!

本作は、ホール&オーツ全盛期に公式リリースされたライヴ・ビデオ「ROCK ‘N SOUL LIVE」の究極版。「ROCK ‘N SOUL LIVE」と言えば、出す曲、出すレコード総てがヒットしまくっていた80年代前半に、大代表作「H2O」のツアーを収めたライヴ・ビデオです。本作は、その「ROCK ‘N SOUL LIVE」制作過程のレーザーディスク・マスターをDVD化したもの。「制作過程マスター」とは言っても、その過程はまさに完成間際。カット割りもサウンドのミックスもパーフェクトに出来上がっており、隅から隅まで完全無欠に仕上がっています。ちょっと見ると公式ビデオと変わらないようですが、実は1曲目「Family Man」で入っているはずのメンバー・テロップがなく、まさしく制作途中のマスターなのです!
それだけのクオリティで記録されているのが、あの「H2O」を出したばかりのホール&オーツなのですから……もう、もうっ! 「Kiss on My List」「Private Eyes」「I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)」「Maneater」「One on One」……曲名を並べただけで脳が時空を飛び越えてしまいそうな名曲が次々と飛び出し、記憶そのままにシャツの袖をまくり上げたダリルがあのステップで歌う! 歌う!! 歌うっ!!! もちろん、ジョンとG.E.スミスのギターも冴えに冴え、「Italian Girls」の歌声も若々しい。「You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’」「She’s Gone」のハーモニーときたら……。実際、大名作ベスト「ROCK ‘N SOUL PART 1」と数曲違うだけの超豪華セットを当時の彼らが生披露していくのですから、どこにケチを付けたらいいのやら!?



1. Announcements 2. Introduction 3. Family Man 4. Diddy Doo Wop (I Hear The Voices)
5. Italian Girls 6. Kiss On My List 7. She’s Gone 8. Art Of Heartbreak 9. One On One
10. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling 11. I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) 12. Sara Smile
13. Wait For Me 14. Maneater 15. Private Eyes 16. Open All Night 17. You Make My Dreams
18. Room To Breathe

Daryl Hall – Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard John Oates – Guitar, Vocal G.E. Smith – Guitar
Tom “T-Bone” Wolk – Bass Mickey Curry – Drums Charlie DeChant – Saxophone, Keyboards


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